Candidate for Representative, 21st District, James O’Hagan “The judicial branch is corrupt”.

James O’Hagan (Jimi) is another candidate for Washington state elective office who has been fighting to take back citizen rights that have been given away by corrupt lawyers and taken away by corrupt judges. See;; and

Jimi is presently involved with the “victims” of the Burns OR standoff and the murder of Lavoy Fincum. See and

Jimi is now running for Representative of the 21st District and has provided us his candidate statement in which he writes,


Greetings, I am a fourth generation Twin Harbors area father of four and grandfather. I’m a farmer who worked in the woods, shipyards, commercial fishing, shellfish industry and road construction.
Education; I have obtained a unique education through the school of hard knocks, my education was not taught in a conventional classroom. I have an extensive judicial education as I have represented myself in one of the highest profile civil cases in Western Washington. It has led to the removal of several state judges and multiple federal judges are currently under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department.

Candidate Statement

The Judicial Branch is corrupt. Judicial branch members are violating the separation of powers. They have infiltrated our legislative and executive branches to obtain nobility for themselves and fellow attorneys. They have organized together to steal every economically vulnerable individual’s life, liberty and property under color of law. The Washington State Bar Association has organized together to overthrow our constitutional form of government and create a monarchy type oligarchy tyranny. It is a subversive organization that needs to be abolished and replaced with judicial advocates. Then our pledge of allegiance will have meaning and we will have justice for all.

Everyone who recognizes that our life, liberty and property is at risk in a system controlled by special interests… especially when our “justice system” has been commandeered by the Washington State Bar – the largest special interest monopoly of lawyers. Help spread the word and help Jimi in his campaign to take back our government and our rights.

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