Court Watchers needed for December 16th, 1:30PM, Pacific County Superior Court

James (Jimi) O’Hagan,

    –who campaigned for Representative for District 19, on a platform to address the corrupt within the judicial branch;
    –who stood side-by-side with those who protested government oppression at the Malheur Wildlife refuge;
    –who then became a part of Shawna Cox’s legal defense team – Shawna Cox was charged by Federal Prosecutors, along with Ammon and Ryan Bundy in the Malheur incident. A jury rendered a “not guilty” verdict for all the defendants.

is now himself a target of government retribution and needs court watchers for his upcoming hearing Friday, December 16, 1:30PM, Pacific County Courthouse

It seems Jimi O’Hagan’s public defender is feeling the heat for pointing out to the court commissioner the prosecution’s many and serious violations in charging Jimi O’Hagan with felony theft right before the election.

According to court documents the property the prosecutor claimed was stolen is part of a ongoing civil suit in which “ownership” is being litigated. Therefore NO CRIME has been committed as the “owner” of the property allegedly stolen has not been answered by the civil suit. Jimi claims the prosecutor has instituted malicious prosecution, which was heavily reported by local media to influence the election by tarnishing Jimi as a felon.

Jimi’s public defender recognizes this scheme and is worried that he may become a target himself by exposing the crimes of the prosecutor and judges and wants off the case.

Jimi is asking for the following representation as substitute for a public defender. This is what will be decided this Friday. Please attend if you can!

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