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Once created the Bar members and the judges they spawn quickly declared the Bar Association “is sui generis (unique) and many of its functions are directly related to and in aid of the judicial branch of government.” Id., GRAHAM. Yet at the same time the Bar is not an agency of the state, despite being created by the legislature as ‘an agency of the state.’ Bar members serving the Supreme court declared the language of RCW 2.48.010 stating the Bar is “an agency of the state” was the legislatures way of circumventing Article 2, Section 28 prohibiting legislation creating a corporation or defining its powers.

In other words, according to these ‘judicial officials,’ the legislature perpetrated a fraud upon the people by using false and misleading language in 1933 c 94 and codified as RCW 2.48 stating the Bar is ‘an agency of the state.’ The Bar members serving as judicial officials declared any “legislation which directly and unavoidably conflicts with a rule of court governing Bar Association powers and responsibilities is unconstitutional as it violates the separation of powers doctrine; such legislation is therefore void.” [See 125 Wn.2d 901, Washington State Bar Association v. State]

The questions clearly raised, if the language of RCW 2.48 was to perpetrate a fraud upon citizens so as to create a quasi-corporation and not “an agency of the state,” how is the legislation legal? Or if it is an agency of the state, how did the legislature, i.e., the People, lose control of the entity it created. See Article 4, Sec 2. And more curiously how is the “Bar” compensated for “directly aiding the judicial branch” if the Bar receives no state funding?

Regardless of which question is answered, once the people are deemed excluded from ‘exercising control’ over the entity (Bar) the people created it rendered our judicial branch unconstitutional and in violation of Article 1, Section 1, Article 1, Section 12, Article 2, Section 25, Article 2, Section 30. In short, WA State’s judicial branch has declared itself a playground in which Bar lawyers use citizens for their own amusement, power and wealth and no citizen is permitted, let alone entitled to be represented in judicial functions or offices created by law.

This reality in which people do not control the governments the people created is accurately stated by Judge Keith Harper, visiting judge for Kitsap Superior Court — he says re complaints against the Bar and Commission on Judicial Conduct, which are under the Supreme Court, perhaps you can find a venue for such complaints on the “moon or Mars.” ref: CJC grievance 7584
It is also true that the “enterprise” through its ‘disciplinary powers’ maintain control of the ‘gene pool of lawyers’ by removing good lawyers who serve citizens and not the enterprise and in this way prevent good lawyers from seeking judicial office. It further obligates the “saved” members in a quid pro quo that they should do the same for the enterprise. Of the ‘saved’ are prosecutors and their ilk as well as the State’s highest lawyer are indebted to the Bar for their jobs and won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

WA State Bar Members who serve as judicial officials (judicial officials must come from the ranks of the Enterprise under RCW 2.16.020) are beholding to the Enterprise for having their public offices or having their licenses saved by the dismissal of grievances.

Due to the conflict in obtaining their Judicial office and the salary the office provides these judicial officials carry out various schemes to enrich (pay back) their Bar associates, or those others in a quid pro quo relationship with Bar associates, by the improper use of their self-created administrative rules (RCW 2.08.030; RCW 2.04.180-2.04.210 and RCW 2.16.040.)

Said another way, WA Courts and their judges are authorized to establish ‘administrative rules’ that only apply to “court personnel of the judicial branch and their functions so as to decide, speedily, cases on the merits. However the judges of these courts have consistently expanded the use of their ‘administrative rules’ to gain control of citizens for the benefit of the Enterprise – either directly to enrich themselves in power or finances, or indirectly to enrich their associate members in an “I’ll protect you today, you protect me tomorrow’.

As judges overreach in the application of their administrative rules the rights of citizens become subordinate to the whims of judges who interpret for themselves the extent of their own powers. In other words, WA State Bar Associates, the Enterprise members, have commandeered the courts of WA State and rendered themselves a super government protected by their common association, which reaches into all facets of government. This Enterprise, via the schemes outlined below, rule over the people and not otherwise. In this way, with such unregulated power, the Enterprise lawyers are able to dispense favors and powers upon their colleagues, friends, family and themselves. This unilateral power the Enterprise has amassed due to the negligence of our once “representative form of governments’ in performing its check and balance function has resulted in ‘taxation without representation – misappropriation of government funds’ in the operation of this Enterprise at the expense of taxpayers.

Our “representative government” is no more. The reason is because WA State Bar Associates also serve in legislative seats and on legislative committees to exercise control over their non-enterprise counterpart. Citizens have been thwarted in having their interests represented, protected and preserved. The Enterprise has destroyed WA’s ‘representative government’.
This ‘mingling’ of the branches of government with Bar associates exacerbate and provide a means to firmly entrench the Bar’s self-endowed powers and their encroachment upon the rights of citizens without fear of prosecution and to dispense profits to those who aid and abet the enterprise.
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