1. Guardianship abuse aimed at the Elderly and the Disabled is rampant throughout the Country. My Autistic daughter has had her father’s inheritance left to her in entirety, held up in the Westchester County, NY Probate Court for over ten years….while the Judge sanctioned a Felon to remain as Executor…a complete violation of NY State Law. Westchester County has long been the center of intense corruption (i.e., Jeanine Pirro’s felon husband convicted on tax evasion–she got a pass; Probate Judge Anthony Scarpino, leaving a trail of compromised decisions costing beneficiaries millions, leaves mid-term of Judgeship, only to be “elected” District Attorney one year later, thus depriving any complainant Justice…on and on). Deep corruption that even President Trump is aware of, as he did much business in this Country. The Probate Court is nothing but a vehicle for theft and collusion. Please keep reporting…..this must cease in this Country!

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