Representative Matt Manweller, after calling Scheidler stupid, is copying Scheidler’s opinions as his own.

In 2014, when Scheidler wrote to the Washington State Legislature asking what they intend to do about the corruption within the judicial branch, Matt Manweller (R), called Scheidler “stupid” for asking the question.

In 2015, when Scheidler wrote about the Supreme Court”s McCleary decision as “extorting” the legislature into paying “labor union demands”, and sent his article to legislators, Matt Manweller “blocked” Scheidler’s emails.

Well let’s see just who the stupid one really is.

In a July 2016 article published by the Reflector, Matt Manweller said the Supreme Court is “blackmailing” the legislature!

In a July 2016 letter from Matt Manweller to the republican party, Matt says this about the Washington State Supreme Court, “they continue their tradition of exhibiting a fundamental and disturbing lack of understanding with respect to … the most simple principles of state governance”

In a September 2017 article, the Seattle Times quotes Republican Party, Matt Manweller as saying,“What I saw was a court that has realized it has backed itself into a corner and doesn’t know how to get out of it,” .

It seems Matt Manweller (R), after calling Scheidler stupid for writing the Legislature about our corrupt Supreme Court and the McCleary decision, Matt is now saying what Scheidler said and for which Scheidler was called “stupid.” Perhaps in another two years Matt may actually figure out what HIS JOB ENTAILS and not just call everybody else ‘stupid’!

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