BREAKING NEWS: President to be charged with embezzlement

No, President Trump is not the “president” being charged with embezzlement. Rather it is the president of the Washington State Bar Association, Robin Haynes, who will be charged with three counts of second-degree theft. According to The Spokesman-Review, the Spokane County Sheriff’s department filed the warrant Monday charging Haynes with embezzlement.

KREM-TV reports Haynes embezzled about $10,000 from two law firms for which she once worked – McNeice Wheeler and Witherspoon Kelly.

Our friends at the dug a little deeper into Haynes background and laid it all out in print — WSBA in Trouble Again. Seems Ms. Haynes used some of the embezzled funds to donate to political campaigns and to hobnob with the elite.

According to the Spokesman-Review the new, replacement, president of the Washington State Bar, Bradford Furlong, said,

“I particularly want to thank Robin Haynes for her dedicated leadership to this organization over the past seven years, both as the New and Younger At-Large Board member and in her presidential duties.”

Really Brad? As the new WSBA president do you really want to THANK Ms. Haynes for her leadership?

Must be true, birds of a feather flock together!

See also, Anne Block files RICO suit charging the Washington State Bar is a corrupt organization; Bill Scheidler files complaint alleging the WSBA is a RICO enterprise.

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