Candidates for senate, 26th district.

Marty McClendon
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: Marty chaired the Pierce County Republican Party and. He is a precinct committee officer.

Other Professional Experience: Marty has been a business owner for 18 years, helping people in our community buy the homes of their dreams. He previously worked in the health care field, pastored a church and Hosted a Radio program

Education: Attended University of Washington in Pre-Medicine; Anesthesia Technician certification, Managing Broker’s License

Community Service: Marty has volunteered for the Boys and Girls Clubs-Gig Harbor, Make A Wish Foundation, Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation, and Port Orchard Relay for Life. He coached Little League in Bremerton. Marty is an Eagle Scout

Statement: Marty nearly lost everything fighting to save the lives of his son and his wife when they faced a series of medical emergencies. He knows the challenges that struggling families face every day. It’s why Marty decided to commit his life to helping other families who are going through tough times.

Today, government is adding to the burdens that weigh on families in the 26th District–with rising property taxes and stifling regulations on our independent local businesses.

Marty knows that extreme Seattle-style politics won’t work for the people of Kitsap and Pierce Counties. Instead, Marty will work for collaborative, common sense solutions that bring people together.

Marty believes in strengthening our education system to meet the needs of all children, not just the adults in the system. He believes in lowering property taxes, not needlessly increasing state spending. Marty believes in protecting our environment through common-sense conservation, not costly new gas and home heating taxes. As the father of three children, Marty cares deeply about making Washington State a better place. Together, we can work for stronger communities for generations to come.
(206) 818-4308
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Bill Scheidler, Candidate for Representative, 26th District

Bill Scheidler
(Prefers Independent Party)

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: The “Reluctant Activist” for Environmental Laboratory Director and onsite contract manager for The Bionetics Corporation/EPA, Manchester, WA; Supervisory Chemist, Department of the Army, UT.

Education: BS Chemistry

Community Service: Scheidler sponsored the following initiatives to the people and to the legislature. # 585 – Prohibiting immunity granted to any public servant; # 1075 – The removal of Kitsap Superior Court Judge Kevin Hull for malfeasance/misfeasance in office; # 747 – A Corruption Tax levied upon government officials who violate their oath; # 746 – Separation of Powers by eliminating WSBA members (a judicial agency) from legislative office; # 742 – Prohibit judges from denying jury demands.

Statement: I know the meaning of the words found in Washington’s, Article 1, section 1, “governments derive their just powers by the consent of the governed and are established to protect and maintain individual rights”.

If elected to be your public servant I assure you, in obedience to those words, I will raise an eyebrow, not turn a blind eye, when families are destroyed under the guise of child protective services based in false allegations; when estates are confiscated through schemes designed by judges and lawyers using bankruptcy, probate, or divorce proceedings, or by their court-appointed guardians; when prosecutors use trumped-up charges to obtain unjust plea bargains or face years defending against the prosecutor’s scam charges; or when businesses are regulated out of business by ever changing regulations and mandates. But it is the last straw when government employee unions hold a child’s education hostage in exchange for more money, benefits and perks for their own pockets.

Until voters want honest government, where the rule of law prevails, taxpayers will pay for incompetence, corruption, over regulation, poor schools, and the continued loss of rights. I have 20 years of experience battling government corruption. See
(360) 769-8531
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Emily Randall
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: First run for office

Other Professional Experience: Growing up on the Kitsap Peninsula, I recognize the importance of expanding access to education and healthcare affordability. For 10 years I have held professional roles at Planned Parenthood, Children’s Hospital, and Wellesley College, helping people access the healthcare they need and the education opportunities they deserve.

Education: BA, Wellesley College – Emily was the first in her family to attend college

Community Service: Advisory Committee member, Olympic College OLRM Program; CTE Trades Council member, Peninsula School District; Board Member, Q Youth Resources; Volunteer, Access Women’s Health Justice; Fenway Community Health; Big Sister

Statement: I live in Bremerton, grew up in Port Orchard, and am a third generation Kitsap County resident. I’m dedicated to giving back – from serving as my sister’s caretaker, to helping expand educational opportunities and healthcare access nationwide, and now running for office.

A first generation college graduate, I returned home to be with my family. I believe in our community’s strength and am committed to making it a better place to live and work. Together, we can build strong, healthy communities with quality education, affordable healthcare, good jobs, traffic relief, and support for our local small businesses.

But to do this, we need to move beyond partisan politics. It’s time to work together to hold our government accountable. I’m running a campaign that rejects support from the corporate special interests who’ve bought too many of our politicians. We need legislators who put people first – not their wealthy donors.

No one will work harder to get the results we need and the change we deserve. I would be honored to serve the community my family has called home for three generations. Endorsed: Congressman Derek Kilmer, Bremerton Mayor Greg Wheeler, Bremerton & South Kitsap Firefighters, American Federation of Teachers Washington

(360) 509-1643