Complaint filed with Kitsap County Auditor – judge involved in insurance fraud scheme.

Today Scheidler filed an email complaint with the Kitsap County Auditor, Dolores Gilmore (D), alleging court personnel engage in “case fixing and obstruction of justice” for the benefit of insurance companies and to protect the Counties risk pool funds (a “risk pool fund” is the money set aside by counties to pay judgments).

Scheidler says the chief players in the case fixing schemes involve the case scheduler who assigns cases to those judges that either routinely dismiss lawsuits or intentionally misuse their court rule powers to save insurance company profits. In turn the insurance companies provide insurance coverage to counties and law firms that they would not otherwise insure. In other words, a citizen’s “right of petition”, as guaranteed by Article 1, Sec 4, creates an “unlimited liability” for both government and those that insure government. If these lawsuits were all to be decided by a jury the potential jury verdicts could easily surpass the insurance coverage and bankrupt counties. To manage “liability” and retain insurance coverage, judges unlawfully limit lawsuits, deny jury trials, or dismiss the lawsuits outright. All of these tactics violate Washington’s Constitution as noted in Scheidler’s email. This is “insurance fraud” and “obstruction of justice” for the benefit of insurance companies and the counties risk pool funds.

The solution isn’t to “fix cases” as a way to manage liability, but rather to better supervise government officials and remove those who are either incompetent or corrupt so we have a government that complies with their fiduciary duty as mandated by Washington’s Constitution, Article 1, Sec 1 and in this way “manage liability”.

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