Bill Scheidler for ‘2018’ WA State Senate, 26th District

Bill Scheidler, chief activist for is, again, a candidate for a legislative seat for the 26th District.

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Bill says…

Our currently elected representatives — Rep. Jesse Young, Rep. Michelle Caldier, and Senator Jan Angel — only perform 33% of their constitutionally obligated duties. The other 67% of their obligations are either ignored or they lack the backbone to do the heavy lifting. The obligation Young, Caldier and Angel owe citizens is to be the ‘check and balance’ over the other two branches of government.

When Washington State’s highest court establishes “perjury and fraud” as permissible, in fact, PROTECTED conduct by our public servants … we need a representative who will raise holy hell in Olympia!

JusticesBanner“In this state, prosecutors are accorded absolute immunity when acting in their official capacity even if accused of acting maliciously or corruptly. Babcock v. State, 116 Wn.2d 596 (Wash. 1991), citing Ashelman v Pope, 793 F.2d 1072, 1079, “Allegations of conspiracy between judge and prosecutor to predetermine the outcome of a judicial proceeding are insufficient to overcome those immunities. “

The holding by Washington’s Supreme Court quoted above, which is unacceptable on its face, is even more egregious in light of the following laws.

    RCW 2.48.210 mandates no lawyer shall seek to mislead a judge or jury. Clearly the Supreme Court has rendered that law irrelevant. Further, under Washington’s constitution,

    Article 1, Sec 8, to grant “IMMUNITY” is “PROHIBITIED”! Clearly the Supreme Court has rendered that constitutional provision irrelevant! But it gets worse, under

    Article 2, Sec 28(12) ” unauthorized or invalid act of any officer” shall NEVER be legalized. Clearly the Supreme Court has rendered that constitutional provision irrelevant!

How can we TRUST THIS GOVERNMENT to be honest when the Washington State Supreme Court has established “perjury and conspiracy” as the norm?

How do we know that the Washington State Supreme Court’s recent rulings in

    McCleary – re school funding; and in
    Charter Schools being unconstitutional,

aren’t just schemes concocted by judges and lawyers engaging in perjury and fraud?

When the culture of our public servants is based in dishonesty we citizens pay the price — higher taxes, less productivity, more regulation, less freedoms.

These are the things I expect, in fact, demand as a tax-paying citizen.

  • An honest government! It is an unfortunate truth that today the wrong people are in jail and the wrong people are not in jail. We, the people of Washington State, are being betrayed by those in whom we place our trust. As I’ve been saying for over 15 years “at the core of our rotten government you will find lawyers”. And the reform of the legal profession is high on my list as a public official just as I’ve been doing as a private citizen for the past 15+ years.
  • A Justice System in which judges and lawyers obey the law, especially the law that mandates judges and lawyers tell the truth (see RCW 2.48.210) and obey the law that provides an “impartial forum (see RCW 2.28.030)” in which citizens can resolve their grievances.
  • An Educational System that graduates the most students with the best skills needed to solve ever increasing problems of a complex society. Lawmakers cannot continue to lay the deficiencies of our educational system, such as low matriculation rates, a high percentage of graduates who don’t have basic math skills … upon voters or solve these deficiencies with ‘generalized programs’ such as higher taxes, more teachers, eliminating testing, eliminating homework or inventing new standards such as common core — as some lawmakers are considering. This problem of a deficient educational system is a matter of competence and management. And that means to ‘hire and fire’ the right people and get employee unions out of our schools so we can address professional incompetence FIRST and not be blackmailed into funding a system of trickle-down incompetence. Said another way — incompetent management of our schools leads to incompetent teaching standards, leads to poorly educated students leads to an under-educated workforce leads to low wages…
  • Legislators who have the backbone to address “unjust” government conduct and not turn a blind-eye to it. The sad fact is our elected officials decide their duty by the number of “votes” their actions will cost or attract. Washington’s constitution demands “governments protect and maintain individual rights”, not trade these rights for votes.

This is how I will bring these things to reality.

  • As a legislator, I will use all the tools the law provides to expose, remove and prosecute corrupt public servants — INCLUDING judges and lawyers
  • We must strengthen our whistle-blower laws so honest government workers will be protected, rewarded and appreciated when they report those other public servants who betray our trust.
  • I am working to expel all the lawyers who hold office in the legislative and executive branchs. Lawyers are members of a judicial agency, the WA STATE BAR (See RCW 2.48), and do not belong in any other branch of government. Or, we must repeal the Washington State Bar Act and place lawyer and judicial discipline under lay citizen control.
  • This what the words of Article 1 Section 1 means by “governments derive their just powers by the consent of the governed”.

  • We must dissolve government employee unions because these unions represent government and not the reasons governments exist – for the people. Under Washington’s constitution “our public schools must be free of sectarian control or influence — The word “sectarian” means free from ‘political as well as religious’ influence! This means “free from UNION influence, political party influence, religious influence — Schools are to be “locally controlled”. See Article 9 SECTION 4 SECTARIAN CONTROL OR INFLUENCE PROHIBITED. All schools maintained or supported wholly or in part by the public funds shall be forever free from sectarian control or influence. The constitution further prohibits the legislature from enacting special laws “Providing for the management of common schools. See Article 2, section 28(15). Article 26, Fourth section adds additional definition to governments role in establishing public schools. Furthermore, Washington’s constitution prohibits “monopolies”. Clearly “labor unions” in general, and government labor unions in particular are “monopolies” and violate our constitution. See Article 12, sec 22.
  • We must begin to privatize schools and ferries.
  • We must configure every “Ethics Board” by having board members ‘inducted, drafted, or chosen like a jury’ rather than being appointed by those who have a self-interest in the boards’ functions. Again, we look to Article 1, section 1 — We MUST have the “governed” not “government” regulating the government; NOT those associated with or appointed by the very people they oversee. AND
  • I am working to remove from government those public servants who betray our trust. See Scheidler’s lawsuit against the corrupt Officials of the WA State Bar and the Commission Judicial Conduct

The things I expect and demand, and how I achieve these things, are NOT meant to change our governmental framework, but to have the right people in their proper roles so government functions as intended — by the “consent of the governed”..

Said another way, the “framework” upon which we are assured our public servants perform their governmental functions in a truthful and honorable way is to insure we have three independent branches of government. Each branch of government is suppose to be a “check and balance” between the others. Once we allow one branch to invade the other, or to become so powerful that it overwhelms the other branches, it creates the very breeding ground of corruption that causes crises upon crises we face election after election.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI understand the definition of “servant”, the definition of “public”, the meaning of “governments’ just powers”. And I understand the meaning of “to protect and maintain individual rights.” I also know people are increasingly angry with our currently employed “public servants” who have no idea their sole purpose is “to protect and maintain individual rights.” And I have learned that as you peel back the layers of our corrupt government, at the core of the rotten onion you find lawyers. I believe very strongly that once the “legal profession” is “regulated” by citizens and not by other lawyers, the ‘government enterprise’ will begin to heal itself – RAPIDLY!

Make no mistake about it … the TRUE political fight is for control of our courts! If you are listening to the presidential debates ALL the republican candidates warned that our constitutional rights are dependent upon who will be the next US Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Antonin Scalia. THIS IS A WARNING to every citizen and confirmation of my criticisms of our justice system … our rights are lost, given away, or taken away by the courts – corrupt judges and corrupt lawyers. NONE of the present slate of Washington State candidates recognize this reality! Or, if they do recognize this threat to our constitutional rights, they are too scared or are themselves corrupt to employ their legislative powers and do what is right. See Article 4, Sec 9 and Article 5.

Lawyers should not be allowed to run for legislative office. All lawyers belong to a state agency, the WA State Bar, and are regulated by the WA Supreme Court. Furthermore, only Washington State Bar members are permitted to be judges. This creates an very dangerous condition that is called an “institutional conflict of interest”. Or simply put .. an “unaccountable” governmental entity. To allow lawyers to also serve in the WA State Legislature presents a “separation of powers” issue and needs to be resolved by expelling lawyers from the legislature.

This “mingling” of the judicial branch with the legislative branch has profound implications when you realize that the “legislative” branch is the “ONLY” branch that can impeach a judge. This is established by Article 5 of our State constitution. In other words, if lawyers are part of the only branch that can impeach a judge – the legislative branch, what would be their inclination in taking such an “oversight” action if either the lawyer/legislator or his law firm may face this judge or one of the judge’s colleagues in the course of their legal work? How can you trust either branch if this conflict is inherent in having lawyers hold legislative office with the power to impeach a judge?

Besides, the legal profession ranks so low with people when asked about “honest/ethics in professions” to allow them to also infiltrate our legislative branch is simply foolhardy. See Gallup Poll


  1. Bill: Thanks again for the call today….any and all of your readers may go to to review the certified forged documentation on file committed by the Colorado Secretary of State, admitted by the 1st Judicial District that the Judge I was in front of on a civil matter (Spousal Discrimination – Wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis – needed accommodations, had to call OSHA; which OSHA completed their investigation to which I has fired for committing a Gaming Violation that was never committed per Gaming. The Judge would not let the jury hear the Spousal Discrimination charge in which my case got tossed from a guy who said he was a District Court Judge…..that is the Court I was in, a DISTRICT COURT in GILPIN COUNTY, CO….Judge was just some guy in a black cloak who never took and oath of office as a District Court Judge who had has County Oath of Office forged on the back side of his Oath certifying he is a District Court Judge dated 7/8/2010 by the SOS. This is 3.5 years later from the time he took his County Oath on Jan 8, 2007. Tell me, how can a public oath of office on file with the state get forged 3.5 years later…..only by violating Title 18 U.S.C. Sections 505 and 506…all felonies committed by State Officials

  2. @ Bill I have really enjoyed reading the work you have been doing, and I am so excited about your election in 2016. I will do my part to spread the word about your efforts and I will be one of your biggest supporters. You seem like an amazing person working so hard for an incredible cause. I could not feel more passionate and determined to get these lawyers who hurt my family, Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe removed from severing the public and being allowed to be a part of the board of Governors. Anthony Gipe will be sworn in next month as our new WSBA president, which seems unfathomable! Anthony Gipe and his partner Dennis McGlothin have mastered how to abuse their power by using their litigation tactics to steal people’s life savings, and they are being allowed to make critical decisions for our State and legal community. They know how to manipulate the system to stay in good standing, when in reality, there time is coming to an end. Word is getting out, and people are starting to speak up about how these attorneys have acted and what they represent. Anthony Gipe is being allowed to conduct investigations on grievances submitted by the general public, when he couldn’t be more corrupted and/or dishonest! I know there are so many people as myself, who are coming forward to expose Anthony Gipe and Dennis McGlothin to the fullest! We need people to come forward and make a change for our State and support Bill and his cause to punish these corrupted individuals properly. As with any person being charged with a crime, it’s the law that we have a right to a jury trial to decide our guilt or innocence. Attorneys who are also accused of corruption and crimes, should have to face 12 citizens of this State to decide their fate! Their “own” should not be allowed to dismiss our grievance and should be held accountable if proven guilty with a proper investigation! I know if Anthony Gipe, our new WSBA president had to face a jury, he would NEVER hold the position he will soon be having. Keep up the great work Bill… and I will be here supporting you all the way!! I will help out any way that I can!! And… a message to Anthony Gipe… as promised in my grievance, it will be this my life’s mission to get justice for the harm you brought upon my family and children until the the day I die!!!! I promise you, I will someday prevail if it takes 40 years!

  3. I would also like to provide my thanks to the great work you have all been doing on this site. If you Google Dennis McGlothin, corrupt – your post comes up first. I am doing my part to ensure that is also true for Gipe. Carrie

  4. My husband’s grievance against Dennis McGlothin was denied by Zachary Mosner because: a lawyer may be unethical and unprofessional, neither of those attributes are illegal or of concern to the WSBA.

  5. Carrie…. they denied the appeal of my grievance against Dennis McGlothin also. When I appealed, I went down to the court house and printed out his criminal record and the police report of when he impersonated himself as a police officer. Because of this, I was able to get a 3 to 0 vote and they are doing a full investigation on him and granted my appeal. If I were you, I would appeal and submit everything you have on his criminal crimes and how he was allowed to damage your family when he had been charged with felonies. I submitted over 60 pages of police reports to prove he committed these crimes and how the public has not been been made aware of his wrongdoings. Don’t give up, and I am happy to send you all my info if you should need it if you do decide to appeal. As for Zachery Moser…. he is a joke, and I don’t believe he even reads the grievances we submit. He has templates of responses he uses to respond back that deny the citizens of this State a chance to have a voice. It’s complete BULL SHIT!!!

  6. That is encouraging Rebecca – I also found it humorous that Mosner put in writing that it was acceptable by the WSBA for a lawyer to be unethical and unprofessional. I will do the same thing and pull his records with the help of a professional and ethical attorney 🙂 Apparently they are hard to find around here in Washington! Carrie

  7. I have them all if you want… EVERYTHING! After all, since Dennis McGlothin accused me of being the “mark Zuckerberg” and the “all time professional hacker” he should not have never under estimated my skills of finding and printing out every detail of his criminal past! After I submitted all this information in my appeal, his law firm closed down 2 weeks later. Convenient how this all happened when he knew he was going to be investigated. I am happy to give you everything I have, plus my actual appeal that got me through to the next step to hold Dennis McGlothin accountable.

    • You both are THE BEST! People need to know that you are the few who risk their time, resources, and put their life on hold to do what is right. I hope we get a chance to meet one day so i can thank you personally. bill

  8. Thanks Bill and Rebecca, I will email you Rebecca personally to give you my address so I can appeal with support of your documentation. I am personally very grateful to both of you for all you both have done. I am also relieved to know that I am not alone in this fight. I am so disgusted with McGlothin and know he and his corrupt partners are still working the system in Edmonds and getting as much positive press for their latest legal appeal against the city making them look like wonder boys when really they are just scamming the press for air time. Thanks, the fight goes on! Carrie

  9. I think it would be a good idea to organize a powerful group of individuals, who would work together, on a regular basis, to locate the liability bonds of these people, file claims against their bonds along with commercial liens on their property. The private administrative process would be a direct, non-judicial approach to getting many of these freaks out of office, and would send a message loud and clear, that, we have the power to make change a reality.

  10. Glad I found your website – it was sent to me by Claudia after Bob Grundstein indicated you are the author of the article about his book. I would like to send you my book GUARDIANSHIP: How Judges and Lawyers Steal Your Money Please send an address. There is a section in the book on Commissioner Velategui and a retired police lieutenant from Bellevue who was killed by the syndicated crime of professional guardianship fraud (GSS, atty. Janet Somers/Barbara West and others)

  11. Chief Justice Madsen gave them room to run and they ran! Guardianship bottom feeders. Perjury, false CPG credentials, bank-mail-wire fraud with fraudulent letters of guardianship, crippling injury due to neglect despite repeated warnings, state APS refusing to do job because head on court CPG board, 3-year delay in adjudicating guardian complaint to run out statute of limitations, estate theft, marrying a dead man to demented and senile woman, and stealing a million dollar estate.

  12. Bill what is the highest authority you have met with and was in shock and disbelief to witness that the corruption was to such a level and degree? Thanks.

    • The WA State judicial branch is corrupt … more specifically, the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA), whose members occupy every judicial office in Washington State, up through the WA Supreme Court and into the Federal District courts, is corrupt. But this “corruption” is as the WSBA advertises… the Bar is established to serve its members. This is plainly stated on the Bar’s website, and etched in their Seattle office’s window.

      Until the Washington State Bar is dissolved, or expelled from holding government office, THEY WILL SERVER THEIR MEMBERS and every citizen is at risk in “HOW THEY CHOOSE to SERVER THEIR MEMBERS”.

      That said, when I had my case reviewed by the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — who are NOT Washington State Bar Associates, I, as a pro se, got a fairly just ruling — there is still the tendency for courts to be biased in favor of their judicial colleagues, but a good argument and the “facts” can overcome that bias. The problem remained … although I prevailed in the US 9th Circuit, my case was remanded back to Washington’s corrupt courts and the WSBA associates who, as judicial officials, “serve their members” … so more needs to be done at the US 9th Circuit level to address the “WSBA and its purpose” in “serving its members” as opposed to upholding the constitution and laws for WA and the US.

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