Well said, James (Jimi) O’Hagan!

James (Jimi) O’Hagan has been asking for a jury trial so “we the people” can exercise our plenary political powers within the judicial branch. “We the People” exercise our powers through a jury, which is why a jury trial is an “inviolate right” under WA Art 1, sec 21. However judges have been denying James’ jury demands and deciding for themselves the outcome to his lawsuits … and these lawsuits Jimi files are against corrupt government officials, and corrupt judges and lawyers.

Being denied his jury rights, James became a candidate for his legislative district based upon the platform to clean-up Washington’s corrupt judicial system. Howevwer the prosecutor filed criminal charges against Jimi right before the election to sabotage Jimi’s candidacy.

Now, it seems, there is another attempt to keep Jimi from his jury by dismissing the charges the prosecutor filed.
Jimi’s story, which spans a decade, shows how judges and lawyers conspire to steal a citizens ‘life, liberty and property’ without consequence. And then cover-up their crimes by denying citizens their “inviolate right to a jury”.

Our legislature is not only asleep at the wheel but grossly negligent in holding lawyers and judges to the law.
We must support James (jimi) O’Hagan because he is a true champion in all that he does to “protect and maintain individual rights” … when our government is hell-bent on eviscerating Washington’s Constitution and laws.

This is James (Jimi) O’Hagan latest update in his case …. State of Washington vs James O’Hagan

Today, 8:42 AM
(by James (jimi) O’Hagan)
Dear Next Friends and Political Supporters,

I just learned that the Pacific County Court Administrator has asked Thurston County Superior Court Judge Chris Lanese to take my criminal case. I decided to do some homework and see who the person was, that the court administrator assigned to my case. I searched the Thurston County Website and could not find his biography on the court website, despite the fact most of the other judges bios were there, so I web searched him.

After looking at his profile, I understand why he was appointed and that he is a bias and prejudiced judge whereas: In my political campaign I exposed the public corruption involved in the May 23, 1999 Arson fires at Washington State Department of Ecology headquarters in Lacy Washington which is in Thurston County. Thurston County Judges, the Washington State Attorney General’s office and Governor Gregoire were all directly involved in covering-up the public corruption involved in the May 23, 1999 WDOE arson fires. Hundreds of cranberry growers were forced into bankruptcy and over 160 Ocean Spray employees lost their jobs because of the public corruption that led to the May 23, 1999 WDOE arson fires. None of the public employees at WDOE lost their jobs or were ever properly disciplined. While many families of producers were cast into poverty because of the public corruption, all most all of the public employees involved in the public corruption that caused the May 23, 1999 WDOE arson fires all got pay raises and atta boys from the individuals that should’ve prosecuted them.

By reading his biography I suspect Chris Lanese was one of the individuals that should’ve prosecuted these public employees but instead provided them with special privileges and immunity’s and engaged in Misprision of Felony and became an Accomplice After The Fact when he covered up and / or assisted others to cover-up their public corruption. If this is true instead of being a judge, by law he should still be in prison. My bet he had compassion for his fellow public employees and felt covering –up their felony crimes was in the Thurston county public employees best interest. In his mind he did not, and was not providing special privileges and immunity’s to his fellow public officials and employees.

In addition to the public corruption that caused May 23, 1999 WDOE arson fires and their cover-up the Washington State Patrol conducted a white collar criminal fraud investigation into several attorneys operating here in Washington state including a law partner in the law firm of Inslee, Dozer and Best, and submitted a charging document to Attorney General Robert Ferguson’s office. AGO Robert Ferguson refused to prosecute his fellow State Bar Members, evidently under the guise it is in the peoples’ and the communities best interests. Currently I am doing my best to have AGO Robert Ferguson charged with misappropriation of public funds and removed from public office. I contend that AGO Robert Ferguson is a fraudster accomplice after the fact, and is using public funds to enhance and further his political career and he should be removed from office.

I campaigned to end the judicial fraud industry of attorneys that victimized my family by several million dollars. In my campaign I accused the Washington State Supreme Court Justices of running and supporting the judicial fraud industry, by condoning and supporting judicial officers violating the separation of powers and infuriating our legislative and executive branches, and creating laws that provide them (attorneys) special privileges and immunity’s.

In reading Judge Chris Langese’s political biography he submitted to the voters pamphlet he is clearly a socialist that swears he will ignore individual rights and rule in favor of the people every time, which is why he narrowly won the election. 50.54% of the people voted for Judge Chris Lanese and 49.46% voted for his opponent. My bet is all of the public employees that want special privileges and immunity’s and bad faith decisions of public officials covered-up voted for Judge Chris Langese and the producers that are supporting the public employees voted for his opponent.

So in reading his bio and seeing the voter results I can predict how my case is going to go, if Judge Langese accepts it. He will do as he promised his constituents, he will dismiss the case without any repercussion’s to the public officials that interfered with my election. He will not allow it to go to the jury as he knows full well I will put him and his politics on trial and point out to the jury the election crimes, him and his fellow public employees are engaging in and why. By simply dismissing the action Judge Langees will determine in his own mind that justice for the people has been justly served, and it is just to bad I and other individuals like me had to be inconvenienced, by a completely out of control judicial branch.

I ask my next friends why would anyone in their right mind go before this judge, as he boasts he is the epitome of power as he has all of the Washington State Supreme Court Justices in his pocket and his decision will never be overturned. He essentially has complete power to disregard all laws and interpret any law the way it was never intended to be interpreted. He boasts he has the power to convict God and no one will question him and he knows it. To me he is as scary as a public official can get, and our constitutional form of government was designed to prevent individuals like him from achieving so much power.

In accordance with RCW 2.28.030 Judicial Officer defined – when disqualified. A judicial officer is a person qualified to act as a judge in a court of justice. Such officer shall not act as such in a court of which he is a member in any of the following cases: (1) In an action, suit or proceeding to which he is a party, or in which he is directly interested.

By law in Washington State Public corruption is supposed to be investigated by a Grand jury to keep every public servant lawful as described in RCW 2.36.010 (5) and all Grand Jury’s can only be called by a sitting judge as described in RCW 10. 27.030. Our State Constitution allows the state legislature to remove judges and the attorney general, but since we have so many judicial officers holding office in our legislature it is impossible for the legislatures to even investigate judicial corruption let alone remove any of the corrupt judicial branch members. So we have a situation here in Washington State where the judicial branch can disregard all laws and create any law they desire and steal the life, liberty and property from any individual they want to and nobody can do anything about it except take a hard stand against them. Thus we are forced to engage in anti- government movements, as described in the Government’s Anti- Government Movement Guidebook and result to domestic turmoil.

Does anyone think Judge Chris Langese will follow the law scrupulously and call on a Grand Jury to allow an independent investigation into the Judicial Branch (or his well organized crime family). I say following the law scrupulously is the last thing Judge Chris Langese is going to do, as he will never do anything to jeopardize the family that endorsed him. Do you think he has an interest in protecting his judicial power?

Judge Chris Langese’s Biography he submitted to the voters pamphlet is pasted here:

We expect judges to be fair, smart, and prepared to make commonsense decisions based on the law. It is important we elect judges who combine the best legal training with care and compassion for how decisions impact people and the community.

Harvard Law School, private practice, and service as a Managing Assistant Attorney General have prepared me for the diverse cases arising in Thurston County. As your judge, I will ensure equal access to justice, find more efficient ways to resolve disputes, and support progressive reforms that enable fair and equal representation in court while reducing costs.
I am honored to be endorsed by retired Chief Justice Gerry Alexander, all nine Washington Supreme Court Justices, former Thurston County Superior Court Judges Berschauer, Casey, Doran, Fuller, Pomeroy, Strophy, and Sutton, former Governor Gregoire, Attorney General Ferguson, former Attorney General McKenna, Prosecuting Attorney Tunheim, Sheriff Snaza, and over 100 local attorneys.

I live with my wife and our four children in Olympia. My family roots in the South Sound go back to 1891. I help local families by serving on the boards of the Family Support Center, YMCA, and local schools, and through extensive volunteer legal work. Thank you for your support.[1][2]

—Chris Lanese (2016)
Elections 2016

You can decide for yourself if he is a people’s judge or a strong arm enforcer of an out of control judicial branch.

I asked for a fair and impartial judge, one who was outspoken about attorneys violating the separation of powers and honored the checks and balances instilled in our Constitutional form of government and instead it appears I got just the opposite, a person intoxicated and addicted to power.

If we allow public employees to determine what is right for the people we are living in communism, socialism an oligarchy or tyranny and defiantly not a constitutional form of government.

With this I am asking Mr. Pickett to forward this to the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Board of Governors of the Washington State Bar Association as an official complaint and asking for a complete investigation into the corruption and election crimes involving the charges I am accused of.

In addition I am asking the Washington State Legislators to do their job identified in our Washington State Constitution and investigate the corruption involved in the judicial branch of Washington state and as identified in WSC article II section 30 do not allow any judicial branch members be involved in or influence the investigation or it’s outcome in any way.

Please forward and post this if you want to as it is a prime example of everything that is wrong with our government and why.
Jimi O’Hagan

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