A Petition that will help me — please sign it.

Justice is for sale, not an institution that is just.

You can help me by doing one thing, sign this petition The reason is, I will use your signatures and this petition as evidence of the massive number of people who believe the United States has failed to hold judges and their lawyers to the law. As a consequence our judicial branch is no longer a venue that we, the People, can trust in our effort of obtain justice.

On February 14, 2019, I filed a lawsuit in the US Federal Court for the District of Columbia against the United States for the failures of the US Supreme Court to supervise the officers, employees and surrogates of the judicial branch — judges, lawyers, clerks, and the Bar Associations. Said another way, the three branches of the United States government have failed in its ‘checks and balances’ over each other and because of that failure it is culpable for the harms one branch inflicts upon an individual when judicial officials violate the laws that regulated the officials duty with respect to the individual harmed.

The case number of this lawsuit is 1:19-cv-00373-JEB.

Docket Entries, page 1

Docket Entries, page 2

You can read my claim by clicking this link.

Thank you, Bill Scheidler, the Reluctant Activist.


    • Thank you. There are so many people who recognize our failed judicial system (all of government for that matter). Until we all join with each other and voice our outrage, a lone voice will go unheard. Please do all you can to point others to the petition so that I may use it as proof that I’m not alone in my allegations of corruption and who is to blame.

  1. It’s time to end our corrupt judges and the entangled web of lawyers. The justice should be an equal and fair one. It should be based on truth, not money and power.

  2. I have over ten thousand pages of documents that impeach the entire system here in king and pierce county. Known persistent violent offenders, drug dealers, who have contracts with police departments to “transport drug evidence”! prosecutores who file motions to supress material evidence, and defense attorneys who not only allow it, but participate with the promise of city council positions. Police officers who outright lie in thier reports, transcripts that do not match recordings, I could go on forever. I would love to talk with you, maybe if we could get a class action we would be heard and not persecuted for speaking out.

    • What you have discovered is pretty much the game plan across the country. It is very unlikely any judge (who usually comes from the ranks of prosecutors) will allow any lawsuit against the status quo. Until the DOJ begins to prosecute corrupt judges and lawyers, we citizens will remain their play toys.

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