• The WA State Legislature, by abandoning their duty prescribed by the WA State Constitution has created a dilemma by which a citizen cannot find justice. This dilemma arises when the judges of the courts use their own rules to deny fundamental and substantive rights. Under law, RCW 2.28.030 (the Federal Counter part is Title 28 Part V Chapter 131 § 2072), no person may act as judge in a matter in which the judge has a “direct interest.” Clearly the rules judges of the courts devise, the power they give themselves, the punishment levied under these rules are the direct interest of these judges. This means a citizens can never receive an “impartial” judge when judges utilize their own court rules in deciding cases.
  • When a citizen reports violations of law, by a public servant, to their representative(s) the complaining citizen typically receives a response from their representative claiming they lack “jurisdiction” to do anything about the misconduct. This is a fraudulent excuse because the representative has the duty to make legislation, repeal bad law, impeach or remove state officals, or bring the issue to the attention of the full legislature and forward the matter to the appropriate prosecuting authorities. In other words, the representative must investigate the matter to determine if the allegation(s) are true and then insure justice is done by the powers they have.
  • This scheme by half-truths and false statements used by WA state’s elected representatives is designed to deceive citizens, by frustrating their effort to report government corruption, and thereby protect public officials and employees from their wrongdoing.
  • This scheme is supported by the lawyers who are also legislators (the ‘enterprise-legislator’) who browbeats non-lawyer legislator into believing they don’t have “jurisdiction” to address the criminal conduct by the Enterprise in all of its facets

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