John Scannell seeks to dethrone her Majesty, Susan Owens, for Washington Supreme Court – position 2.

(Zamboni) John Scannell

John Scannell has been a warrior for citizen rights from his early days leading tenants against their landlord, leading workers in a dispute concerning part-time workers who were classified as “intermittent workers – not employees” concerning ‘overtime pay’, and then, as a civil rights lawyer helping citizens who were victims of oppressive government treatment. His efforts were motivated by a sense of duty and right and wrong. Even as a layer he often represented clients pro bono (without charging a fee) if they couldn’t afford payment. But John is best known as the Zamboni driver (they guy who prepares the ice for hockey games), and head cheerleader for the Seattle Thunderbirds. It is from this labor of love that John received his name – Zamboni John.

Zamboni John is now a candidate for Washington’s highest judicial post – Supreme Court Justice — seeking to replace Susan Owens. John minces no words in his view of our Washington State judicial system. I can, and I have, sum up John’s view that our judicial system is corrupt; a political organization that uses government power to obtain ‘politically motivated outcomes.’ Because of John’s dedication to “the Rule of LAW” and not to the ‘political objects’ of our corrupt courts, the Washington Supreme Court voted to disbar him from practicing in Washington’s courts. However, the US Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, upon review of the Washington State Supreme Court’s action to disbar him, refused to disbar him from Federal Appellate Practice. This divergence between the State’s action and the Federal 9th Circuit has only occurred 4 times over the history of the courts. In other words, when a lawyer is disbarred by a state, the federal courts almost always follow suit.

Zamboni John believes the only way to return our courts back to the people and out of the hands of these ‘self-claimed kings and queens’ is to make reforms from within.

John tells us about one issue that has motivated him to seek judicial office.

Home – JSJ, 2012 Vol. II — Washington

Her Majesty, Susan Owens
[Note: Susan Owens is running for reelection to the state supreme court again in 2012]. During Susan Owens’ 2006 reelection campaign, hundreds of thousands of dollars of support and attack ads were purchased on her behalf by a PAC funded by the biggest tax advocates in Washington.

As many of you know, I have entered the race for position 2 on the Washington State Supreme Court. As the above article indicates, we can expect a mudslinging campaign from a judge who has issued controversial opinions on behalf of pro-tax, pro patronage bureaucracy forces, and in favor of the very organizations I have been fighting for years. In the last month, she and the rest of the court have been issuing threats to the reform group of the WSBA, for passing reforms and taking political control away from the RICO enterprise that has been running the WSBA. As you know, one of my campaign planks has been to take the fox out of the henhouse by discontinuing the practice of delegating lawyer discipline to the WSBA… a practice that is so obviously filled with political conflicts of interest that even the American Bar Association has been actively lobbying in all the states to discontinue using bar associations to conduct discipline.

I see now, why no one has been willing to run against her. She has support from pro tax political groups that will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on attack ads to keep her position on the court. She did it in 2006 and that is probably why no one has dared to run against her again until now. This will not be an easy fight. I want to thank the people who helped raise the filing fee, but this is just the beginning. I am down to nothing in finances right now and we have to hit the ground running.

As the “underdog” who has always come to the aid of the “underdog” John asks us do the following.

The most important step is to start now contacting as many groups as we can to seek their endorsement and possible campaign donations. I am asking my supporters to begin this week and start contacting as many political organizations you know of who might give endorsements. I will be contacting all the district and as many county groups as possible on Monday, both Democratic and Republican, to find out when they hold their meetings and when they will make endorsements. I will also be contacting the King County and Washington State labor councils, as well.

If I can find out when their meetings are, I am willing to drive all over the state in my VW van in order to gain support. For those of you that live near areas I will be visiting, please help me if I show up in your area by attending meetings where I am going to try and gain support.

Good luck Zamboni John, we need you to help us all reclaim our rights, our life, our liberty from the corrupt courts who use their power to take these rights away.

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  1. 6 November 2018, Election Day

    Mr. Scannell, as a write-in, today I reluctantly voted but did, as a walk-in just to write-in Mr. Scheidler for the 6 year term for senate. I recalled reading this article, but didn’t recall your name and forgot to have it on a memory note. I’m bummed out over not being able to vote for you. But I’m satisfied to the extent that I voted for no judges, none, zero, nothing.

    I ask, that you and Mr. Scheidler join together for the next election and make a run for Governor and deputy Governor for the state of Washington.

    Please, gentlemen, keep strong and resiliant and take your stand and make national awareness of your perspectives and reasoning.

    Very grateful for your service and commitement to country, you are good men.


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