Criminal complaint alleging John Pennington and Crystal Hill Pennington committed forgery, filing false instrument, making false and misleading statement to public servant, and perjury.

Anne Block, in an email sent to prosecutors/judges, wishes to file a criminal complaint against ex-Snohomish County Director of Emergency Services, John Pennington and his wife, Crystal Hill Pennington, for alleged criminal conduct. See below.

The forged document Ms. Block references in her email is the “return of service” peace officer David Casey filed with the court. Ms. Block notes that peace officer Casey filled out the ‘return of service’ and signed the document in black ink. It was subsequently altered by another person using white-out and blue ink with a distinct left-hand slant to the changed text. Such an alteration to a document previously signed by the original author is ‘forgery’.

Let’s see if our “trusted” public servants are held to the law and accountable for their crimes!!!

Dear Prosecutors/Judges –

I am wish to file a criminal complaint against John Pennington and Crystal Hill Pennington for forgery, filing false instrument, making false and misleading statement to public servant, and perjury. See attached criminal complaint. A hard copy with be sent certified mail today.

I’d like to note for the Court that Pro Tem Judge Chen –Weller’s or the Pierce County Clerk stated to another news reporter on Friday that she was resetting the hearing and would likely be vacating the Penningtons fraudulently obtained restraining order. I haven’t seen the order yet, but it’s my understanding that it’s coming. However, I have disqualified Judge Chen Weller and hope that the Clerk would have the Presiding Judge issue a court ruling vacating this fraudulently obtained Order ( which amounts to a SLAPP suit against a news reporter).

However, this does not negate the fact that the Penningtons committed crimes in three different jurisdictions, and I wish to press charges.

Judge Downing, I apologize for cc’ing you in on this email, however, I would like for you to be aware of the criminal implications of witness Crystal Hill Pennington in Block v Gold Bar, King County. It’s a sad day in Washington State history when this kind conduct is occurring in the City’s efforts to assist the Penningtons attempt to stop me from deposing Crystal Hill Pennington in a public records case. Issues involving her while she was Mayor of Gold Bar, as well as my investigation of John Pennington’s crimes against women and children.

The attached email letter from attorney Ragonesi this morning documents quite nicely that Crystal Hill Pennington was aware of the fraudulent filings by John E. Pennington.

Mr. Lindquist, Mr. Roe, Mr. Larsen, and Attorney General Fergusson, I await your response to my criminal complaint attached. I believe this type of conduct undermines our judicial process and is absolutely a matter of public concern warranting an investigation.

exhibit II is a copy of “ Uninformed Consent’ videotaping pursuant to GR 16 of John E. Pennington’s open court sworn under oath testimony in open court October 27, 2016 in this matter. Unfortunately the vidoe file is too large, and will be placed in certified mail to each Prosecutor in each county where the criminal actions took place.

No one should have to suffer the criminal gang stalking that the Penningtons’ have perpetrated upon me for simply reporting what I know to be true based on my eight year investigation of their criminal conduct.


Anne Block

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