Activist for judicial reform, Chris Hupy, sued for seeking judges’ emails.

Activist, Chris Hupy, is being sued by Benton and Franklin counties in retaliation to Hupy’s public records request for the emails of the counties’ superior court judges. Hupy, a judicial reform activist, has sued King County judges for misallocation of public resources for conducting their meetings in violation of the ‘open meetings act’. Hupy contends these unlawful meetings held by the judges were to establish tactics that judges would use to address certain issues brought before them. Hupy contents these “strategies” should be made public, as the public has a right to know how our judges are using their power to address public issues.

Yesterday, July 21, the Tri City Herold reports Benton and Franklin counties are suing Hupy to prevent the release of the judges’ emails.

Of course the entire purpose of the lawsuit that Benton and Franklin counties filed is to have a “judge” determine the scope of a judges authority and that of the judicial branch. The whole matter violates the prohibition that a judge cannot preside over a case in which their “impartiality” can be questioned or in which they have a direct interest, RCW 2.28.030. However when there is no one holding judges to the laws that apply to judges what are the odds every Washington State Judge will disqualify from this case as the law requires?

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