Different State – same playbook of corrupt tactics

When Dr. Theresa Hearn-Haynes entered the race for Texas Representative on a platform that included many “judicial” reforms, she became a target of the establishment in their effort to discredit her by every means. What is clear is that the Texas “establishment” operates from the same playbook as Washington State. Texas uses the same false allegations Washington State uses to ‘silence’ their critics or marginalize their message.

At the core of these despicable tactics used to discredit candidates who run on a platform that promises to “drain the swamp” that is ‘government’, are lawyers and judges. Clearly, without the aid and support of corrupt judges and lawyers, the “establishment”, which includes the media, would think twice about engaging in smear campaigns or engaging in voter fraud. It is only by having judges and lawyers in the pocket of the establishment that good people who have great ideas can be discredited with impunity.

The problem with the Texas “establishment” is Dr. Theresa Hearn-Haynes is wise to their schemes and knows how to fight back. And now, it seems, Dr. Hearn-Haynes has some help from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Dr. Hearn-Haynes spoke with us about what has and is happening in Texas, she says,

During the March 1st 2016 primary election polling places were changed at the last minute, eligible voters were turned away from the polls, the electronic voting machines were rigged and changed people’s votes, the disabled including the blind did not have access to the polls among numerous other irregularities. Defamatory mailers were sent to voters in order to change opinions just a week or two prior to the election were there was not enough time to do damage control. Some polling locations never opened and the ones that did open did not have enough voting machines causing voters to stand in line for hours some of who were turned away after the long wait. There were so many irregularities to the point the true outcome of the election could not be ascertained.

[Dr. Hearn-Haynes filed] an election contest in Harris County District Court but was dismissed before it could be heard on its merits. [Just like in Washington State, judges use their unaccountable claim to powers to deny a persons constitutional guaranteed right to a redress of grievances] The case was administratively closed claiming I [Dr. Hearns-Haynes] was a “vexatious litigant”. [“Vexations litigant” is another “judicial label” used by judges to obstruct a persons constitutional guaranteed right to a redress of grievances] The judge who put this label on me allowed attorneys to steal my real and personal property in trust for my daughter. The judge lied about my bringing cases to harass people a requirement of the statute and failed to present any evidence these alleged lawsuits were brought with case numbers or style of the case. I requested Federal Judge Alfred Bennett take my name off this list for the above stated reasons.

On August 4 2016 the United States Justice Department filed suit against Harris County Clerk in case 4:16 CV 02331
The suit had [factual] similarities regarding the March 1st 2016 primary. I filed a Motion to Intervene in August 2016 which included the election contest filed in Harris County Texas District. Court which was administratively closed without prejudice. We are waiting for Judge Alfred Bennett to make a decision.

Please feel free to file an amicus curae brief if you feel compelled to do so. Thanks so much for your support!


Rev. Dr. Theresa Hearn Haynes
Candidate for Texas House of Representatives House District 150

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  1. I don’t know of anything short of a revolt that will change things,as ya know Jimi ‘o is in touch with the justice dept lets see how it plays out.the only good thing lately is not guilty in the bundy case,the only chanch we have is to shine the light on the rats and watch th scurry.as you are doing,the jury is the last best chanch we have to save the country

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