Traci Eccles reports for the US Observer on Medical Child Abuse (Munchausen Syndrome) as the latest trend by CPS to remove children from families

Traci Eccles

Earlier we ran a story about Anne Giroux whose son, with a congenital heart condition, was removed by CPS under the guise that Anne had Munchausen Syndrom. CPS claimed Anne was subjecting her son to medically unnecessary medical procedures, which included open heart surgery, which is called Munchausen Syndrome. (See Anne’s facebook page at

Now, reporter Traci Eccles writes about this growing trend used by CPS where a ‘trip to the doctor’ can be a form of medical abuse and grounds to remove sons and daughters from their families. Ms. Eccles’ article includes a similar story of another victim, like Anne Giroux, of this tactic employed by CPS to take children from their parents – victim Kate Parker of Portland.

This is a must read for parents. And it is further evidence that ‘at the core of our rotten government are lawyers’!

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