1. I am having trouble with the Washington State Bar associaton for misrepresentation, I have two situations and one was from King County, then was illegally detained by Snohomish County, I challenged the Court”s Jurisdiction and was TOTALLY discredited in one county by the illegal hold from another…When I went to the Lynnwood Clerk of Court for a dismissal “defectI’ve information” on its face, while looking at approximately 6-7 clerks…none of whom could give me a legitimate answer, I asked if I could speak to someone who was “UNDER OATH” the girl “appointed supervisor” snidely,replied…none of us need to be under oath. Upon paying for my record from Lynnwood, that circumvented a fair plea arrangement in any way in Seattle Municipal Court…I found out that the Charge of making a false statement…was Redacted/Repealed, However..Seattle held a bail bond hearing..and reassessed bail to 100k dollars…I would like to speak with someone about this matter and file a formal complaint on a personal level as well as in a class action arrangement as well. Hiram Gross 206 487 6952

    • Because I believe the WSBA is a “protection racket” for the benefit of its members, it is unlikely ANY avenue for your ‘redress of grievances’ in which a Bar associate sits as a decision-maker will produce a fair outcome, my suggestion is to make a demand of your state legislators that they investigate your complaint. If they fail to investigate then you may want to join in my lawsuit against the State for their negligence in the “checks” of the judicial branch. The power, under Washington’s Article 4, Sec 9, gives our legislators the authority to remove judges, prosecutors and the attorney general if they do not follow the law. FAILURE by our legislators to hold government officials to the law is a breach of their fiduciary duty and subjects them to suite. See http://corruptwash.com/2016/08/31/ethics-complaint-filed-against-legislators-jesse-young-michelle-caldier-and-jan-angel-also-judge-kevin-hull/

  2. But what would the remedy be for an out-of-state victim of the WA legal profession?

    I filed one WSBA complaint in 2012 against a Guardian ad litem (GAL) who failed to give me his GAL report as required by statute. The Bar allowed him to send me the report 7 months late–when it was too late to do any good–and dismissed the case.

    A second WSBA complaint against the attorney for my incapacitated mother due to the fact that his family had business relationships with a so-called “caregiver” of my mother who he took to this lawyer. (This lawyer then drafted a”new will” for this person giving him haf of my inheritance–and giving the other half to their cronies.) The lawyer simply admitted the undue influece over my moter and, viola, case dismissed.

    However, do not think WSBA is incapable of being tough. A lawyer who had kindly done some pro bono work for me in 2013 was recently disbarred by WSBA for getting a client only a small settlement.

  3. Ruined my life. My no contact order should of been used for TP. My Ford Taurus Trunk was crushed all the way to the back wind shield by his F350. On a. Parent planed drop off….Out speeded the F350 a mile down the road in that SHO Taurus with our 3 yr old in the backseat. Called 911 5 times from the side of the road. Took pierce county sherriff 4 hours to arrive 1 .5 miles away. Was told to shut the Fuck up or they wouldn’t take my report.Had witnesses…….He was not arrested.He received community service. Insurance Company refused to compensate me for my totaled Automobile me being a victim and all. My children where devistated. He stalked me for 3 years. Calling driving by my house and place of employment. Police where called but refused to honor my restraining order. Had Pryor Domestic Violence on his record. His Family paid big money on a Attorney who won him custody of our children. He mentally and physically abused me. For the next 15 years he mentally and physical abused our 3 sons. Second wife also has a permanent No contact order and his last girl friend as well. Do you think there is a pattern. I guess I should be gratefall that I’m alive and move on. But it’s not about me and never was about me. I let my three sons down. I couldn’t keep them safe. Never had been in trouble by the law not even a speeding ticket. Gardian Inlitem. Did not perform background checks or talk to schools and neighbors daycare. His dishonable Airforce discharge for stalking a korean girl in Korea. Or pointing a gun to my head 4 years before for being a half an hour late from work. Took his gun and ordered anger control classes. His Mother was a GM for Seafirst Bank and lived on Fox Island a couple of miles away from Guardian A Adlitem. I was very pretty and. Was a Bartender. I’m a second class citizen. Who is not untitled to a jury of my peers and protection from our local Law Enforcements. I got 3 dollars and the clothing on my back (He totaled the car.). He got a new f350 the 32 foot Sun Runner boat with 2 state rooms that was all most paid for and the 95000.00 house on the water that we only owed 100.000……and the three boys that I was only allowed every other week maybe only if I was good. Police where to busy to enforce the parent plan I was told when I called them for help.

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