Ethics complaint against Senator Jan Angel, Representatives Jesse Young and Michelle Caldier open for public comment October 11th.

The next meeting of the Legislative Ethics Board is scheduled for October 11, 2016, at noon, in the Rules Room of the Washington State Senate. Scheidler intends to raise the issue of his grievance against Senator Jan Angel and Representatives Michelle Caldier and Jesse Young for betraying their office by aiding and abetting ‘official misconduct’ – a gross misdemeanor per RCW 9A.80.010, committed by Kevin Hull, a Washington State Bar associate who is serving as Kitsap Superior Court judge. Hull is using his office to commit crimes and cover-up criminal conduct by his Washington State Bar colleagues.

According to Keith Buchholz, a Washington State Bar Associate who was hired by the Legislative Ethics Board, the matter of Scheidler’s grievance will be open for public comment at the Board’s next meeting on October 11, 2016.

As a preliminary matter Scheidler objected to having a Washington State Bar associate, Keith Buchholz, involved in advising the Ethics Board concerning Scheidler’s grievance. Scheidler says his grievance against Angel, Caldier and Young concerns the quid pro quo favors between legislators and Bar associates. Said another way, legislators use their office to protect Bar associates in exchange for Bar associates using their office to protect legislators. At the center of Scheidler’s grievance is Bar Associate Kevin Hull’s “official misconduct” that is intentionally harming citizens for the benefit and financial profits of Hull’s Bar Associate colleagues. It is a conflict for a Bar colleague of Hull, serving as an adviser to the Ethics Board when the issue concerns Bar Associate Kevin Hull’s ‘official misconduct’. Neither the Board nor Mr. Buchholz responded to Scheidler’s objection.

Re: Ethics Complaints: Angel, Caldier, and Young

Tue 9/6, 12:30 PM
Buchholz, Keith (;;
Zamboni John (;
Anne Block (
Mr. Buchholz,

As a preliminary matter my grievance alleges Representatives Young, Caldier and Senator Angel have violated their oath … which stems from using their office to “legalize” the unauthorized, invalid and criminal acts committed by Washington State Bar associates.

You are a Washington State Bar Associate, #13440. In other words, Young, Caldier and Angel are aiding lawyers in their crimes against citizens for profit. The grievance further alleges as one of the reasons Young, Caldier and Angel are in breach of their oath is due to members of the Washington State Bar in “decision-making roles”, such as yourself, are deceiving Young, Caldier and Angel as to their constitutional obligations mandated by their oath.

Given this conflict of interest in Washington State Bar associates occupying decision-making roles throughout government, and who’s conduct is at the core of the matter, it seems you and every WSBA associate must disqualify from participating, in any way, in determining my grievance.

I request that the Legislative Ethics Board retain “outside” consultation, for example someone from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, and disqualify all WSBA associates who are Board Members from hearing, consulting or having any association with this matter.

Bill Scheidler
chief activist at
Candidate for WA State Representative, Dist 26, Position 1


From: Buchholz, Keith
Sent: Tuesday, September 6, 2016 10:23 AM
Subject: Ethics Complaints: Angel, Caldier, and Young

Dear Mr. Scheidler,

This letter acknowledges receipt of your ethics complaint against Sen. Jan Angel, Rep. Michelle Caldier, and Rep. Jess Young, for violating ethics provisions. I will open a file and begin a background investigation. If the Board determines that it has jurisdiction over this allegation, it will decide whether there is reasonable cause to believe the Ethics Act (RCW 42.52) has been violated. If it makes that preliminary determination, it may order a public hearing or resolve the matter through a stipulation. If reasonable cause is not established, the complaint will be dismissed.

Please note that the Board’s jurisdiction extends solely to violations of RCW 42.52.

You are not a party to the proceedings – the Board is now the party in interest – but the law provides that as the Complainant you will receive a copy of all public orders issued in this case.

The Board meets on October 11. As of September 1, I have been hired to advise the Board following the retirement of Mr. O’Connell. Please contact me directly if you have questions about the process before the Board.

Keith Buchholz
Counsel, Legislative Ethics Board
451 John A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA 98504
(360) 786-7343


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