US 9th Circuit rules in favor of their colleagues – who are all government officials. It is government deciding their own powers.

Today the US 9th Circuit issued its ruling that Scheidler didn’t cite any law or fact that would reverse US District Court Judge Ronald B. Leighton’s dismissal of Scheidler’s lawsuit against the Kitsap County Assessor, Kitsap’s prosecutor, Kitsap’s Superior Court Judge, and the Washington State Bar. The US 9th Circuit says that —

We reject as meritless Scheidler’s contentions that the district court lacked authority to decide the motions to dismiss, that federal pleading standards are inapplicable, and that the district court failed to comply with this court’s prior mandate.

dkt 46-1 memorandum dismissing Avery

These bald faced “findings” clearly validate Scheidler’s claim that “judges are judging judges” so they can reach any outcome they want! Under law, 28 USC 455, every judge is disqualified to decide any matter in which their bias or fiduciary duty could be questioned. The very findings implicate the violation of 28 USC 455. This isn’t a scam devised by judges that is unique to Scheidler. It is the ‘playbook’ that judges use all over the county. For example an email by Tom Scott describes the “playbook” from his experiences with judicial corruption in Road Island.

Sara Naheedy
Fletcher Erickson
Bill Doiron
and 4 more…

Aug 14 at 3:54 PM

I’d like to briefly introduce myself so that whoever reads this has an understanding of my credentials. My name is Tom Scott. I am a former world’s top-rated fitness model, college athlete, and semi-pro athlete. I also hold a U.S. patent, sponsored two children in foreign countries, and coauthored Stack the Legal Odds In Your Favor—the #1-rated legal guide for Americans on Amazon, ahead of more than 1,700 other titles. The book’s content is so crucial for people of this country, that former U.S. Representative, Dr. Ron Paul, wrote the foreword. Sara and I have undertaken this project because of the cancer that’s destroying our nation. That cancer is the U.S. legal system.
Of all problems that exist in the nation, corruption within our legal system is the most severe; the reason being that the system can strike anyone at any time. By contrast, other national problems only affect certain segments of the population and do not necessarily destroy people’s lives. Public officials in our judiciary from top to bottom and across the board are violating rules of procedure, statutory law, and the U.S. Constitution on a daily basis with impunity. These officials include police, prosecutors, and court personnel, such as magistrates, judges, clerks, and others. Regarding the court system, transgressions occur in criminal, family, traffic, small claims, and U.S. district courts, just to name a few. No state or federal court is immune from this disease.
We now have police who falsify police reports; court clerks who “fix” traffic tickets for monetary gain; and judges who believe police should be allowed to manufacture evidence against people accused of crimes, judges who break criminal laws from the bench, and judges who otherwise routinely use the U.S. Constitution as a doormat, among other improprieties. In our society, when a member of a specific group is accused of wrongdoing, that person makes his case to an external group. To illustrate, when a doctor is accused of malpractice, she faces the legal system as a result—an entity independent of the medical field. In exceptionally rare instances when a member of the judicial system is caught AND prosecuted for wrongdoing, that individual faces the very same system. This is lunacy!
Any organization or industry with money and power, which the “justice” system has become, does a poor job of policing itself. Furthermore, all the internal governing boards that were put in place to correct egregious behavior are predominantly comprised of lawyers and judges. The disciplinary arms of the bar and judicial oversight committees are some such boards. Because of their composition, 98% of all complaints nationwide against lawbreaking or wrongdoing lawyers and judges whom they are supposed to govern go into the trash heap without any meaningful investigation. And of the remaining 2% that do result in some form of discipline, many of those are likely from politically connected, powerful people.
As experts in the field, my coauthor and I have several solutions that can be implemented to fix this multi-faceted problem. We are patriotic Americans who want to do our part to help correct the lethal course we have taken as a nation. The United States of America will never truly be great again until this epidemic affliction is cured. We implore whoever reads this to take action. Please do not let our plea fall on deaf ears, and reach out to us as soon as practicable so that we can begin to remedy this serious illness for the sake of ourselves and, more importantly, for our posterity.
We have already sent a copy of our book along with an introductory letter to the Whitehouse for President Trump and staff, but want as many people as possible in the highest levels of our nation’s government to understand the magnitude of this ailment. Therefore, I’d like to testify or speak on the Floor, or in some other way to as many members of Congress as possible, for ten to fifteen minutes sometime between September 7, 2017, and September 15, 2017, when I will be on the East coast visiting family. I am more than willing to make the nine hour drive to Washington, D.C., because something must be done to stop the malady harming so many Americans.

Please reach out to me by phone or email.

Best regards,
Tom Scott
Coauthor of Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor
401-835-3035 (PDT)

If judges-judge-judges, who determines if the have a “bias” or a conflict in “fiduciary duty”? It is the classic ‘fox guarding the hen house’.

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