TRUMP V. Seattle Judge| Can the judicial branch rule our country?

Can the judicial branch, in light of 28 USC 2072(b) AND 28 USC 455(a)(b), which state, judges cannot use their court rule powers to “abridge, modify or enlarge” substantive rights. This clearly means judges cannot use their self-bestowed powers to “abridge, enlarge or modify” the presidents powers. Furthermore, judges must not preside over a case in which a judge has a bias. In other words, decide a case to determine if a judge has power over the president! Clearly the Seattle judge in State of Washington V President Trump is exercising powers in which judges have an interest and the substantive powers of the president are involved and therefore must be disqualified? Clearly the “president’s powers and a judges’ bias in their own powers” makes this case a “lose-lose” if it is decided by our courts. It means that “judges” have declared themselves as our KINGS and the laws are meaningless because a judge has declared that he/she can decide its meaning with a bias to favor the judge’s power to decide judicial powers.

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Click the link below to read the pleadings filed in the case.Re_GovCuff_…Trump_Ex._order_overruled…if__Supremes_reverse_do_lower_court_judges_lose_jobs

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