Equal protection of the Law is a condition precedent to the elimination of judicial corruption

When you hear people and especially political people cry buckets of tears over the killing in our major cities, or other of our societies ills, it is inconsistent and an obfuscation of the problem to suggest any remedy that does not bring back the concept of EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW.

What this means is that no member of society has any more or less privileges and immunities than any other citizen (or member of society). The prince and the pauper all are equal before the law.

Recent revelations have revealed very clearly that we have elites who can without fear of consequence violate the law and be immune. There are a bunch of examples. Today’s Wall Street Journal has an editorial, to wit:

Cheryl Mills’s Legal Privileges: The evidence of a politicized Clinton probe keeps building, the Wall Street Journal writes in an editorial.

On the local level here in Illinois and across the Nation we have the elder cleansing racket. The cover-up is conducted right out of the State capital in Illinois and Jerome Larkin is laughing at us as he and his co-conspirators use the Courts to isolate a targeted senior citizen so that court appointed guardians can gain control of their estates, rob the estates and otherwise deny even the basic human rights to the victims. No indignity is too great to impose on the victim! Look at the Alice Gore case wherein the miscreants lead by the Court appointed guardian ad litem went prospecting for Au in the mouth of Ms. Gore.

Equal protection of the law means that the elite do not get a pass. A sailor who takes a selfie in a submarine is punished only to the degree that the Secretary of State who compromises National Security is punished. Equal protection of the law means to Jerome Larkin, who acts in concert with a miscreant to steal 1.5 million dollars from the Gore Estate and 3 million plus or minus from the Sykes estate is required to pay the taxes, interest and penalties that any other miscreant would be required. His status as the Administrator of the IARDC should afford him no special privilege, but should impose on him the fiduciary responsiblity to not profit directly or indirectly from the trust that we the people placed in him. (NB. No one forced public service on Clinton, Trump, Larkin, ***** They all volunteered for it. Clinton will spend a billion ($1,000,000,000) dollars to try to get elected – Trump will spend millions ******. I do not see anyone out there with a weapon requiring them to spend dollar one. (I do see Philip Esformes’ indictment for stealing a billion($1,000,000,000)dollars)

Ken Ditkowsky

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