Will Bill Scheidler be targeted for arrest, or worse?

Today I filed my amended complaint in the US District Court of D.C. in which I quote Abraham Lincoln. (page 4) This quote may be viewed, by the defendants, who are lawyers and judges, as a threat against them. If that proves to be the case I hope you’ll publicize their retaliation.

As you’ll see by reading the included complaint, all I’m asking for, and have been asking for, is for my “inviolate right to a civil trial by jury”. However, because lawyers and judges are involved in the controversy I have been denied these fundamental rights. These rights are America’s most cherished institutions — the right of petition and right to a jury. And these institutions – America’s Institutions – have been commandeered by lawyers and judges. They are the NEW Government. They have decided that they shall DECIDE EVERYTHING. We are all at risk from their brazen claim of power. The question is, how far will they go and to what extent will they push individuals to the breaking-point?

Link to Amended Complaint


  1. and next time you do a petition at whitehouse.gov to return the judiciary to we the people, coordinate with me and grassroots groups so we can simultaneously hit our social networks at the same time. sara and i are growing every day.

    • I’m ready to do a next one (petition to WH.org), or I’ll work to add names to a petition you do. The first 150 names are the hardest (smile). BTY Judge Boasberg ruled to “strike” my amended complaint claiming the case was closed. However the order dismissing the original complaint was “without prejudice”. WTF … is “case closed” a new definition for “without prejudice”?

      • LOL ! case closed because THEY say so.
        That’s all folks !
        Mr Schiedler, I was simply wondering if anything,one damn thing ever “moved” out your way,in your favor.
        Obviously we are all in the same boat nationwide attempting to get basic justice done.
        what lessons we have learned and these lessons cannot be applied and that’s where the pain arises from.
        ALL THE SAME scatology nationwide.
        WE are up against a cartel of loiyuuhs,judges,clerks,law enforcement etc.
        I refuse to give up in Texas but sometimes I believe I am wasting time and money.
        I hope someone,somewhere ,has their breakthrough which will then open it up for us all.
        GODSPEED to that one.

        • You point out the reason we cannot EVER win our cases … “I hope someone,somewhere ,has their breakthrough which will then open it up for us all.” If someone were to “open it up for all of us” it would bankrupt the system as 100’s of thousands, perhaps millions, of victims of judicial malpractice were to seek their just relief. It is a too big to fail problem (judicial corruption) that keeps getting bigger so as to assure it never gets fixed. It will ultimately end in revolt, rebellion and violence when all the victims unite to remove these corrupt public servants.

  2. Bill,
    Congrats. You are an American hero!!! There are a number of victims of the RICO conspiracy run by the corrupt State of WA out here in Pacific county who are victims of the corrupt JUDGES and Attorneys that are keeping justice away from the people. We are widows, old women and minorities and elderly, including veterans who are being literally thrown off our property and barred from our homes by the CRIMINAL ACTS of courts and judges and lawyers. WE NEED TO UNITE AGAINST these crooks. THIS IS INDEED A FEDERAL RICO CASE AGAINST THE STATE> WSBA IS A critical fulcrum of what is a TRUE RACKET.

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