Is it fair to be forced to plead your case to the defendant you’re suing?


It has been almost one year since Bill Scheidler, the Reluctant Activist (RA), asked the US Supreme Court to exercise its legal and fiduciary duty and compel federal judges to apply the law and not use ‘court rules’ as the means to abridge, modify or enlarge substantive rights. The US Supreme Court said – DENIED! So the ‘RA’ sued the United States for its willful negligence in refusing to hold its employees (judges and lawyers) to their duty — to the law.

Under the US Tort Claims Act, which is the basis for RA’s lawsuit, the US Attorney General (AG) must defend government’s conduct. Of course, as expected, the AG immediately filed a motion to dismiss — citing court rules! And as expected, this motion will be decided by a judge who is bound to follow it’s rules and not the law.

What “LAW” you ask? When the US Congress passed 28 USC 2072, they gave the courts the power to make its own rules of procedure. However, with that power came limits. Under 28 USC 2072(b), Congress made clear “Such rules shall not abridge, enlarge or modify any substantive right”. The problem occurs when 28 USC 2072(b) is violated and substantive rights are “abridged, modified or enlarged”, WHO DO YOU CALL? How can any person obtain justice when their rights are being ‘abridged or modified’ by judges misusing their court rules if your only avenue is to face the very people who are interested in their own powers that they claim under their court rules.

This ‘circular-scheme’, which RA coins “judges-judging-judges” concerning the powers judges claim under their self-created rules is the crux of the complaint. Said another way, “we the People” need a “fair and impartial forum” to have our “petitions for redress” concerning corrupt judges, and their violations of law, decided by an “impartial” decision-maker. And RA cites to another law, 28 USC 455, which mandates a judge disqualify from presiding over ANY matter in which the judge has ANY interest. Clearly “judicial claims of power” is a matter in which judges have an interest!

RA has just filed his response to the scheme concocted by judges where judges use “court rules” to circumvent our constitutions and laws. Of course, a judge stands in the way on RA’s path to a jury. It is the “JURY”, which is the ONLY impartial decision-maker, our constitutions have established so violations of 28 USC 2072(b) are decided fairly. And it, the right to a jury, is the very “substantive right” judges are ‘abridging, modifying’ so they become the ultimate decision-maker – not a jury! It is a fraud upon RA, the Courts and Society.

Here is RA’s Response to the AG’s motion to dismiss. Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. UPDATE. Justice Rilwan Mohammed Aikawa from Kano State. Under Pres. Buhari injustice against us is at all-time high. (Justice for all). Our exposing of crime was never a threat, but recovering and adequate punishment to ensure these organized multiple horrors never happen to any Nigerian in the near future. Dirty crime against the World Powers’ lay down procedures, especially in Letter of Credit, the consequence is deadly no matter who you are. The Rules must be obeyed.

    Our civil suit (No.FHC/L/CS/388/2007) case against Nigerian Customs and others for Customs’ Northerner workers, with no regard for the special authorization document given to us by our government to import those machines, our own brand, releasing an empty container to us against COTECNA report /government lay-down procedures, has been going on for 12 years, instead of 2 years in a country with Rule of Law and a President who cares. Indigene from the north Customs staff names were not mentioned among their witnesses in their defense; therefore, they are not coming to court or suffering any consequence for destroying an Imo State man and his foreign family’s life. The fifth, Northerner Judge, Justice Aikawa of court 6 Ikoyi, did in 2017 and is doing it again in 2018, using ‘go home and die by very long five months adjournment’. Our suit started its first trial in 2009 before retired Chief Judge, Justice Abutu, still in trial in the same court up till date. The GTBank CEO, late Tayo Aderinokun who approved the fraudulent 2.4 billion naira suicide loan with our company’s name to the group Innoson Motors belongs to, schooled in Kano.

    Not talking about what Gov. Ambode is doing about our thousands of motorcycles and marine engines Lagos State carried away from our rented industrial warehouse and sold under curious circumstances (turning our heads in our absence); the satanic occult Nigerian lawyers/pastors with Muslims hanging on our progress must stop. Ambode, as an account of Lagos State then, a salary man, hard to say no idea about such huge amount of money. Three years in the office with this issue, unsettled. Our first and second list/bill is still with him. Since November, 2018 we have heard that Vice Pres. Osinbajo is sharing money to traders (for sure, naira’s value today is not the same as 1984). But we who our complaint has reached his office, and many others, and wrote a letter dated 20 October, 2018(sent to Gov. Ambode and Presidency and other high as usual; we also sent a copy to Osinbajo’s email,) about the text message invitation and outcome of our meeting in the Lagos State Citizens Mediation Centre on 8 October, 2018, no information about what and when they will pay us. Because of the name of the woman who hosted the meeting and the manner she invited us, we are scared that they might pay themselves and show documents that they have paid us (loophole for fraud). Click the picture, URL to read paragraph 7 for Great Trump/ Great Shinzo Abe/ Great Xi Jinping and Pres. Buhari and Radio, Social Media,TV, all authorities. G7, G20, AU, EU, UN, NGO, ICC to take action. Our page post anacho nnojap on August 1, 2017 for better understanding.

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