Lawsuit filed in Federal District Court of Pennsylvania – Good v Evil

Andy Ostrowski, of the Civil Rights Law Network, in a lawsuit filed June 6, 2017, Federal District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, is alleging the entire federal judiciary,

is an evil institution, to wit, it has been constructed on a constitutionally infirm foundation that violates separation of powers and checks and balances principles, which are divinely-inspired principles built into our Nation’s founding documents to protect against the tendency of the institutions of man toward evil.

Ostrowski goes on to allege

that the Defendant, Society of Jesus, as agent of Defendant Satan, working under the cloak of darkness, has infiltrated the courts and other governmental institutions in America, and, specifically, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania, in order to coopt the judicial branch of government, and to sever the bonds between the individual and his Creator, i.e., God, our Almighty Father in Heaven; this being the objective of the design behind Article 5, Section 10(c) of the Pennsylvania Constitution. See Ephesians 6: 12.

While Ostrowski frames his lawsuit in terms of ‘good v evil’, there is little substantive difference between his allegations and those made by Scheidler in his lawsuit against Washington State, legislators Jesse Young, Michelle Caldier, Jan Angel, and Kitsap Superior Court Judge, Kevin Hull.

Both Ostrowski and Scheidler recognize there is no longer ‘separation of powers’ and oversight by one branch of government of the other. Rather, the branches of government have become partners in crime and citizens are its victims.

However you frame the problem, it is well past time to “Drain the Swamp” and clean out our corrupt judicial system.

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