Bill Scheidler, a chemist by education and a manager by profession, learned some unsettling facts about our local government. Beginning in the early 1990’s, with helping the local schools solve their budget problems, it became clear to Bill that we have very dishonest and deceitful people in high government positions. These dishonest people have ruined our educational system and that in turn is threatening our future generation of citizens. From that point on Bill learned that “dishonesty” is a widespread disease that infects WA State governance from local officials to state officials. Ever since that time Bill has devoted his life to expose, embarrass and remove those public servants who betray our trust. Bill’s ‘effort’ is threatening the status quo that is based in “deceit, corruption and criminal conduct” and these government officials have retaliated against Bill in taking Bill’s savings, his happiness and his faith in our government institutions — especially confidence our Judicial Branch and law enforcement agencies.

Bill is now mounting an organized effort in joining with others who have learned what Bill learned and with those who take the time to ‘investigate’ for themselves that our “trusted leaders” are either corrupt, cowardly or too stupid to understand what is taking place and the consequences of their behavior upon a civilized society.

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