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 Our goal is to expose government bad-actors who utilize their power for their own benefit or for the benefit of their friends and or colleagues.

When ‘government bad-actors’ breach their statutory duty and or their common law duty with respect to the rights of citizens then they must be held accountable.  If our “judicial system” fails to provide and “impartial” forum to have such complaints adjudicated, then we, as citizens, must provide that forum and impose our will upon government — this is nothing new, this is as it should be — this is what “WE THE PEOPLE” means!!!!

Please do not be APATHETIC, please do not be an ostrich and bury your head, please do not be one of the monkeys — hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil — and turn a blind eye …….

….All that is necessary for tyranny to prevail is for good men to do nothing!


  1. Hello: I Don’t Even Know Where To Start. I Am Now A Felon. A Sex Offender. Because My Niece Who Was Not In Our House At The Time This Supposedly Happened. Was Coaxed By A So Called Sister Who Hates Me And My Family. Her Dad Also Got On The Gravy Train To Burn Me Even Though He Has Been In And Out Of Jail. Now Back In Waiting Trial. For 4 Count’s ON Sodomy. Incest. Molestation. Drug Possession. My So Called Attorney Did Nothing Knowing I Could Not Afford A Different One. I Plea Bargained Only Because I Knew I Could Not Win My So Called FAIR Trial. I have been Pushed Down Financially. My Family Has Suffered Greatly Over This. I have Been Hoping There Is Someone Who Could Help Me Expose This Sham For What It Is. ONE BIG LIE. Thank You.

  2. I have been trying to get justice done by my husband and I and my Grandmother since 2009. I just found out about you via the Marti Oakley radio program regarding “Probate Court Fraud”. The Judy Barnes story is nothing compared to our ordeal.
    There is no way I can even start to share this story in a short email. I have ten file cabinet drawers and then some
    of documents from my battle. Emergency orders were filed after my Grandmother gave legal notice she was moving a multi million trust account. The Trust Officer Mr. J. Michael Davies of Douglas County Bank in Lawrence KS who is also a member of the KS BAR filed a Probate petition in Douglas County District Court, Division 1, His honorable Judge Robert W. Fairchild. I am her oldest Grandchild and her POA but she was deemed fully competent at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4th Floor, Social Services and Dr. Donald Hatton was her medical doctor at the time. NO LEGAL service was served to her or me or of what the allegations were. I had not ever used the POA due to she was not only competent but we did nothing without consulting attorneys and more than one attorney throughout every decision she made. She had asked my husband and I to help her as she did not want to be forced into a nursing home. She wanted to know where she stood since my Aunt Helen H. Page Smith passed away with cancer that had affected her brain and eye sight. The TRUST is titled the Helen H. Page Smith Revocable Trust. My Aunt Helen Smith died single with no children. My Grand mother is Georgia Hess. Emergency orders were signed off by Judge Fairchild to keep me away from my Grandmother so they could get him to sign orders to “TRUMP” my legal POA. She is alive and will be 103 years old New Years Day 2014. We started out in her home and I was her full time caregiver. It is alleged this Judge and Banker have been doing this to Douglas County Bank Elderly Trust customers for over nine years so it is not just Georgia Hess or our family! At the end they just inform the heirs and beneficiaries that there is no money left.
    My Grandmother has been moved twice against her will. I am still threatened I will be arrested if I go near her? There is NO LEGAL restraining order in place against me. I filed complaints against the attorneys….I went to the Attorney General….I wrote the Judge two letters and tried to provide the court documents and motions. Over 50 attorneys refused to even get involved in it and this Judge uses and knows KS supports what he does by people who do not have an attorney and he even admitted he “DID NOT KNOW THE LAW”! He refused to acknowledge my documents, he refused to accept our witnesses, he refused to acknowledge the conflict of interest with many of the players, he signed orders outside of any hearings, he allowed Attorney Emily Donaldson to add to his court orders and not serve us or give us copies, and more and more violations of laws and rights than this can manage. They used TRUST FUNDS to pay attorney fees while our Grandmother used her private funds and Les and I used not only our BOOMER AGE retirement funds but everything we could do in general. She is kept behind locked doors! They do not take her to the hospital…..They took all of her personal prpperty and sold it or just stole it. They voided our deed that she did in 2009 making herself, Les and I co owners with RIGHTS OF SURVIVORSHIP…..we got not ONE CENT! We got NO ACCOUNTINGS we got NO INVENTORY…..and now we have TWO attorneys fighting over our Real Estate and suing us because my husband has a decent job. They have never paid the caregivers that Georgia Hess hired. They never acknowledged the counter claims…..Several attorneys had informed my Grandmother she would never need to sell her personal property or home as she had enough funds in the Trust for several lifetimes. The story is worse because three weeks before my Aunt died a used car salesman “cousin” to my Aunt…..”nephew to my Grandmother” talked my Aunt into making changes to her will and estate Trust documents. He paid NOTHING to help my Grandmother. Six years went by and he is the only one with access to the funds by private checking account and NO ANNUAL ACCOUNTING to any beneficiary of the Trust. He is now: Trustee, Executor, and beneficiary of the TRUST and his wife Judy Inverarity is also now a beneficiary. Prior document in my possession done in Florida by Helen Page Smith names him merely as “ALTERNATE POA” in the even my Grandmother is deemed incompetent. The TRUST document was violated and breeched in that the attorney was to have stepped in at the first sign of monkey business and take position as Trustee….and immediately remove the TRUST funds to a financial institution. She failed to do that and declined when my Grandmother got an attorney. My Grandmother first met with the attorney at her home June of 2009 that had made the changes supposedly in behalf of my Aunt at her apartment as she was too weak to go to the office! I have letters stating errors were made and my Aunt even signed on the wrong line and the attorney admits she had the notary do this in her office?
    These documents were withheld from my Grandmother! My Grandmother then hired her own attorney David Berkowitz in Lawrence, KS. He filed case number 2009 CV 598, Georgia Hess VS John D. Inverarity. This was filed in Douglas County Court, Lawrence, KS Division 4 with Judge Mike Malone. Attorney for John D. Inverarity PLEASE NOTE THIS NAME: Emily Donaldson. Emily Donaldson continues to be a player clear through the appointment of CONSERVATOR BANKER and GUARDIAN. All appointments are personal recommendations of Mr. J. Michael Davies TRUSTEE and MEMBER OF THE KS BAR…..original guardian was Mr. Robert Barnett, PHD to declare Georgia Hess incompetent. Mr. Barnett just happens to be SPOUSE of beneficiary Mary Barnett of the Helen H. Page Smith Trust. Mr. Barnett testifies he did it “against his better judgment”? Conservator is Barbra Braa of Corner Bank, Lawrence, KS. I believe this is a FRONT organization and this CORNER BANK has anti trust violations on public record since 2007 with the UNITED STATES DEPT OF TREASURY office of comptroller! Barnett steps down…..the attorney Kevin Babbit steps down after files this petition and gets the hearing and POA “trumped”. The last attorney representing Georgia Hess was also given notice to withdraw as he had failed to get her caregivers paid, recover her documents, or account for the $5,000 retainer she paid him to do this work and continue the law suit against John Inverairty. All Napolean Crews did was a document appointing the TRUST being moved to Douglas County Bank Trust Dept.. Judge Mike Malone reappointed him to briefly represent my Grandmother instead of accept his MOTION TO WITHDRAW. The only thing he did was take her to the PROBATE HEARING which was flipped over to PROBATE JUDGE ROBERT FAIRCHILD. Then he withdrew as well. So she had no representation and I still have not a clue what they have done or are doing to us! Georgia Hess did by certified and legal notice and while deemed fully competent dates on the letters is August 2011. She tell Douglas County Bank Trustee Mr. J. Michael Davies she fully intends to move the TRUST to a financial management firm for non payment of her expenses by or before October 1, 2011. Mr. J. Michael Davies files this PROBATE CASE SEPT 2011 to stop her. Case number 2011 PR 147 in Douglas County District Court Division 1, Judge Robert Fairchild. Georgia Hess is then removed from PIONEER RIDGE ASSISTED LIVING COMPLEX in Lawrence, KS and taken to Topeka for competency testing arranged by Robert Barnett, temporary guardian and spouse of Mary Barnett beneficiary of the TRUST. Georgia Hess has rented a one bedroom apartment there after several mini strokes and rehab at the PIONEER RIDGE RAPID RECOVERY UNIT in Lawrence, KS. The TRUST was still paying NOTHING and refused to pay for the help I needed or set up any kind of budget for us in general. We had no contract for me to be paid and only what my husband and I and my Grandmother had to keep fighting them as they were using TRUST FUNDS for attorney fees! WE requested a legal contract and the attorneys kept saying we did not need one because I was POA. I never used the POA due to my Grandmother was competent and making her decisions with consulting attorneys through all of this ordeal. Attorney John Immel had done the deed for her and he gave deposition it was her desire and intent but he did not appear in person nor did he mention he had thrown the case to someone else in his law firm Andy Bolton who never appeared and did not give testimony. I had also filed complaints against John Immel due to his rude behavior and total disregard for my Grandmother’s requests! She took her behind closed doors and had her sign papers and never gave her a copy of them! She had asked that I be in the meeting as she no longer trusted him when he threatened her and I because detectives were sent to his office by John Inverarity and his sister Vena Zook another player we did not know was helping her brother. Attorney Emily Donaldson is now representing BOTH BANKERS, John Inverarity, Vena Zook and admits it to Cinda Hazlewood with Barbra Braa, conservator Banker present. All cases filed in this have been sent back to Douglas County District Court Division 1 with Judge Robert Fairchild. Case number 2009 CV 598 Georgia Hess VS John Inverarity (past trustee)….and remember Emily Donaldson is his attorney? That case was approved for settlement 3/15/2012.
    Emily Donaldson is now filing additional cases 2012 CV 255, 2012 CV 331, 2013 CV 82. All of these are titled GEORGIA HESS VS Cinda and Leslie Hazelwood. Who is the attorney? EMILY DONALDSON…..Georgia Hess knows nothing about this nor has CONSERVATOR admitted even met her but ONE TIME? New guardian is appointed Janis E. Miskimins, MS Ed? Restraining orders are still by way of more EMERGENCY? Georgia Hess is removed from her apartment and all of her personal property is disposed of she had in the apartment without any court order but they are NOT LIABLE OR ACCOUNTABLE? They take her behind locked doors in a ward at BRANDON WOODS in Lawrence,KS. Mr J. Michael Davies has influence and a Douglas County Branch with Alvama Corp. . Georgia is kept from POA….family….church members….and friends! You can not get into the ward as the doors are kept locked. Georgia Hes has no medical need by either MEDICAL DOCTOR of mental health even to date? NO MENTION of the medical history in any court hearing only the scant opinions done in Topeka on the referral of Robert Barnett, PHD….From Brandon Woods she is then moved to DRURY PLACE on second floor it is “LESS EXPENSIVE”. They are now claiming it is costing $14,000 per month for Georgia Hess but refuse to account for that figure or any inventory of anything! I need to share: I have been beaten physically to a full upper denture….we have had numerous SRS complaints filed and found not guilty of anything…every attorney Georgia Hess or Cinda and Leslie have had has been harassed……I have EMAILED copies of threats from Vena Zook to US sent to not only her brother throughout this ordeal but also copied to attorney EMILY DONALDSON. We gave a couple to the FBI as we believe Johnny I used car lot is a front for KS CITY MOB drug traffic…..and Vena Zook claims boldly her husband is Chicago Russian MOB…..At one point I was JOINT POA with my brother Carl Hess. Carl wanted FULL POA and my Grandmother removed him to make a short story of it. Vena Zook did the letter to dismiss attorney David Berkowitz and influenced my Grandmother into signing it….false complaint was made to the KS Real Estate Board in an effort to cost me my license….David Berkowitz was told I had been in prison? This is just your worst ordeal ever and everything we did to date has been just totally ignored. To date I can not see my Grandmother or even talk to her and they do not contact anyone or take her to the hospital! She was bleeding and they KNOW it is the medications I got her off of……THEY put her back on in my opinion. We have to make an appointment and have their Guardian and a witness there for any visit? I called the POLICE to DRURY PLACE for a well being check on my Grandmother and now they threaten me they have a restraining order and I will be arrested for “trespassing” if I try to see her or talk to her? A year ago Thanksgiving my husband and I had made a several month advanced appointment to see her…..The GUARDIAN did not show up or call to cancel which happened consistently throughout this entire ordeal….THEN they make false complaints such as my husband was seen on second floor looking for my Grandmother’s room when he was not even in the building but in the parking lot. Now TWICE approximately a year apart she was not taken to the hospital as THEY DECIDED there was nothing that could be done for her and she is on her death bed? I called the Guardian and requested she call ME and she refuses and restates I will be arrested if I attempt to see Gram or contact her when NO LEGAL RESTRAINING ORDER IS IN PLACE and it is my legal right to call the POLICE for WELL BEING CHECKS when they do this kind of crap to people and refuse to communicate.
    OK so OUR CASE should top them all to date? Georgia Hess is alive no thanks to THEM…..has been totally destroyed emotionally from being their prisoner to where she does not know where she is….has NOTHING of her personal property left….wants to “GO HOME” and has no idea where Cinda and Les are or why they have not been there to see her? A year ago last Thanksgiving after a call to an attorney we went back to see GRAM and she threw a fit to leave with us so they had her taken away from us and shoved into the elevator back to her room….THEY CLAIM she is afraid of US?
    My cell phone is (540) 498-7392….at this time I have been evicted from our home in Lawrence KS….with all of our things in storage. My husband works for Homeland Security and we have an apartment in VA. Our home was broken into and Barbra Braa…conservator banker changed the locks and claimed everything in our home was assumed to be my Grandmother’s she locked us out with our things in the house. We had to break into our home and change our locks. She allowed Vena Zook in the house and they BOTH has stole property and taken photos and frauded photos of property was taken to trial that NO FAMILY MEMBER ever owned and the house keeper testified in our behalf. They wanted to sue us for $250,000 and all Real Estate titles? NO CASE but the Judge gave it to them as the crook attorney was SELF SERVING and did not even show up we had….TWO days I was put through depositions when FEDERAL LAW is no more than SEVEN HOURS and at our expense? Our bank accounts ect were handed over to Emily Donaldson when UNDER CAMERA only by Judge Fairchild! Emergency orders when not only an emergency but OUT OF STATUTE OF TIME……counter claims totally disregarded and now the crook representing us who was ALSO THE ATTORNEY OF GUARDIAN Janis Miskimins is now competing for the SPOILS with Emily Donaldson attorney for everyone else in the name and behalf of GEORGIA HESS. I need GRAM released before they kill her and I even had her own hand written notes the Judge refused to see? The Judge refused the testimony of our witness and to acknowledge we had nothing to do with the alleged kidnapping ordeal they did to get one order against us…..We had NO ACCESS to funds and we are NOT BENEFICARIES! We were out of money and so was GRAM. I PROMISED HER I would never let this go and I WOULD SEE TO IT no other ELDER ever had to be subjected to what she has been put through with US for her asking US to help her get to the bottom of where she stood and get control of her own assets and free from what was done to HELEN PAGE SMITH.

    Thanks for your time…..I have even sit in the Attorney General Office….done stories…filed complaints…even checked into writing a book now to expose this! We were told the same CRAP….need to get to higher court and levels. WE do not have the money and nobody in KS cares!
    Cinda Hazlewood
    PO Box 782
    King George, VA 22485
    (540) 498-7392

    We even asked for court appointed attorney and got told NOT IN CIVIL COURT? Attorney had us sign over anything SHE got plus mortgage on my land. Did HER OWN Lis Pendis…..claims she is owed approx. $58,000 plus $15,000 mortgage? She appeared TWICE and just sit there? SHE THOUGHT the house would be sold at auction on the court house steps and she would take the TWO THIRDS that she thought Les and I would get from their forced sale. KS LAW actually does not ALLOW our home sold or to be taken for collections! The deed is valid and recorded and even coded as GIFT. There was a legal promissory note done that cost Les and I $500 by my Grandmother’s attorney…..I had the property sold to ATT and the two attorneys have claimed so much that we could not close on it so I could clear the Judgment! NOBODY even asked for ONE CENT for LES or I or even reimbursement for us taking care of our home since 2009! They sold it and then dropped the forced sale as in KS you can NOT steal under PROBATE with this deed. This deed avoids heirs and probate so they had to LIE and EMERGENCY ORDER away our rights and Gram’s. KS LAW also does not allow holding someone behind locked doors? NOBODY will go against this JUDGE or ENFORCE anything and the breaking into our home was “civil”? NO WAY!
    (540)498-7392 VA Cell phone.
    Everyone is afraid of the MOB in this and retaliation they will get.

    • Make your paragraphs no more than 3 or 4 sentences so its easier to read.

      Try to eliminate repetition and lead off with your strongest
      points backed by facts citing evidence.

      I’m a disciplined reader but simply gave up. It was too long and
      poorly written. Review what you write and edit carefully so
      others can get the facts straight.

    • Cinda. I am currently experiencing the EXACT same thing with Janis Miskimins. Janis Miskimins is owner of Sand Castles Inc in Lawrence Kansas. Guys, check out that website for Sand Castles. Janis is targeting old peoplease and people with disabilities.

    • Just seeing how long her post So familiar, I know the feeling I don’t even have to read it, there is no hope anymore. The legal system serves itself and itself only.Starting out most could describe a family law problem or situation in one sentence, the above example is what it grows into. I have knowledge of the situation where one son who held power of attorney for his elderly mother whom had just suffered a stroke the mother recently widowed which led to the stroke. There were four other siblings. The POA moved his mother in with him and took control of her finances completely, cashing her checks, spending her money and had one attorney representing them both this same attorney drafted and notarized the power of attorney and three months later drafted and notarized two quitclaim deeds transferring her properties over to the POA and all total well over $1 million all to the fiduciary. This son also signed 11 car titles in her name and her late husband’s name, this was done the day she went to the hospital and was six months after her husband passed away. The first and only hearing she showed up at was when they brought her so she could tell the court her mind, this widow explained to the court she didn’t make any gifts and everything was still in her name it was last time she was made available to the court. Despite evidence of plenty, this widow sits in a home with five other adults. Her money is not used like it was intended for her, it’s such an obvious example of the evil corruption that is the law. Guardians are like mediators they are lawyers serving themselves, there’s other labels like Guardian Adlitem, CASA, and many others they serve the same function, each other. The longer our system goes on the longer the problem continues.Seeking help from our legal system will make you go crazy and broke, it’s a trap.

  3. I have an unbelievable story to be told, and I plan to tell it if WSBA does not investigate my grievance. If they deny or dismiss what I will be sending them very soon, I want to have my story published so I can personally warn the american public of the corruption and unethical practices that are taking place in this specific law firm. I already filed one grievance, and it was never acknowledged or even told to me that it was received. The person I am making a claim about is a big part of the board of govenors, so I don’t believe I will ever get a fair investigation. Is there anyone else I can share my story too, so feel I am being treated fairly. Any advice you can help would be so much appreciated.

    • Wow, I would be interested in whom that person is on the board of governors. I know that this corruption in Washington State goes from Olympia to downtown Seattle. In my case, after 5 some years of research, The Seattle Times, 3 main TV stations and now the WSBA are all connected. They have prominent friends in all places.

      • A lot has happened since my post, and my grievance did make it to a 3-0 vote for further investigation. But… the board of directors specifically the current President of the Bar Association don’t need to follow ethics or rules. They have friends in all places that protect them, while ripping the innocent of their soul’s and life savings. I have done a lot of healing, and I don’t think I have the strength to tell my story again because of the sheer pain and horrible memories it brings back. It was a terrible nightmare that my family is still recovering from and in essence these men emotionally raped me for two years. My biggest revenge to these two individuals is to show my true happiness I feel today. They didn’t win and they were not able to break me… now or ever!!! In fact their control and abusive litigation has only strengthened relations with my children, so if they are reading this… I thank them for their ignorance and stupidity. After writing my grievances, their law firm shut down as soon as they were being investigated. Anthony was able to hide in yet another law firm, so he wouldn’t get caught for his unethical ways while being the president of our bar. His partner had so many bar complaints that he is also hiding, claiming he had to shut his firm down because of illness. Whatever the reasons are… they have since left me and my family alone. Opening pandora’s box could only put me in that dark place that these two individuals would be too happy to see. They will have to answer to karma and if one of them is dying… hopefully to god or some other power very soon. The true colors of people always come out, and they can only hide for so long.

    • http://www.foster.com/profile.aspx?id=96

      I can only guess if your talking about Foster Pepper Lawfirm. Judith M. Runstad (wife of Ron Runstad) and friend of friend and of course again (wallace family)) By the way, Kevin Wallace worked there.

      She co-chaired Governor Locke’s Washington Competitiveness Council and Governor Gregoire’s Global Competitiveness Council. She most recently served on Governor Greghoire’s Higher Education Task Force. – See more at: http://www.foster.com/profile.aspx?id=96#sthash.uUIoNsBj.dpuf

      Kevin Wallace is nothing but a conflict of interest. Why do you think he sits on the Bellevue City Council? Is it because he is serving the people of Bellevue or make way for his Real Estate and Developer Friends?

      Where does the federal money go that their friend Patty Murray brings to Wash. State? Does the Light Rail stop at places that they constructed?

      To me they (whole group) are nothing but losers that can not build their empire on honesty. They have to cheat and lie to get ahead in life. And they have to take from the poor. I hope their empire will go down because they build their wealth on dishonesty and shifting sand.

      When you build on solid Rock and honesty nothing can shake or move it. But if is not stable when its build on lies and corruption it will collapse just like shifting sand.

      I hope everything will be exposed and comes to light.

      • The most important asset a criminal has is another criminal who has an important position or critical business to protect. By building a house of cards upon criminal conduct, in reality criminal conduct serves as the cement keeping the “house” standing. In other words, the criminal enterprise of large systems serves to perpetuate criminal conduct. It is called “too big to fail”, but what it means is “we have too much criminal conduct involved in what we have built, we cannot afford to correct it, expose it, or stop it or the whole system will collapse”. It now becomes a place where criminals can operate under the protection of the enterprise.

        What we talk about here is the “legal enterprise” that has become a criminal organization BECAUSE they REPRESENT CRIMINALS within large systems – government, banking, insurance, large businesses and organizations, that are too big to fail.

        Another example besides corrupt regulatory agencies is the way the Catholic church has “covered up their sexual predator-priests” for decades. You have to ask yourself, how does a church, which is primarily based upon a claim to moral and ethical values, let conduct so repulsive to “moral and ethical values” HIDE in plain sight? And who comes to the Church’s defense when a piece of the truth leaks out — lawyers. This begs the question, will the Catholic church EVER speak out against the corrupt legal profession? NO… it is I’ll protect you today, you protect me tomorrow.

        I’ll have much more on how the Catholic Church has it’s hands in CPS, guardianship, and politics through “lawyer-legislators.” But not yet as there are still dots to connect and names to uncover. However the “picture being painted” is very distressing. I’m sure our country is on this path of destruction because lawyers – in what ever job function they perform, have found the most important criminals to align with and who need to be protected from the law.

    • Don’t count on the State Bar for anything, Google and read “fundamental principles of professional conduct” If you read it you will laugh and cry at the same time. It speaks of a free and democratic society and describes the lawyer’s role, these fundamental principles should be read by crowds of people outside each lawyers office every morning, There are over 35,000 lawyers currently licensed and all should face charges under the RICO statute. The bar only listens to lawyers that file grievances and you can count those on one hand. You always feel so confident and hopeful and with the thought ” Wait till they hear this”, after about three experiences like this one starts to realize the problem is systemic. The Bar is self-governing, self-sufficient and most importantly to remember self-serving.” It’s a matter of law” is the same as It’s just a matter of time. The law is stretched like the truth, lawyers have abstract minds. Reading the Fundamentals of conduct makes me ask “Are they serious?”

  4. I have filed five complaints against the attorneys involved in our ordeal in KS. The State of KS court administrator finds nothing wrong with stealing everything and filing false complaints or emergency orders? They see nothing wrong with spending trust funds on attorneys to steal in their behalf and lie. They see nothing wrong in no due process. They see nothing wrong in violations of statue of time per KS laws? These are representatives of the Supreme Court of KS! Why are we wasting tax dollars for no concern or enforcement when some of the violations are even agains the Constition of KS?

    and it is fine with them that money is spent on attorneys instead of protecting the elder or caring for them

    • Cinda, the ‘legal establishment’ will never admit that they are in the wrong or that their conduct is improper. WE must go on the offensive and force the legal establishment justify their unjustifiable claim of power. You should check your state’s laws that deal with “professional conduct”, “attorny conduct”, “official misconduct” etc…. there may be a way for you to bring these corrupt attorneys before a jury.

    • what did they state when you illustrated that the person was NOT served from the initiation of these actions ?
      how can actions proceed without the individual having been “served” ?
      …….NO LEGAL service was served to her or me or of what the allegations were. – See more at: http://www.corruptwa.com/sample-page/#comment-13843
      same for your claim of NO representation-

      search out gross v rell
      judge went off when finding out the man was never even served.

      i still have to sort out the mess that court file remains and see IF my disabled son was ever served as we were well able to illustrate backdating/bckstamping of motions ad orders BUT no ne cares.

      We all understand and we’re all on our own No one touches these probate courts.. Definitely keep outta civil courts as they are accountable on the federal level

    • I dealt with the same people Cinda dealt with, Janis Miskimins, Audra Burks, Emily Donaldson, Judge Fairchild back in 2016.

      I wanted to take my grandmother, who had been in the nursing home since 7-1-10 to a Royals game on 4-24-16. It was her son’s idea, and it was something we thought about for a long time before I decided to go through with it.

      I had visited my grandmother 1-7 days a week, every week since 7-1-10, and my daughter and I would stay for hours on end each visit.

      I contacted Janis via text message and asked her for assistance in obtaining a disabled parking pass so that we could take grandmother to the game. She responded via text “Nobody has permission to take Ellen anywhere.”

      That was on a Saturday, on Monday she took a letter to the nursing home stating nobody has permission to take my grandmother anywhere.

      Long story short, I was then made out to be a troublemaker, I was accused of stealing, (GET THIS) pictures I had gave my grandmother a week prior. Despite how insane it is to accuse me of stealing pictures, everyone kept stating I stole the pictures I gave my grandmother. I said, grandmother has been in the home for over 5 years, if there is anything I wanted to steal I would have done it, everything in her room I brought to her, I made over $60k a year at the time, I had bought 5 tickets to the Royals game for my Grandmother, Father, Daughter Aunt and myself-and these people are honestly accusing me of stealing pictures I gave my Grandmother.

      I called the Ombudsman Sue Schuster. We had a good phone conversation on Friday April 15th 2016. I then saw Cinda’s comments here, and became worried about my Grandmothers physical and mental safety with this Janis lady having access to her. I took off work on Monday April 18th so my Father (Grams only child) and I could meet with the Ombudsman face to face and ask her to help us get Grandmother away from Janis. The Ombudsmand Sue Schuster accused me of lying of events that happened on 4-15-16 despite me having it all on video, threatened me with the custody of my child because I raised (SLIGHTLY) to Janis as she illegally detained me and accused me of stealing. When I went to show Sue pictures of my Grandmother, Daughter and I, Sue stated “Are those the pictures you stole from your Grandma?” I told her they are copies I made and she acted like I was lying.

      quick note, on Monday 4-18-16, the Director of Nursing called me and left a message saying “It’s perfectly fine” if I wanted to take grandma to a Royals game, the director had been working at the Nursing home for 5 years, and didn’t see any medical reason my grandmother could not go to the game. Janis is not a medical professional.

      Sue first accused me of stealing in April 2016, then again on 11-1-16, then again at my grandma’s trial in March 2017.

      I called everybody trying to get assistance. Absolutely nobody would help. It was crazy.

  5. I haven’t been able to get ahold of Marti Oakley. I have been pretty active on BOOMERS. I also have sent lots of tweets out and did two emails to Democrats and Republicans. Maybe someone will want BOOMER VOTES for stepping up and helping us?

  6. Get organized and find a way to get an authority with the power to
    investigate your situation. Read all the regulations you can find.

    Here I would try DSHS Adult Protection Agency.
    Document fraud and abuse, make an appointment and go in person, get
    cards, take notes and find out who is next in authority. If there is no
    satisfaction then promptly got the next level: everyone in a bureaucracy answers to someone else.

    Kenn Lassiter, MA., JD. former Bremerton Assistant City Planner.

    • Experience has proven that these protective agencies,regulating agencies and the Bar Associations and their judges and lawyers are all spokes on the same wheel.
      Each agency hides behind “confidentiality” and HIPAA and the status of your complaint remains unknown.

      Bar association and their boards of appeal simply dismiss verified and verifiable claims.

      In these guardianship cases, the guardian has the right to place the ward where they want, will file false and fabricated claims and charges that so an so is a danger to the ward as so and so was observed bullying and manipulating the ward,or upsetting the ward etc.so is not permitted visitation or contact.
      This again goes along with the responsibilities of the guardian to the ward. They are to protect the ward.
      Guardian controls the finances,can sell the property of the ward on and on.

      This is alleged to being legal and constitutional and all according to the probate code.
      That is exactly why someone MUST get a case into the federal court challenging the constitutionality of the probate process and procedure.
      Has never been accomplished.

      All your correspondence does is prove you made the effort and went through the chain of command. This then proves to the federal court that “you” exhausted every aspect and appeal for relief.and are now here and justified as well.

  7. I am offering this information since I have been going through an massive fraud over the last 7 months.
    However, I used a federal statute against the parties, and they don’t like it because it reveals what they are always doing against us; but, using the statute strikes genuine fear in these criminals, and it has changed their direction in my case. see 18 U.S.C. sec. 241 CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS
    This federal code is both civil and criminal, in terms of their “liability”. This code carries stiff federal prison sentences along with it, in some cases “a life sentence”. If you have evidence, this code can make a remarkable difference in behavior, at just the mention of the code.
    I will leave some information about what these crooks tried to do to me, at a later time.
    Contact: andersonearl@emailaccount.com

  8. Hey there! Got a case in Thurston County where they don’t follow due process, or statutory rules when depriving rights under color of law in the form of protection orders. I don’t see how this can be news as this seems to business as usual.

    You see, every order for protection they serve, and they serve a lot of them, suggests you lose your right to keep and bear arms for merely being in a domestic relationship. If they make this order last longer than a year, and they can, it is merely a deprivation of rights sans any proof or evidence whatsoever. The rule says it must come with a finding that the person represents a “credible threat” but this finding was never filed in my case, and the order has been held up by many judges and commissioners, none of which ever filed this finding.

    I am currently fighting this still in state courts and in Federal as I filed a lawsuit claiming conspiracy to deprive rights.

    This site makes me think many of the state players are being sued. I guess that is what has become “business as usual” in the state of WA. Sad!

  9. You are all invited to the first meeting of the Guardian and Probate Fraud Project of Marathon Public Justice (web site will be up by July 27, 2018), at the King County Law Library, 516 3rd Ave W621, Seattle, WA 98104, 1:00 p.m. July 27, 2018. If we have more people who want to attend than space, we’ll get a meeting room the the main branch of the Seattle Public Library on 3rd Ave.- so if you want to join us, please send an email so we can let you know! This is a no spam zone.

    Please contact Sophia at sophiabagnaschi@yahoo.com to let us know you’re coming, so we can make sure we have a room large enough to accomodate all. If you want to get more information about us, and email updates of our work, please let Sophia know, she is the Operations Director. We are privately funded, and have no political affiliations.


    Robert Crawford, Founder

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