Court Watchers needed – Wednesday, 9AM, May 3rd, Pacific County Courthouse, South Bend, WA

Court Watchers wanted for James (Jimi) O’Hagan’s pretrail hearing.

300 Memorial Drive
South Bend, WA

by Jimi O’Hagan

My hearing on May 3, 2017, will be an important one for economically vulnerable individuals throughout Washington State and beyond, as I am going to do my level best to put the judicial branch of Washington State including the federal judicial branch of Washington State ON TRIAL. Anyone interested in improving the quality of justice we have is welcome to attend the pretrial hearing, that will involve limiting evidence, arguments and witnesses. I suspect it will be the first of a series of pretrial hearings that is going to formulate the course, and management of the jury trial.

Although I have many supporters behind me, (it feels like several small armies to me ) putting the Judicial branch on trial is an extremely difficult if not nearly impossible task. I feel extremely fortunate, and very worried to be in such a position, as there is way too much at stake for all economically vulnerable individuals. It is only by divine intervention and a lot of very hard work that I am thrown into this position. I pray daily that I am given the strength and ability to stand up to the task.

Over the last few months (3 decades) I was beaten down pretty good by the judicial branch that I was campaigning hard to clean up, but it seems that finally I got a judge who is honorable, ethically and morally correct. As I have stated over and over again I have been before the very best judges in Washington State and the very worst judges in Washington State, and I recognize the worst judges far outnumber the best judges and the entire judicial branch is pressuring the best judges to ignore their duty to honor, morals and respect. It is all about accountability and how attorneys have managed to create a situation where bad faith decisions of public officials have become big business for attorneys, and how creating this situation has instigated bad faith decisions throughout our governments, and zero accountability.

I have to wonder how much pressure Judge Evan’s is now under and will be put under here in the near future by members of the judicial fraud industry, that does not want the goose that lays their golden eggs slaughtered. Starting at 9: AM, May 3, 2017 at Pacific County Courthouse in South Bend Washington we are putting their Golden Goose’s neck on the chopping block, and praying for accountability.

Jimi O’Hagan

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