Who Among Us is Better Than All of US?

I know the reaction I’ll get when I endorse the messages delivered by a Christian Minister …. I’m a bible thumper, a Jesus freak, a deluded believer …. While those who put such labels on me, as the justification to discount the ‘information’ being offered, they have implicitly declared their superiority over me and all of those whom I quote or endorse. Isn’t that a fair statement about a preconceived opinion, used as the excuse to ignore information that may, properly, reveal defects in their own psyche?

Then there are others, like me, who want to hear the ideas of others — Why? Because the state of our society, the deterioration of our “life, liberty and happiness” from the constant erosion of ‘individual rights’, begs a solution. Since I don’t have the remedy I must listen to others. I must put aside my preconceived ideas that would have me believe a christian minister lacks “objectivity” to be qualified to address matters of politics, law, immigration, foreign affairs – as in a one world government, the federal reserve, the history of the world beyond the Bible — such as the European Union, and speak about our judicial system as the root of our social ills.

For the past two days I’ve listened to Steve Cioccolanti deliver hours of thought provoking sermons via his YouTube channel. And I have been captured by his intellect, logic, and immense breath of history, world events and the politics behind it all.

I recommend everyone put aside their egos and admit they don’t have the answers, or if they do have the answers, they lack the skills to implement their solutions. Listen to, at least one of, Steve Cioccolanti’s YouTube presentations. If you do, I bet you’ll listen to another, then another … And just maybe you’ll become a subscriber. And through that affiliation of his 350k followers we will have a viable organization with enough momentum to “reclaim our rights”, or at least mount a viable effort in that pursuit!

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