The “” attacks candidate for 19th district representative, Jimi O’Hagan, to try to influence election.

Jimi O'Hagan top center, and family

On November 2, reporter Natalie St. John claims “documents obtained through a public disclosure request” reveal “Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer…filing the charges against O’Hagan on Oct. 31, and issuing a Nov. 1 summons for O’Hagan, 62, to appear in Pacific County Superior Court on Nov. 18.”

James O’Hagan is running against representative Brian Blake (D) for the 19th district, position 2, legislative seat. This legislative race will be decided on November 8th, so the timing of what was revealed through a “public records” request about a pending prosecution only decided by Meyer on Oct 31, with a summons issued on Nov. 1, … all of which was obtained by Ms. St. John almost instantaneously in order to write her article on November 2 … IT is remarkable!

Every “public records” request I’ve made takes a week or more just to get an acknowledgment; and then months of waiting to obtain the requested records.

By the way, today I requested “public records” from the Lewis County Prosecutor, Meyer, just to validate how quickly I obtain the records Ms. St. John seemed to obtain within hours.

That aside, we know James (Jimi) O’Hagan and have written about Jimi a few times. The even notes our stories in their article.

jimi-famOur version of Mr. O’Hagen is much different than Natalie St. John’s depiction. Jimi is cranberry farmer who continues to farm his family cranberry farm with his children. If it wasn’t for the ‘unlawful’ diversion of Mr. O’Hagan’s water rights that threatened his farm, and hence threatened his and his families livelihood, we would never, ever, have learned his name.

Jimi sued and won his case, before a jury, against those who unlawfully deprived the O’Hagan farm of its water — this was clearly an act of sabotage which would have bankrupted O’Hagan’s family farm – and the JURY AGREED! But being right and a jury verdict doesn’t mean squat when lawyers and judges seek ways to steal O’Hagan’s property despite the findings of a jury.

Let me say this another way… if there was no sabotaging Jimi’s farm by stealing his water rights, there would be no lawsuit. If, upon a jury verdict in Jimi’s favor, Jimi was compensated for the sabotage, which he wasn’t, there would be no reason to file any further lawsuits…. it is one corrupt act upon another committed by lawyers and their clients to steal property from an individual who ONLY WANTED to PROVIDE and PROTECT his way of life and livelihood for his FAMILY.

Mr. O’Hagan is a fighter. O’Hagen fought for his rights and for his childrens’ future in court, before a jury, and won! But now he has to continue to fight because these lawyers and judges want the O’Hagan family FARM. And they can do anything they want because they are NOT accountable. It doesn’t matter Jimi won his case in court, and a jury awarded him damages. Lawyers and judges do what they want. And they do what they want because they are are all members of the judicial branch. There is NO avenue to challenge judicial misconduct because the fox is guarding the hen house.

This is clearly apparent from what Ms. St. John writes. She reveals that the Washington State Bar is behind this story. St. John writes, “With Mr. O’Hagan in particular, it involved the Washington State Bar and the Attorney General’s office calling to alert us to his potential danger,” McClain said. “They had concerns, and wanted to make sure we were aware of it.”

What is also apparent is the “censorship” the exhibits when they prevent comments to stories to which they invite comments. When ‘commented’ on Ms. St. John’s hatchet job of the facts surrounding Jimi O’Hagan, they refused to publish our comments… so here is what we have to say about the story Natalie St. John wrote about candidate for the 19th District representative seat, position 2, Jimi O’Hagan.

I am the “reluctant activist” who writes for Natalie St. John must live in a different solar system … to “think” Pacific County is free from corruption when our US PRESIDENTIAL RACE epitomizes all that is corrupt! And at the core of this corruption that infects the very top of our Federal Government seems to be lawyers! But not Pacific County and certainly not Lawyers …. Ms. St John forgets or intentionally fails to “investigate” that the Washington State Bar is being sued, BY LAWYERS, for Sherman anti-trust violations and RICO. The Washington State Bar’s Sherman anti-trust policies have been noticed by the state of Vermont – the Grundstein case ( )… and by the US 9th Circuit – the Scannell case. (Mr. Scannell was one of the many WA Supreme Court Candidates running against Barbara Madsen and accused Madsen repeatedly of “CRIMINAL CONDUCT) Scannell is one of only a hand-full of lawyers to win against the Bar in the US 9th Circuit. (… The ONLY fault with Jimi O’Hagan is that he “TRUSTED” those in whom we SHOULD TRUST and has been betrayed and abused. And at the core of this betrayal are lawyers! These corrupt lawyers have become rich because they take what they want under their OWN set of rules. These lawyers grant themselves “privileges and immunities”, which are both PROHIBITED by Washington’s constitution – Article 1, Sec 8, 12, and 28. I fully endorse Jimi O’Hagan

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