At the core of our rotten government are lawyers.

No other explanation can capture the raw truth of this statement. And the past couple of months watching and listening to lawyers and law professors present contrary opinions about the law, the facts, and the public duty of our duly elect president, Donald John Trump, to support their argument why he should be, or not be, impeached, convinces me of the statement’s truth – at the core of our rotten government are lawyers.

Clearly, the “law” as written is meaningless as lawyers differ as to the law’s meaning. Clearly the facts are not ‘the facts’ as lawyers differ as to what constitutes the facts. Clearly a public officials duty is not necessarily their duty as lawyers differ as to that duty.

But there is one saving element to the impeachment spectacle and the deceptions perpetrated upon our justice system, and that is, a “jury” (the full senate) determines the law, the facts, and a public officials duty, NOT a judge! Not even the US Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roberts.


  1. Excellent analogy of the Senate to the jury. In the [in]justice system, we write in our book that anyone who chooses a bench trial over a jury trial is almost always at a SIGNFICIANT disadvantage. Keep up the good work, Bill.

  2. Thanks, Bill. We’ve updated our cover image, which you can lift right from our site, or just let me know and I can email it to you.

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