Scheidler’s lawsuit, among other remedies, seeks the removal of lawyers from legislative office and to dissolve the WA State Bar’s discipline scheme. Scheidler claims the WA State Bar, by and through its officers and employees, fails to hold lawyers to their rules of professional conduct and allows these lawyers to establish racketeering enterprises in committing crimes through the courts. If lawyers are not held to the law, because they are self-regulated and allow themselves to violate the law, then we have a lawless society. But it is far more insidious because only a “lawyer can be a judge” — the entire judicial branch is a “racketeering enterprise” because the “fox is in charge of the hen house” however you view it! See Appendix 1

  • 2nd amended complaint
  • Appendix 1 — the fox guarding the henhouse
  • Appendix 2 — a lawyers “license to lie, commit perjury, and commit criminal conduct”
  • Appendix 3 — Kitsap County’s ‘fraud’ established by a “fraudulent application”
  • Appendix 4 — Department of Revenue’s scheme to defraud citizens
  • Appendix 5 — Scheidler’s ‘extorted’ signature upon Kitsap’s fraudulent application
  • Appendix 6 — how lawyers who work with our “elected representative” advise Senator Jan Angel to “ignore her duty”
  • Appendix 7 — how lawyers “intimidate” law enforcement into NOT protecting citizens when judicial crimes are being committed.
  • Appendix 8 — The Clerk of the Court of Appeals, David Ponzoha, refused to file this “opening brief” — a clear act to hide the criminal conduct occurring within the judicial branch
  • Appendix 9 — the “schemers” in teaching “case fixing” strategies.
  • Appendix 10 — how the WA State Bar “delegates” to taxpayers, the task of lawyer disciple by a ‘judicial finding of impropriety’
  • RICO Stmt prelim
  • Amended RICO
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