‘judges-judging-judges’ — the biggest fraud upon American society.

Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq., with a Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England, and a M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School, and a D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris, has studied the American judiciary over its 228 year history. He presents his findings at http://www.judicial-discipline-reform.org/, titled “Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing“. Dr. Cordero summarizes his work as follows.

The evidence reveals their motive, means, and opportunity(jur:21§§1-3) to engage in financial and non-financial wrongdoing(jur:5§3) by abusing power to deny due process, disregard the law, and decide by reasonless summary orders66. They have hatched a system of wrongdoing so routine, widespread, and coordinated(jur:88§a-c) among themselves213 and between them and insiders169, e.g., running a bankruptcy fraud scheme(jur:65§§1-3), as to have turned wrongdoing into their Judiciary’s institutionalized modus operandi(jur:49§4).

Another way to present Dr Cordero’s study of the US Federal judiciary can be stated simply as “judges-judging-judges” in violation of the laws that apply to judges. When litigants are denied access to a jury (e.g., when their lawsuit is dismissed) the ‘default consequence’ is that a judge decides everything thereafter — Hence judges-judging-judges which violates 28 USC 455(a) and (b). It is this simple to explain, “judges” have a direct interest (bias) in their own powers, the laws that apply to judges, (hence a fiduciary conflict) and the rules they use to deny jury trials and dismiss cases (a power claimed under 28 USC 2072(b)). It is a fraud upon society orchestrated by judges using the rules judges make. 28 USC 2072(b), prohibits judges using ‘court rules’ to “abridge, modify or enlarge” substantive rights. Since a “jury” is a substantive right of BOTH the litigant AND THE PEOPLE, to deny a jury is to rob both the litigant AND THE PEOPLE of their powers they exercise through a jury. GUESS who DECIDES if 28 USC 2072(b) has been violated … the very entity (US Supreme Court) that establishes the rules under 28 USC 2072(b) — a clear violation of 28 USC 455(a) and (b).

It is a circular scam orchestrated by judges so judges-judge-judges under the rules judges make in violation of the laws that apply to judges WITHOUT a fair forum for redress.

This is the greatest fraud upon our society because it is the destruction of our “check and balance” form of government which the ‘separation of powers’ is supposed to provide. When the rule-maker decides for themselves the power and scope of their rules without accountability there is no “check or balance” over that agency — This defines our judiciary! The “jury” was the last vehicle our founders established to insure the people remained in control. A jury is that sole institution between a democracy and what we have today — an oligarchy…a fascist regime, which we call our judicial branch.

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