Scandal on the Bench – Judges taking bribes to fix cases.

Janet Phelan, investigative reporter, offers ideas for those dealing with corrupt judges. She says,

Following recent revelations that judges are laundering bribes and pay offs, often through their home loans and also through other mechanisms, Randy Kelton of Rule of Law Radio proposed constructing a boiler plate pleading which individuals could file in their separate court cases, requesting judicial disclosure.

The fact is we are now on to them. We are on to not only the type of playbook dictating the decisions which are hurting our families and our loved ones. We are now on to the methods by which they are self enriching at the cost of justice.

Scandal on the Bench
Sean Stone sits down with Investigative Journalist Janet Phelan and discovers the latest scandal involving Judge…

Courtesy of Randy Kelton, the pleading is attached to this email. Filed in multiple jurisdictions across the country, this has the potential of creating a shock wave. You are free to use it as you see fit.

I’ll be back on Kelton’s show soon to discuss more concerning this.

Keep the faith,

Janet Phelan

Request For Judicial Disclosure

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