WARNING – Government oppression spills over into citizen-citizen relationships!

Today, Bill Scheidler, chief activist for corruptwash.com, who reports government corruption, tells the stories of the victims of government corruption, and has first-hand experience with government corruption, can say, without equivocation, there is a pronounced and adverse effect upon citizen-citizen relationships that filters from the effects of government corruption.

Here is the honest to gods-truth in how every action has a reaction … after all, I am a chemist and know that energy is neither created nor destroyed — ONLY CHANGED in its character.

On Oct 11, before the Washington State Legislative Ethics Board, I was prevented, by the Ethics Board, from telling how my legislators, Jesse Young, Michelle Caldier and Jan Angel use their public office to protect corrupt judicial officials, such as Judge Kevin Hull, in their defrauding of retired/disabled citizens. This not only deprived me of my “free speech rights” but deprived all those in attendance from their Article 1, Sec 4 constitutional rights to ‘assemble for the common good.’

Clearly the “negative potential energy” that the Ethics Board transformed from the kinetic energy being used in the work of “free speech-ing” needed to be released in ‘other ways’ …….. This “potential energy” was released upon Costco.

As an individual with a life-long medical condition that needs life-long medication, I have a prescription with CostcoRX for these necessary medicines.

Thanks to Obama care, one of my medicines immediately went from $15/mo to $44/mo. That was until this months refill — which cost $82. This nearly 100% increase was unknown to my wife, who does the shopping and paid Costco for this refill. When I saw the bill for this medicine, I called Costco to see if they miss-priced the medicine. NO — was the reply. I immediately searched the Internet to see if this was the going price for a medication that was 50% less just 30 days earlier. I found dozens of coupons and pharmacies that would sell Costco’s $82 medication for $11-32. I called Costco again and rattled off all the pharmacies and prices for the “identical” medicine Costco was charging $82. Stacy, Costco’s pharmacy’s technologist, said that Costco would honor the coupons (GoodRX) and issue a refund … just bring in the coupon!

I drove 22 miles (one way), with coupon and receipts, to get the approximately $72 refund. STACY WASN’T there! The coupon wasn’t honored. I asked they try again as I was assured that Costco would honor the GoodRX coupon. Costco: Nope! Me: Can I speak to the manager? Costco Rx Manager: Sorry, but we don’t take the GoodRX coupons …………. slowly all the “potential energy” was RELEASED ……. Me: I will NOT BE TREATED LIKE THIS… I MADE THIS TRIP BECAUSE TRACY SAID YOU WILL HONOR THIS GoodRX PRICE. IF I DON’T GET THIS RESOLVED I WILL CREATE AN INCIDENT and YOU WILL LIKELY NEED TO CALL THE COPS! Costco: We don’t have the authority to resolve this problem. Me: WHO DOES? Costco: A Manager. Me: I ASKED FOR A MANAGER!!!! IF THIS DOESN’T GET RESOLVED RIGHT NOW I’M GOING TO CREATE AN INCIDENT! Costco: I’ll get the store manager. Me: Be sure to tell them I will create an incident that will require you calling the cops if this doesn’t get resolved.

2-minutes elapsed.

Costco: I’m a store manager (petite female), can you tell me what the problems is? Me: WHAT? THey didn’t tell you… blah… .blah………blah… and I drove from Port Orchard, blah, blah …. because STACY said… blah… blah…AND NOW I GET HERE AND I’m TOLD F-YOU and your coupon, blah…. blah… I’m GOING TO CREATE AN INCIDENT!

Costco: I don’t like being threatened, I’m going to get more managers.

More Costco managers (2- 220# males): What is the problem? Me: Repeat, repeat….. repeat… repeat….repeat.
Costco managers: because you are a Costco member who was told by Stacy that you will get a refund and Stacy is a Costco employee, we will honor the coupon!!!! But just so you know, we take other discounts…. Me: so what’s the price of the medicine given the coupons you do take? Costco: don’t know. We are sorry for the misunderstanding…….. but we don’t like our employees threatened!

Discount obtained, INCIDENT Un-AVOIDED, NO POLICE WERE CALLED! Thanks Legislative Ethics Board… now I need double the dose of this $82, or $11 (with coupon of one sort or another) medicine.

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