Why do I do what I do? It’s really a dogs story.

Why do I do what I do? I must be stupid and don’t know it.

Part One

25 years ago I found a grave error in Kitsap County’s application for the Retired/Disabled citizen property tax relief. The error concerned the County’s altering words of a law that described the qualifications for this constitutional program. The program involves Washington constitution article 7, section 10. When I asked Kitsap County to correct this error they refused. I had to hire a lawyer. But Kitsap County’s prosecutor threatened my lawyer with a Bar action if he didn’t withdraw from the case. When I complained to the Bar about this threat, the Bar said I needed to tell it to a Kitsap County judge. When I went to the Kitsap County Judge, Judge Kevin Hull, he retaliated against me with the power of his judicial office and “sanction me $130000” for asking him to do what the Bar said I needed involving Kitsap’s threat that forced my lawyer of the case involving Kitsap’s application errors.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Kitsap’s “error” was actually an instruction given to all counties by the State Department of Revenue. In other words, it was a fraud devised by the state and orchestrated through county assessors. And it was a fraud that was too big to fail. For this reason, I had to be silenced in a manner that would assure I could never pose a threat to this ‘too big to fail’ fraud upon the retired/disabled citizen.

The problem with me, I didn’t stop! Why did I continue to fight? You hear it all the time, “you cannot fight city hall”.

I asked my elected representatives to address this “retaliation” for trying to correct a fraud against the retired/disabled and having my lawyer removed from the case. While this was terrible, they said, they wouldn’t have the support of their colleagues and refused to do anything about it.

So I ran as a candidate against these cowardly representatives. But all the newspapers said I was a one-note candidate, only concerned about eliminating ‘corruption’. And the voters proved the newspaper right, they chose another to represent them in the legislature.

Without the public’s support for a one-note candidate who was only concerned about addressing corruption, I began a White House petition asking the President to help me, help him, “drain the swamp”. The petition has only gained the support of 500 signatures, out of the 325 million people who could support this effort. You can read the petition by clicking this image

Part Two

But that’s been the last 25-years. About 1 year ago I began volunteering my time, home, and money in helping an animal rescue. I foster abandoned and abused German Shepherd dogs, which the Washington German Shepherd Rescue rescues from the kill-shelters of California.

My first fostered dog was Hanz. He was an old guy whose teeth and gums were rotting away from sever neglect; blind in his right eye from prior trauma; and one ear crippled from prior infection. After two surgeries and the extraction of 24 teeth, Hanz recovered and now lives in Spokane with his adopted retiree.

Then came Greta. She is a 1-year old female who was so badly treated she just cowered in whatever corner she could find and peed all over herself. While it is taking time, Greta is learning to trust us humans as we are not all bad.

Now we have Lance. He too is an old guy. And like the others, was neglected for many years and in bad need of medical treatment for horrible ear infections. So far the rescue has spent $1000’s on just the three dogs we have sheltered. And the costs just keep adding up.

Greta, Liberty (our dog), and Hanz having the time of their life as opposed to their life-time of abuse and neglect.

You know, after writing this article and watching the video, I know why I do the things I do!

If you would like to help the German Shepherd Rescue, please visit their donations page https://washingtongsd.org/donate/#

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