Family Court — it is a kids for cash, kids for the sex trade run by judges and lawyers.

PsyD candidate, Marina Caldwell is writing her dissertation about ‘family court corruption’. She has spent a large portion of her time over the past three years helping family court victims, and other groups. She has worked closely with 7 attorneys who have donated over 100k of pro bono time to her group, the Texas Association for Children and Families, and has had some small but sustained improvements in Texas.

Due to the nature of her dissertation research, which concerns very private and confidential matters, she needs to obtain “permission letters” from the healthcare providers so her study of court corruption is ‘factual’ and not merely opinion. Ms. Caldwell has shared some of those letters with us to let us know just how bad our family courts are.

Anyone with children needs to make this issue their NUMBER 1 concern because no child is safe from a court system that operates without accountability nor oversight and reaps profits from taking, selling, and using kids.

Read these letters from healthcare providers who know first-hand the depth and breadth of judicial/lawyer corruption within our “judicial system” that preys upon kids for their jollies.


I have a lot of respect for you. Please Keep doing what you are doing.. Keep begging.. If you did not re-beg here, I would have not replied here.. Some specific individuals of the Family court professionals in San Diego, are flat out Fraud, Period. I have been helped by Attorney Cole Stuart to take on the San Diego BAR to the US Supreme Court/online. Some of those family court professionals are family dismantler thugs using their professional titles and the name of science behind their names as titles to imply credibility!!

They were and are in fact and simply put credible scientific frauds and clever robbing families in the name of science while dancing and waving integrity. Keep doing what you are doing bec. those thugs want silence and your begging is the opposite of what they want.. Slowly you will accumulate others on your side.

*** Watch Senator Nancy Schaefer, who is now dead! Then watch the TV movie “Just ask my children” on google and ask why did the Kern County DA office take concerted and fraudulent efforts to send those kids away from their parents and grandparents? Was there a money incentive for Kern County from the feds?

And why till this very day, the Kern DA- released Parents settlement terms still is kept secret? where parents now are still never allowed to talk to anyone about this very family setup and failure issue?
Why the hell we have become that low to accept silence and quietness for our own security, not looking at the bigger picture for kids being kidnapped ?

I admire ATTORNEY Cole Stuart for his Tenacity and Intelligence. He was the top of his class in 1995 Cal Western University San Diego. This man’s intelligence has become spark to all of you and a Thorn in the frauds’ throat, not being able to thrive as they used to… Keep up the hard work Cole.

All, please remember, it is about the kids and your own families being dismantled and all assets being destroyed. It is not about our own safety.

The irony is no one ever had or has the guts to investigate my statements here… That should tell you all something?

Best regards to all of you,

Emad Tadros, MD
Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology(Real US Board Certified).
San Diego Superior Court Expert Witness since 1993.

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