Scheidler, the “reluctant activist” seeks Washington Senate seat

Bill Scheidler, Candidate for Representative, 26th District

Scheidler for Washington State Senate

I am again a candidate for state office because nothing has changed. In fact, things are much worse. The moral and ethical nature of our society is in free-fall. The rule of law is an illusion. For example, when I am forced to sue my own state legislators, Jan Angel(R), Jesse Young(R), and Michelle Caldier(R) for colluding with a Kitsap Superior Court judge, Kevin Hull, who uses his office to whitewash criminal conduct by one of Hull’s colleagues, I am compelled to run for legislative office. But that isn’t the end of the story. Not only did Judge Hull whitewash criminal conduct, he then retaliated against me and imposed a $135,000 sanction for bringing a case against his colleague. My representatives knew of Judge Hull’s retaliation and his aiding and abetting in theft — and did nothing other than feign outrage. But worse, when I decided to sue them for their breach in fiduciary duty, they conspire with judge Hull to deny my right to petition a “jury” to weigh the facts and determine if Judge Hull’s conduct violated the law and my rights. I cannot, as a victim of a crime, accept such conduct to deny my right to a jury in a quid-pro-quo cover-up scheme orchestrated by our “elected officials”, let alone accept, as a citizen, such unlawful and immoral conduct.

Anyone who wants to fully understand the level of corruption occurring in this state, particularly in Kitsap County, these two court documents summarize how the legislative, judicial and executive branches work together to deny citizens rights. Scheidler files petition in the US Supreme Court; Scheidler files for en banc review in US 9th Circuit.

We no longer have the governments Washington’s founders established by constitution. Rather we have a criminal enterprise operating under the color of law for their benefit, wealth, and power.

The words of Washington’s constitution, Article 1, section 1, which states, “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights”, has been reworded to mean “governments determine their own powers so as to protect and enrich its officers, elected officials and employees at individual expense.”

Perhaps the time has come where Washington voters want to “drain the swamp in the other Washington” and elect me. After all, I have a documented 20-year track record in fighting government corruption.

Headline: Scheidler seeks to upset Jan Angel(R) in 26th district senate race


    • I’m running as an independent … neither the republicans nor democrats display the standards that I hold most important that are embodied in Washington’s constitution — “just powers to protect individual rights”.

  1. I learned about you after reading about corrupt cps (child protection services) in Washington.

    Pend Orielle County of Washington State stole me kids from the hospital, 2 of them, 1 1/2 years apart from one another as newborns, for no reason and lied about everything throughout the case… My wife Heidi Ann Gandy (Engle) committed suicide 2 weeks after cps stole baby #2…

    Read this… I’ve never seen either of my children since and I demand justice!

    I’m James Gandy and I’m not going anywhere, I’m in this battle for “truth, justice and the American way” and I support Mr. Scheidler for candidate to senate.

    Release the records of judges, lawyers and their associates who invest and make income from “social programs” they’re in business with… That would be draining the swamp.

    Furthermore from Pend Oreille County and other similar counties from the east side of Washington State, look at the November 6, 2018 ballet and see the number of judges running for office, like known corrupt public defender Robin McCroskey, who have no contested running mates… Seriously, the newspapers report these judges make approx. 125k a year salaries and there’s a handful of judges and counties that have only one judge running for office; there’s something deep and frivolous about this.

    Throw them all in Guantanamo, seize all their assets and burn their retirements… These are pure evil people! In Jesus name, Amen.

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