Abolish the cabal, consisting of lawyers and judges, who have overthrown our government

I just started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it and confirm your signature? https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/abolish-cabal-consisting-unelected-lawyers-and-judges-have-overthrown-our-governmen

Citizens are represented, through our ELECTED OFFICIALS, in both the US Legislative and Executive Branches of Government. But where are the citizens represented in the “Judicial Branch”? We DON’T elect lawyers or judges! Actually our constitution provides citizen representation in the judicial branch through the institution known as a “jury”.

Sadly, in practice, unelected lawyers and judges have devised schemes to deny “juries”; which is to deny citizen representation in the third branch of government. Thereby, lawyers and judges have overthrown our constitutional government and claimed the judicial branch for themselves.

We have no defense to the take-over of our government by the unelected cabal of lawyers/judges. We must ask Congress and the President to return the judicial branch back to “THE PEOPLE” as they are represented through their rightful constitutional institution – the JURY.

How signing (and confirming your signature) this petition will help

When judges and lawyers claim powers they don’t have to deny “juries”, citizens lose their “representative form of government”. We must demand Congress and the President return the judicial branch back to the people – give us back our institution-the Jury, as our Constitution provides. The alternative is Revolt, Rebellion, Violence. 

Please sign, confirm, distribute and mail this petition to all you can and to Congress and the President as well.

Send this petition with your signature to:

President Trump, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500.

US House Committee on the Judiciary, Chairman Nadler, 2141 Rayburn House Office  Building, Washington, D.C. 20515

US Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Chairman Grahm, Rm 224, Dirksen Senate Office Buildin, Washington, D.C. 20002.


  1. I have been dealing with corruption from the city of Yakima WA, with corrupt attorneys that were supposedly working for me have thrown me under the bus to get jobs, and moneys from the local government. One on the day of my trial where this crooked att. hadn’t met with me for over 6 months, and then without him being present before a crooked judge I’m given a day and a half notice I’ll be in trial. I fired him right on the spot as I could see it was planned. Explain how it’s possible that a judge believes that she can deal with me while the my crooked att plays that he’s busy and the judges states that even though he’s busy I’ll stay in the courtroom the whole day until he frees up his schedule. After 4 hours in court she comes in and tells me that he’s not going to show up and tells me I’ll be in trial in a day and a half. I fire that crooked attorney on the spot. This crooked judges tells me she won’t let me fire him! I paid for him! So then a day and a half goes by, I had also asked him to file a motion for dismissal as both policemen had lied under oath at a suppression hearing. That was months earlier. I also wanted 15 witnesses called, as 10 plus of my attorney’s have conspired with the crooked judges in this case. The toxicologist say it’s just as likely I blew close to .07 as any number the pea brain crooked prosecutor wanted the jury to believe. I’ve been to court 3 1/2 years before the first trial, as they refuse to give me the names of the policemen that stood up for me that night. I’ve had to sign my speedy rights away in hopes I could get the material witnesses from the public records request or discovery from crooked Prosecutor Reiman. Been to court between 100 and 150 times two crooked trials. Tried to get a change of venue, refused of course. They were changing things said in court recordings. So I started taping them myself on my phone. Wow lets get back to the crooked attorney I had at the time Silverthorn. I get to my first trial after a day and a half notice. They bring in another corrupt judge from superior court. And guess who seems to have free time now. There is Silverthorn, and the judge tells me heres what’s happening you are going to trial in 10 minutes, you can either take back Silverthorn or take it on yourself, but regardless you are going to trial in 10 minutes. No witnesses, no preparation, no meeting with Silverthorn for about 6 months. In fact in about a years time he met with me one time right before going into the suppression hearing. And it would never have come out that the arresting officer and his buddy had lied under oath, but I forced him to ask the two crooked policemen whether there were other policemen out there that night. Both of them denied it, and I had them put in an illegally mounted go pro that was on the officers car that night, and it clearly stated that there were other officers there the whole time. Just proved that the policemen were both liars and in reality this case was over, and any honest attorney would have stated that the city had no creditable witnesses as they just lied. But not Silverthorn, as he had an offer on the table. One I would find out about months later, only by accident. So i write him an email as I can’t communicate with my own attorney any other way, as he’s also working with the city. So here we were in trial, none of my requested witnesses were there of course and no motion for dismissal. I win by a hung jury and pea brain Yakima crooked prosecutor Reiman refiles the case. He withheld the illegally mounted go pro mounted on crooked officers Cavins police car. Another winner that is as crooked as they come. That night of my arrest 5 policemen out on the scene and 3 of them stood up for me and at least 2 of them were fired because they refused to throw me under the bus. So in 2014 of July they have never given me the names of the honest police officers, and they had to get rid of all the audio that night as one honest policeman is yelling at the crooked officers. Oh except all of the sudden crooked Reiman needs to have the audio come back on for him to file the case. yes you guessed it, he wouldn’t have had a case unless they had audio for the crook calling in my license plate! But when you lie, it has a way of coming back and biting you. When the dispatcher signed off with the time. It was a minute and 50 seconds off of the coban. Which is what I had been saying all along was the coban has numerous cuts and pasts and I have been trying to get raw coban for forensic video specialist. So then lets go a little bit further. I’ve asked for the whole night of video from Crooked cop Cavin, and they haven’t even given me even my full siting. Even the go pro was cut off. I didn’t even get to see the coban for over a year. And when my crooked first attorney came on, I’ve had over 10 she finally after a year told me to come in and view it with her. And then fumbled around with the video stating her computer must be old and she could’t get it to play. In one year the crooked Yakima police had plenty of time to cut and paste it. One of my witnesses another attorney that I paid 200 for him to view the coban with me, they were illegally searching my car and he brought that out. Well I sent that off to another attorney thinking I could get more copies, and he stopped all communications. And after a year of refusing to get back in touch with me he finally sent me my coban back only to find it was the new upgraded version. Second trial I’m taking it on my own after 12 or more crooked attorney’s and knowing no chance of getting an honest attorney. I filed a lawsuit against the first judge Woodard I caught lying to me in court and the crooked chief of police Rizzi. They hired Seattle attorneys Christie Law group. This is a federal lawsuit filed by me, and I could see that there was issues immediately as the clerk did everything to make it impossible to file it in the first place, got it filed with the backup girl. Well, Christie law group is really good, as I paid about 450 bucks to file it, and of course they tried to get it thrown out of court and that didn’t work, and I’m in the fight of the second city trial with crooked judge Olwell, and so while I’m now dealing with two trials, the federal court took that problem off my hands. As I get a letter in my mailbox and it showed that this federal trial went down without me! It was my party, and I must say Christie law group is very good as the federal court didn’t even bother with inviting me to my own party, and of course they found the judge innocent and i couldn’t refile that case, but I could refile against the chief of police. Woopie now all I had to do was concentrate on my city trial that is now pushing up toward 4 years. But crooked Olwell would take that problem off my hands too. Oh I almost forgot I told the crooked Silverthorn at our lunch break that I paid for, that I had been taping the hearings in court, he blew sky high and I laughed at him as he was telling me that that was illegal. After he calmed back down I laughed and said excuse me, that is totally legal, when you know that they are manipulating my evidence that is a felony, and I have every right to record a felony!!! So first time I get back in court crooked Olwell calls my name and I go up and she immediately has a fit asking me if that is my cell phone. I say yes knowing good and well that Silverthorn had told her about recording in court. And by the way I might mention as him and I were waling out of my first trial after the hung jury, 3 guys in suits yell at him and congratulate him shaking his hand. He’s the new superior court juvenile judge, he’s now working at the same location my first attorney Erin Masters was working, she had no experience as an attorney and was just getting kicked off, but somehow she called because of her expertise to work at the juvenile superior court. Wow wonder how many other of my attorney’s are working there too! Everyone of my attorney’s were conspiring against me. Easily proven, as I have 43 pages of solid corruption. A perfect record my whole night, and I’m now going before crooked Olwell, who called for me to have a Psychological evaluation by Eastern State Hospital. Here I am without even a speeding ticket and because I’m fight and saying the coban is cut and pasted and firing crooked attorney’s so I bring a guy to go pro it as they are crooks. I sent my other crooked attorney a few pages of notice for him to notify the Psychologist that I would be filming it for my own protection. I have the postal note showing it got to him a week in advance and that day of my evaluation the psychologist goes postal that I have a camera man and so he has to chase down my attorney that didn’t even offer to remain for my protection. So I’m forced to go without a witness. I leave the door ajar and my witness hears everything and my phone is with me. The evaluation takes about ten minutes no written, and I write he an email and advice that he doesn’t do what was planned. I get to court with Silverthorn which is the day that we are supposed to hear the results. I walk into a courtroom of nothing but Zombies! All have shaved heads and surgeries and they are all walking around as they don’t know where they are. I’m of course called first and they gave me the phony call that they hadn’t had time to evaluate my case. Oh really 10 minutes of info asking me if I see apparitions floating out of my T.V. sets and they don’t have the time. The plan was I’d be on that bus, but I had covered that issue and of course later I’m found competent. Surprise Surprise, that was not their plan. So I immediately put in my own three page motion for dismissal because the police lied and numerous other things including no discovery or public records request for the names of the honest policemen. There was even money of 600 paid by the court to hire PI Gary King to find the names of the other 3 policemen that stood up for me. I had to do a public records request for that information with the city clerk, they called me and told me that my request was ready. Instead they tried giving me the documents from the Psychologist, and reexplained the request was for the Gary King information, she goes off and tells me when she gets back that that file is empty??? How convenient for the city? So back to the Crooked Olwell going nuts on me having a phone in the court room telling me I’m going to have to take it out. I said look around this courtroom why are you so paranoid about me having my cell phone when everyone has a cell phone. I messed with for a few minutes and of course it’s all on tape. I’m for about 2 months expecting that we would be hearing my motion for dismissal, and then I’m at a hearing and DISHONORABLE Olwell tells me I’m going to trial in 3 1/2 days, I ask for a continuance of course and she refuses it on the grounds that this case has been going on way to long now.So I have a choice in 3 1/2 days with no legal experience I can sit down, and try and put a case together or I can start subpoena’s of my 14 witnesses most attorney and with only a few days or less than a day’s notice they won’t have time to clear their calendar and make it to court which will force a continuance. I go with that method only thinking that they for the first time will be honest. Now I really do need a Psychological evaluation thinking these crooks are going to turn honest. So I hire a lady to subpoena, and I drive her around and she goes in and does the subpoenas, we get about half of them done, and when we get in to file them with the clerks, I tell her to make sure they are stamped signed and get a copy because they are crooked. Guy that takes them heads to the back and a large group gathers around and talks about them for about 5 minutes, and then he comes back with them signed stamped and copies. I come back the next day, which is the day before the trial with one more subpoena. One of the judges comes from the back and laughs at me. She said ha ha we’ve told all of your witnesses that they don’t have to show up for your trial. So I’m at trial the next day at around 8 am and as judge Olwell walks by me she laughs and tells me whispering saying: By the way I’m disallowing your motion for dismissal and laughs walking up to her perch to run a crooked trial. Only about half the people to choose from, and they are left overs from superior court. Ask how many people had police officers in their families almost all, how many had friends or family that had been injured or killed by drunk drivers most hands went up. And so none of these people would look at me when I’d ask a question, and even after a crook jury was selected they wouldn’t look at me. I had no time to put a defense together, and guess what the crooked policemen had the red carpet rolled out for them, and I had no witnesses. So my final arguments were that you just heard the toxicologist representative from the state say it’s just as likely I blew way under the limit according to their calibrations as any number the prosecutor wanted to promote. After all it’s the prosecution that has to prove beyond a decent doubt that I was driving while intoxicated. My driving was perfect, and there was no reason to pull me over so they had to cut and paste the starting of the coban, and when I came out of a large event that night I had run straight into that crooked Cavin sitting at the exit taping both coban and gopro. But they got rid of everything. So Crooked Olwell went back into where the jury was and told them to ignore everything I had said in my closing arguments. So in two seconds I was found guilty, and I said I want an appeal. Judge gave me a year of suspension and if I wanted to drive while I was in appeal I would have to post a 50k bond. And I’d have to go to a probation officer for 5 years and pay them 90 a month. I went to the probation officer and he said he has no jurisdiction while under appeal. So I sent him 3 letters asking him to send me a letter stating I didn’t need to pay him 90 a month. He’s refused, and I’ve been paying that even though I’m not meeting with him for a year and a half. Three different times I’ve gone to DMV to get info on my record and they keep changing my suspension and making it outlandish to get my license back, from the court ruling. I’ve been to two different appeals board and I’m still in one in Spokane, where I’ve proved by the police own coban that it was cut and pasted which is a felony. Public records request for the full night of the back up officers coban, actually got that coban in cuts between each event which of course isn’t the way it came off the coban. My event was about his mid shift, and so when I got to what should have been my time, you guessed it, it was totally gone??? Wonder why, what did they have to hid. Oh, two of the 3 honest policemen that were on motorcycles parked right in front of his squad car. This is 4 to 6 years after they had upgraded the police cars to be running coban 24×7 with audio while the key was on, when the key was off the hard drives in the trunk would keep the coban going without audio. And of course with the temperature of close to 100 they would have pulled their helmets off. July the 12th and it would be 5 years, which means that all records from a DUI have to be kept for 5 more years. I had a conference call with crooked Reiman and an official at appeals court 3 in Spokane, they gave me 10 minutes total to give my side for mediation after almost 5 years of corruption. I knew some corruption had to come down the line and so I put the phone on speaker phone and video recorded everything. Reiman is referring to this lady as judge, and she’s not correcting him, and so I sent in complaint of that along with showing the felonies of the coban times being off. They want to ignore all the evidence and push me to cut my paperwork proving all of this corruption of about 80 pages, to just a small amount so they can once again turn me down for my appeal. I’ve got tons of proof including the payoffs, and I know each of my other attorney’s were paid is some form or another. This is only a tiny bit of the corruption I have proof of, and by the way Cavin had 3 months earlier been in a high speed chase in town, and the guy he was chasing had hit another car that was crossing the overpass, and knocked out his radiator, and his car was overheating, and so the police did a little bit of cut and pasting once again, as this crooked cop pulled out his gun and shot and killed an unarmed Latino man. It also appears he was in another highspeed chase in town which lead to innocent deaths. And yet honest policemen were fired because they stood up for me that night!!!!!

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