It is “Slavery” all over again … and it will usher another civil war

Different day, new names, but the issues are the same — slavery. This time the confederate south is called “democrat”, and the unionist north is called “republican”. But it is slavery all over again!

The democrats what the same life-style as the confederate south — cheap labor to do their work, babysit their children, clean their house, cook their food, teach their kids … so they can have their high-society gatherings, smoke cigars and pat themselves on the back for all the work their slaves did for them.

And just like the unionist north, republicans advocate for individual rights and responsibilities, protectionism, and loyalty to the constitution.

Wikipedia summarizes the divide between the North and South in the following way, “Slave owners preferred low-cost manual labor with no mechanization. Northern manufacturing interests supported tariffs and protectionism while southern planters demanded free trade”. [citing to the book Tariffs, Blockades, and Inflation: The Economics of the Civil War, by Thornton and Ekeland]

The comparisons between pre-civil war United States, and its hot-button issues, and today’s hot-button topics are easily made. But in the final analysis it is all about ‘slavery’ in one form or another. Any time you receive something without paying for it you have “enslaved” another — today “TAXES” are the vehicle democrats use to enslave others. And just as ‘slavery’ ushered in the US Civil War, it will be the very same instigator that ushers in the 2nd US Civil War.

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