Is there a smell of Voter Fraud wafting from the State’s 26the District Senate race?

I’ve been watching the daily vote tallies in the 26the district senate race with particular interest. Why? Because I was a candidate in that race. Additionally, being defeated in the primary, candidate Marty McClendon asked for my endorsement as he needed those who voted for me to vote for him. I declined to endorse Marty as I wrote earlier The reason was McClendon refused to publicly state that government corruption is the greatest threat to a civilized society.

As of today, Marty McClendon is trailing Emily Randall by about 80 votes. If Marty McClendon simply made a public statement saying, “government corruption is the greatest threat to a civilized society,” as I demanded he make in order to endorse McClendon, those 1000’s votes cast for me could have been cast for him instead of Randall. Then McClendon would be ahead of Randall.

HOWEVER … government corruption may be exactly what Marty McClendon is depending on to win this election. When the first vote count was released on election night Emily Randall was leading McClendon in both Kitsap and Pierce County (the 26th district is a split district which includes the city of Gig Harbor, McClendon’s hometown, and is part of Pierce County). The second and third night tallies were statistically identical to the election night results — Randall was leading in both Kitsap and Pierce. At this point in the vote count Randall was clearly in the lead in Kitsap and tied with McClendon in Pierce. But then came the results on Friday night … McClendon took the lead. This means, of the remaining ballots counted in Pierce County the results exhibited a statistical deviation from the previous trends. This ‘deviation from the norm’ was so extreme that it reversed Randall’s substantial vote lead (by nearly 1000 votes) to trail Mcclendon by a few votes. In other words, in a “previously tied” county district (which includes Gig Harbor) 1000’s of votes went only to McClendon when in all the previously counted ballots were equally split. That is very curious!

Now Randall is back in the lead with the remaining counts exhibiting more NORMAL trends … However there are still about 1000 votes left to count and who knows what “tricks” are being played with our ballots.

Can you say both Emily Randall and Marty McClendon refuse to denounce government corruption because corruption is exactly what both candidates depend on in their quest for POWER!!!!

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