John Whitehead, of the Rutherford Institute, hates Trump

John Whitehead claims to be a “constitutional” lawyer, but hates Trump’s policies.

As founder of the Rutherford Institute, Mr. Whitehead, in his January 15th commentary and newsletter, has this to say about the President’s border policy,

“This time around, the government wants us to buy into the fiction that this war on illegal aliens is so necessary for national security that we should be grateful when roving bands of border patrol agents, flexing their muscles far beyond the nation’s borders, exercise their right to disregard the Constitution at every turn.”

In Whitehead’s mind “freedom” is some concept that exists outside the laws of nature. It transcends the physical universe and constitutes an absolute quality – not a quantity — of existence. Said another way, Mr. Whitehead must believe freedom is independent of ’cause and effect’. It is simply, I am free and my freedom carries no costs.

Mr. Whitehead quotes a journalist, Hayes Brown, and claims,

the United States has a long, dubious history of putting national security before people’s freedoms.

I suppose WWI, WWII … were just unrelated events having nothing to do with ‘freedoms’. It is amazing to me that lawyers, whose primary skill is diagramming a sentence and using a thesaurus, speak about matters that are best left to, and defined by, physicists, mathematicians and statisticians. The simple reason is that these professions are experts in understanding “degrees of freedom” and “action-reactions” and “entropy of closed systems”.

I replied, hastily, to Mr. Whitehead’s commentary with the following comment:,

I reject Mr. Whithead’s views expressed in his Jan 15th article.  It is a fact, any resource that is in demand and is “limited” will either be depleated (sic), and everyone will suffer, or that resource must be rationed in some form or another so everyone can have some for longer.  Your “analysis” incorrectly assumes “freedoms are unlimited“, when in fact ‘freedom’ is a resource that is in demand and IS LIMITED.  Said another way, as more people move into a house, the space, comfort, sanitation, access to appliances, freedom of movement, privacy, the wear and tear on the house itself… all suffer as more people push into this house.

You write ever(y) day about the loss of our freedoms, but then advocate for the very cause for this loss.  As I’ve continually say (sic),  “at the root of our corrupt government are lawyers” and you are clearly one of the “intellectuals” who have no idea about the “economics” of supply and demand, or the “physics” of closed systems and the laws of thermodynamics — “All things trend to disorder until nothing moves”

Bill Scheidler
The “reluctant activist” for
Candidate for WA State Legislature

While it is true that I’m a chemist, not a physicist, mathematician, or statistician, I can appreciate the differences between these scientific concepts – degrees of freedom …, versus the mental capacity needed to use a thesaurus. Nevertheless, if Mr. Whitehead responds to the claim “freedoms” are not unlimited and are directly and inversely related (as in the ‘action-reaction’ relationship) to population growth, I’ll update this story.

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  1. What is there left to say, its all around us corruption and false accusations lies and especially Child Protective Svcs is a very dangerous and corrupted organization. This lawyer does not like Pres. Trump because Obama is becoming very generous with tax payer money and he is not the pres. but he is buying lawyers to overthrow Pres. Trump. Keep a surveillance on him.

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