Another candidate who truly understands the root of government corruption.

We must support, spread, and follow the strategy of this man.

John Gentry Candidate for State Senate ·


To be quite frank, I have no desire to run for state senate. I seek office out of a sense of duty to my fellow citizens and to our republic.

I am compelled to run because I recognize the entrenchment and depth of corruption at all levels of our state government. Since the year 1953, our state government has incrementally and unconstitutionally altered our fundamental form of government as established in our state constitution, evidenced by the unconstitutional agencies, the Tennessee Bd of Judicial Conduct and Tennessee Code Commission (see earlier posts proving this fact).

A majority of citizens no longer vote because they think it doesn’t matter, and that the government will do as it pleases, regardless of the will of the people. My endeavor is to restore the voice of the people and to restore a proper form of government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. A constitutional government, republican in character and form.

When I joined the Marines at the young age of seventeen, I swore an oath to defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. I stand by that oath today, as I must, as is my duty.

I have always been a warrior and patriot, and I suppose it’s in my blood and inherent in my nature to be so. My sixth great grandfather was Robert Gentry, a Tennessee Pioneer. Many of the Tennessee Pioneers were well educated and came from Virginia, seeking to set up a way of life absent the English notions of class distinctions, and they wished to be free-men, respected for their own worth. Their ideology is reflected in our state constitution, the “least imperfect” and “most republican” of all state constitutions as attested by Thomas Jefferson.

I don’t often share my military background like the below pictured Commendation, and my service literally pales in comparison to those who sacrificed on fields of battle, but since I’m running for office, I wanted you to know more of my character and military service.

I served honorably for eight years as a Force Recon Marine. Force Recon Marines are best known for their perseverance. It is inherent in our breed that we will never quit under any circumstance, and I will never quit you in the struggle to restore your rights and a proper form of government.

It is in that character through which I hope to earn your respect and trust.

The Marine Corps motto is Semper Fidelis which means “Always Faithful”. Always faithful to God, Corps, and Country. I remain Semper Fi.

As state senator, when elected, I will always endeavor to remain Semper Fidelis; to God, to Corps, to Country, and to the citizens of Tennessee.

John A Gentry, CPA
Candidate State Senate, District 18 -Sumner County, Trousdale County, and Davidson County east of state hwy 45 (Old Hickory Blvd).

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