James O’Hagan files to intervene in Washington’s Attorney General’s lawsuit against Donald Trump

By: The Reluctant Activist

James (Jimi) O’Hagan has been a relentless critic, advocate for judicial reform, opponent of the “legal industry”, which he claims fosters civil unrest — said another way, to fan the flames of controversy — as the means to increase their own wealth and political power at the cost of individual rights and in detriment to society overall. Jimi was recently part of Shawna Cox’s defense team in the governments lawsuit against those who were at the Mahluer Wildlife Refuge during the killing of Lavoy Finicum

Monday, Jimi O’Hagan filed to intervene in the case Washington v Donald Trump and has now filed his “Memorandum of Law” that claims Washington State’s Attorney General, Robert Ferguson, is misappropriating taxpayer funds in bring his lawsuit against the President. You can read and download a copy of Jimi’s Memorandum at this link Fergusons standing Trump case. It is very interesting!

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