Activist, Bill Scheidler, enters race for Washington State Senate, 26th District

Bill Scheidler, Candidate for Representative, 26th District

Bill Scheidler, an activist fighting for citizens’ constitutional rights, has entered the race for District 26, State Representative. Scheidler has a 20-year track record in fighting corrupt government officials which include filing initiatives to the people and to the legislature, filing criminal complaints against lawyers and judges, intervening in lawsuits in matters of public importance, and lobbying legislators to take action against corrupt officials. Scheidler faces Jan Angel(R) and Emily Randall(D).

Scheidler previously ran for representative and remains committed to the same principles now as then. Scheidler’s 2016 Candidate Submission lists the following information.

Jurisdiction Name: Legislative District 26
Office Name: State Representative Pos. 1
Candidate Name: Bill Scheidler
Campaign Phone (360) 7698531
Campaign Email
Campaign Website

Bill Scheidler, Candidate for Representative, 26th District
Bill Scheidler, Candidate for Representative, 26th District

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: Activist and writer for Working 12/24/7 to reclaim our rights that have been given away by corrupt lawyers and taken away by corrupt judges.Interim Enviornmental Laboratory Director and onsite contract manager for The Bionetics Corporation/EPA at Manchester, WA; Supervisory Chemist, GS 12, Department of the Army, Tooele, UT. Managed 35-person staffs, from technician to PhD Chemists, and $1M+ budgets in state-of-the-art laboratory testing/analysis.

Education: B.S. Chemistry. DeSales University. 1979.
Community Service: Citizen member of South Kitsap School District Budge
Committee. Circa year 2000.
Statement: Washington State government is dishonest; and it is costing
taxpayer’s billions of dollars every year. Every day our elected officials turn a
blind eye to this corruption, they betray our trust!
At the core of our corrupt government are lawyers. As a first priority I will insure
citizens regulate lawyers and judges – ending their gravy train at citizens’
expense. Lawyers are supposed to cleanup corruption, not cause it, hide it, or
profit from it! For 17 years I have worked 12/24/7, without pay, holidays off, or
vacations, fighting corruption in government; see

Scheidler’s positions on major issues are found at his Web Site

Scheidler lists the following initiatives he sponsored to the people and to the legislature. “Judicial overreaching” “Repeal of immunities, which are prohibited by Article 1, Sec 12”. The REMOVAL of Kitsap Superior Court Judge Kevin Hull for malfeasance/misfeasance in office. “A Corruption Tax” “Separation of Powers” “Right to a Jury Trial as Article 1 Sec 21 mandates but are denied by judges”

As an activist Scheidler has been using every tool in a citizen’s tool box to address government corruption. However the stranglehold by the ‘good-ol-boy’ network has been a roadblock to any meaningful success.

Scheidler summarizes the level of corruption in our judicial system by quoting the US Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which stated,

“Judicial immunity applies “however erroneous the act may have been, and however injurious in its consequences it may have proved to the plaintiff.” Cleavinger v. Saxner, — U.S. —-, 106 S.Ct. 496, 500, 88 L.Ed.2d 507 (1985) (quoting Bradley, 80 U.S. (13 Wall.) at 347). … Prosecutors are also entitled to absolute immunity from section 1983 claims. Imbler v. Pachtman, 424 U.S. 409, 427, 96 S.Ct. 984, 993, 47 L.Ed.2d 128 (1976). Such immunity applies even if it leaves “the genuinely wronged defendant without civil redress against a prosecutor whose malicious or dishonest action deprives him of liberty.” Id. See also Campbell v. Maine, 787 F.2d 776, 778 (1st Cir.1986) (no bad faith exception to absolute immunity of prosecutor)…Holloway, 765 F.2d at 523. Thus, the Fifth Circuit concluded that “where the alleged harm, though resulting from a bribe or conspiracy, was inflicted by acts to which absolute immunity would apply, the complaint is insufficient to avoid judicial immunity.” Id.” Ashelman v. Pope 793 F2d 1072 (9th Circuit 1986)

This opinion, on its face, leaves no doubt that our judicial system is corrupt and condones corrupt conduct by lawyers and judges.

Scheidler lists all that he has tried to do for citizens, only to be prevented by the very officials that swear to protect citizens’ rights.

  • Scheidler seeks At-large position on WSBA’s Board of Directors.
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    Those who want to see our legal system actually operate in a legal manner, please email your endorsement of Bill Scheidler to Lawyers have consistently ranked in the bottom 5th in ‘honest and ethics’ as polled by Gallup since…

  • Washington State Bar demands Scheidler’s ‘Unabridged Right” be DENIED!
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    Today Scheidler filed his reply to Washington State Bar’s opposition to Scheidler’s ‘unabridged right to intervene‘ in Anne Block’s case against the Washington State Bar (WSBA). This sums up the very problem — who do you complain to when the…

  • Scheidler argues to US 9th Circuit – ‘the people’ want their RIGHTS BACK!
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    Bill Scheidler, the reluctant activist of, argues to US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – ‘the PEOPLE’ want their RIGHTS BACK, which have been given away by corrupt lawyers and taken away by corrupt judges. Scheidler, in his appeal…

  • Scheidler files to intervene in Anne Block’s case against the WSBA
    by The Reluctant Activist • March 6, 2016 • 2 Comments
    Bill Scheidler, a potential candidate for Washington State Representative, 26 District, has filed a motion to intervene in Anne Block’s case against the Washington State Bar. Anne Block is an investigative reporter,, who was the first to expose corruption…

  • Scheidler files for WRIT of Mandamus from 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
    by The Reluctant Activist • October 11, 2015 • 0 Comments
    Scheidler files for WRIT of Mandamus to “disqualify” Washington State Bar Associates from serving as judge in his case against the Washington State Bar. According to 28 USC 455 “Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States shall…

  • Scheidler continues in the battle to protect the “people” from corrupt government servants
    by Chief Activist • June 30, 2015 • 1 Comment
    Every day government is encroaching upon individual rights and freedoms. And at the center of governments attack upon us, as in an attack on WE the PEOPLE, are lawyers. The sad fact is “lawyers”, through the Washington State Bar Association,…

  • Our guest: Bill Scheidler, Chief Activist at CorruptWA 06/14 by Marti Oakley | Family Podcasts
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    LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW … CLICK HERE Join us as Bill Scheidler talks about his efforts to hold the Washington state BAR Assoc. and the judiciary accountable for the corruption which is rampant in that system. Bill has filed a…

  • Update: Re Scheidler files claim against WA State Bar for RICO activities.
    by Chief Activist • May 11, 2015 • 2 Comments
    Scheidler, in his claim against the WA State Bar for RICO activities, is asking the US Federal District Court to take notice of WA Constitutional and Statutory authority and to address the following questions, which have not been addressed by…

  • Activist Scheidler files claim against WA State Bar — RICO damages and other civil rights violations
    by Chief Activist • May 9, 2015 • 4 Comments
    William Scheidler, chief activist, files claims against the defendants James Avery, individually and in his official capacity as Kitsap County’s Assessor; charged by the legislature to “publish the qualifications and manner” for the Art 7, Sec 10 property tax adjustment…

  • Federal 9th circuit says activist Scheidler prevails, sort of, in suit against Kitsap County.
    by Chief Activist • March 30, 2015 • 5 Comments
    Bill Scheidler, chief activist here at has been a warrior for WA State Citizens for the past 16 years. While the fight to protect citizens from the overreaching powers of government has been long, painful and expensive, the occasional…

  • Scheidler vows: I’ll defend our constitution from attack by Tina Robinson, Kitsap Prosecutor
    by Chief Activist • March 8, 2015 • 3 Comments
    With every lawsuit there is a growing danger that WA State Bar members, in whatever capacity they serve – judge, prosecutor, quasi-judicial officer…, will use it as an opportunity to chip away at our constitution without consequence. Now, Tina Robinson,…

  • Activist Bill Scheidler v. Senator Jan Angel
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    When I decided to run for State Representative it was because I am angry with the level of incompetence and corruption that runs “UNCHECKED” throughout government — especially the racketeering occurring among our state’s WA State Bar lawyers. During that…

  • Scheidler initiates proceedings for the RECALL of Stephen Holman, Kitsap District Court Judge.
    by Chief Activist • February 5, 2015 • 2 Comments
    Today, Bill Scheidler, chief activist with filed his statement with the Kitsap County Auditor describing the ‘official misconduct’ and violations of law committed by Stephen Holman, Kitsap District Judge. As is the case, at the core of the rotten…

  • WA State Supreme Court rules in favor of their Bar Associate, Scott Ellerby, and to SANCTION Scheidler for claiming the courts are corrupt.
    by Chief Activist • September 3, 2014 • 41 Comments
    Today, the WA State Supreme Court Justices, Madsen, Owens, Stephens, Gonzales and Yu, in a unanimous decision ruled to deny hearing any of Scheidler’s arguments and responses in the matter Scheidler v Ellerby, and therefore, by default, favor their fellow…

  • Senator Jan Angel invites Scheidler to cure misunderstandings.
    by Chief Activist • August 19, 2014 • 10 Comments
    Bill Scheidler, chief activist at, has been critical of those legislators who seem to disregard their oath by representing government employees rather then the people they should serve. Senator Angel didn’t escape Scheidler’s criticism and she invited Scheidler for…

  • WA Representative Matt Manweller (R), calls Scheidler “stupid.”
    by Chief Activist • August 13, 2014 • 24 Comments
    Representative Matt Manweller, Ranking Republican 13th District, calls Scheidler “stupid”. Scheidler, in a third email to Washington State’s legislators asking for their comments on the class claim being initiated against WA State for the legislatures blind-eye towards the unlawful conduct…

  • Scheidler files motion to “INTERVENE” in CPS custody battle.
    by Chief Activist • June 14, 2014 • 5 Comments
    On June 12, 2014, Bill Scheidler filed his motion and claims to intervene in a custody battle between Child Protective Services and Luis Ewing. The claim alleges ‘misrepresentations’ during the course of the proceedings by Peter Kay, Esq., WSBA 24331,…

  • Scheidler files to Intervene in Public Records Act lawsuit
    by Chief Activist • April 22, 2014 • 2 Comments
    Scheidler, chief activist at, files to Intervene in John Worthington’s lawsuit against the Cities of Bremerton, Port Orchard, Poulsbo and against Kitsap County and the State of Washington This case epitomizes the utter disrespect our “public servants” and the…

  • Scheidler says NO! Lawyers cannot lie, have no immunity for criminal conduct
    by Chief Activist • March 18, 2014 • 10 Comments
    UPDATE: Lawyer Kirsten Schimpff, for defendant lawyer Felice Congalton, has filed her 16-WSBA Reply in support of mtn to strike 3.20.14 to Scheidler’s Answer … Schimpff says Scheidler chose to file his case in a WA court and therefore relinquishes…

  • UPDATE: Judge Kevin Hull —- Scheidler’s motion — DENIED!
    by Chief Activist • September 17, 2013 • 1 Comment
    UPDATE: 11/04/2013. Today I filed a complaint against Judge Kevin Hull, for his ethical violations, with the Commission on Judicial Conduct. Click this link to read the full complaint.Complaint against Judge Kevin Hull UPDATE My motion for a new trial,…

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    Bill Scheidler, activist and candidate for legislative seat, questions the Commission on Judicial Conduct… The corrupt judcial system is corrupt because you folks here are not doing your job! … How long do you think the public is going to…

    1. Dear Bill, my family has suffered the loss of a family member due to the unjust system and CPS. I truely wish you were in my district, the people really need someone that realizes there is a problem here and its not just with the parents!

      When my son started dating Nicole she was already pregnant with her second child. Nicoles first child had been beaten and left with lifelong disabilities by the father. Nicole had relinquished her rights to her first child and was deemed unfit by the State.

      3 months after Nicole had her second child she was over at her mothers house when a Social Worker came to investigate a complaint against Nicoles mom about their being no food in the home. The Social Worker recognized Nicole and after confirming the child was indeed Nicoles she returned to her office to start the removal process. The Social Worker, Tia Amich, then falsified a complaint by the babies doctor that she was concerned about the babies weight gain. It was later confirmed that the doctor had never even talked to anyone at the DCFS Office. They presented Nicole and my son with a list of services. I told my son to seek some legal advice before signing anything, he was not the father of this child and he needed to know what his legal standing was. The Dept took this and twisted it saying they refused services and the baby was removed shortly after. My son had a DV 4 non-violent on his record from 4 years prior so he was considered to be a threat to the child and he to would have to engage in services as well. Nicole ended up relinquishing her Parental Rights to this child so my son stopped engaging in services. ( Who wouldnt right)

      Meanwhile Nicole gets pregnant with her third child, this time the child is my sons. Nicole immediately went to her Social Worker, Jackie Bircher, and told her the news. Nicole was hoping that given 7 months before the baby was due, that the Social Worker could work with her and my son Vern so they could raise this child, but her hopes were shot down immediately when instead the SW told her that their would be a hold on the baby at the hospital and the child would be removed from her care directly after birth. Nicole asked about Vern getting the child and the SW commented they had concerns with him.

      Vern and I talked to CA about how he would go about getting the child but was repeatedly told it wasnt a case tell after the child was born. Jackie talked to my son briefly 5 months before babies birth and asked him what his intentions were and Verns reply was, “To walk out of that hospital with my baby) This would have been a good time to inform my son that she had no intention of allowing him this child either, but she didnt even mention what her intentions were.

      When my grandson was born there was no hold on the baby. I have yet to figure out if this was for legal reasons or if Jackie really was that negligent. My grandson was released to Mom two days after he was born.

      Nicole and Vern decided he should probably take the baby home with us considering Nicole had actually been informed about the SW’s intentions. Nicole called Jackie and let her know she had the baby and he was with his father living in my home We had my grandson in our care for 18 hrs before Jackie and another SW came and took him from my son.

      We couldnt understand why my son didnt have any rights. Did he not have any rights to his own child? We soon found out he didnt.

      Isnt their supposed to be preventative measures taken before the removal of a child?

      The Depts reasoning for removal was that because Vern had a DV 4 he obviously had a problem controlling his anger and was a severe threat to his child and the baby was in imminent danger. It was also Verns first child so they felt he lacked parenting skills.

      We couldnt afford an attorney so my son was appointed a public pretender. No one in the family was allowed in the courtroom to support my son and they may as well of fed him to the wolves. My son exited the courtroom distraught and said that Judge Pat Monasmith said he would not be returning the child to him. Apparently Monasmith referred back to the first case of Nicoles and said that he wasnt going to allow my son to beat his child like the other father had done. Even though my sons DV 4 was a non violent offense the Judge agreed with the Dept tbe need to keep this child from his father.

      We scraped up the money and hired Julie Twyford to represent my son. She came highly reccomended by Tim Rassmuesin, and was known for being an aggressive attorney. We soon found out she was also real good friends witb Monasmith. After Julie spoke with Monasmith everything seemed to change. Julie no longer seemed interested in representing Vern and pushed him off unto Gina Costello. Gina was a joke, she was a no show at court and she allowed the Dept to walk all over my son. Not one motion was filed or any non compliance motions against the Dept. We fired her a couple months before the termination trial started and Vern was given a court appointed attorney.

      Agreeing to the dependency was the worst decision. This only allowed Jackie to set my son up to fail. Jackie sabotaged Verns every effort.

      The original Court Order for Visitation was for 2-2 hour visits a week with a family therapist. The Dept revised those visits to 1-4 hour visit a week. Soon visits were being cancelled left and right by the therapist leaving my son without visits for weeks at a time. None of these visits were made up or brought to the Courts attention.

      Even tbough my son didnt have a drug or alcohol problem he was ordered to have an evaluation done. This evaluation came back with no findings and no referral for treatment. Jackie didnt like this , and claimed he must of lied and voided the eval. My sons UA’s were coming back clean so when my sons referral needed updated Jackie withheld the referral knowing missed UA’s are considered a fail.

      Vern also was in a Domestic Violence Awareness class through the STOP program. When his counselor sent Jackie a full compliance report she called to remind him of STOPs policy, if theres any failed UA’s the participant his in non compliance. Well Vern had some missed UA’s remember so the counselor had no choice but to rewrite his report. Vern had a hair folicle done to prove he was clean during this period of time and the test came back confirming this but Jackie declined to accept it as proof.

      My son was fully engaged in his services and thats not what Jackie wanted. Jackie started interrupting my sons visits with his child to discuss the case and to remind Vern she wasnt going to ever allow him his child so he should relinquish his rights if he ever wanted to see his child again. Jackie tried to coerce Vern but it didnt work, so she got the Family Therapist to help her out and then there were two people on his back bullying him and intimidating him into relinquishing his parental rights. It took my son a year before he finally lost his cool and told Jackie to back the “F” off he wasnt going to sign. But you see this was during his visit and done in front of his child. Jackie finally did it, got him to loose his cool in front of his child and this was enough for her to show the court he still had problems controlling his anger and his visits should be shortened to 1-2 hour visit a week. Jackie then called STOP and got his treatment prolonged so he couldnt complete that service.

      The Dept went for termination andJackie had her defense. Vern wasnt learning anything with the Family Therapist, she didnt mention that the issue was due to almost half his visits being cancelled on behalf of the therapist,.The therapist claimed that the bond between father and son was weak, again missed visit time had a bearing on this as well. The outburst during his visit didnt go in my sons favor of course and somehow just weeks before the trial started Jackie got STOP to start my sons program all over again. A whole year just voided out and now Vern would have to start all over again. The Judge agreed with the Dept that waiting another year wasnt in the Best Interest Of The Child and terminated my sons Parental Rights.

      A young man who was deprived his Constirutiinal Rights had just had those very rights taken from him. He was never even given the chance to be a father. He was set up to fail all along.

      Jackie had her own agenda from the moment she heard of Nicoles pregnancy. Jackie didnt bother pursueing any family members for placement of my grandson. The only one she pursued was the Foster Family for adoption. She did however perjure herself when she testified to pursueing all possible family members. Even the trial was a set up, Jackie and Brian Collier, CASA both committed perjury. The AAG , Sylvia Glover, never allowed privacy for client attorney confrences, she was always eavesdropping and interuppting with her comments about the conversation. Sylvia also threatened that if my daughter testified she would have her child removed from her care and Verns attorney Elizabeth Terrino, just overlooked all this. She did not represent my son with due diligence what so ever.She refused to bring up that Jackie and Brian had commited perjury, she refused to bring up any State Statutes that were violated from the Dept or ask Jackie the questions we had provided her to ask. It was the worst display of a fair trial I had ever seen, the cards were stackex against my son from the moment Nicole told Jackie she was pregnant.

      I wasnt pursued for placement of my grandson because I had a 12 year old finding on my record. A finding that didnt warrant any action from the Dept. It must be policy to find a parent guilty of neglect and then do absolutely nothing about it. I did however find out 2 weeks before trial that theres a waiver process. The Dept strung me around for 3 months before telling me No.

      I have been working my way up the chain of command with my complaints against Jackie. Family takes precedence and we have plenty of family that could of qualified. Something needs to be done with the system. CPS needs to start following Federal and State Statutes.
      How is it that a father who is genuinely trying fails? You cant go up against corruption at this magnitude all by yourself and come out victorious.

      The whole thing was just a show of how corrupt the DCFS Office and the Family Court System is. Why arent they helping families reunite. Is that not why they are there, and what us tax payers are paying for.

      The corruption needs to stop, CPS needs to be held accountable.

      Thank you for reading about my story, it is really hard to recap everything that has happened but one thing is for sure the CA expects my family to get over it and move on. They will do nothing about Jackies conduct and as for Family Placement, guess we just got to eat that one.


    2. A similar case happened to my great granddaughter. I had been a foster parent for years. I have adopted 4 sons. 1 terminally ill the other 3 drug affected at birth that I have had since they were infants.

      Tia Amich had been to my home as a DDA Case Manager. She was here once. She is now a supervisor for CPS and is involved in the case. My granddaughter and the father of the baby asked me to take 3rd party custody the day she was born. I let DSHS know from the beginning that this is what the parents wanted. I told them I have a letter stating that this is what they wanted and that is was notorized.

      They told my daughter, myself and the mother on speaker phone on our way to Spokane to see the baby, that it wasn’t going to fly.

      My daughter and I have been treated as if WE are criminals. The 2 different social workers involved and the CASA have stated that I have a very small home and that my sons’ are severely handicapped, which is NOT true. They both also state that I have a long history of uncleanliness and poor hygiene. This was taken out of the DDA records where I have stated that the boys’ don’t like anything touched in their rooms and sometimes they refuse to shower. So, they have turned it around to make it sound as if that is how my house is. At the Family Team meeting the social worker quietly pointed her finger and me and stated “You are not an option”. No explanation, nothing.

      Since they have never been here or spoken to me by phone, how can they state that I am a danger to the safety of my great granddaughter, but that is what they state.

      They have stated so many lies about my daughter and myself, that it is sickening. They are so very corrupt and Silvia Glover is NO accept ion. I can not believe how she can lie so blatantly to the courts and not be thrown in jail for perjury. The same goes for the CASA. I have 3 unfoundeds as a foster parent. I never lost my license, however I closed my license, my choice, not the department’s.

      The attorney we had was a paid attorney. He received over $6000 out of my pocket. I believe he was in on all of it and deliberately withheld information from us that we needed in order to reply by declaration, so that we did not have enough time to get it in and it was dismissed.

      The State is corrupt and something needs to be done.

    3. Attorney General Sylvia Glover for Colville WA CPS, Social Worker Supervisor Tia Amich, Colville Wa Gaurdian Ad Litem (CASA) Michele Richmond and Social Worker Kristina Johnson-Short have all lied and signed their names to legal court documents. False information inorder to intentionally mislead the Colville WA court. My name is Jennifer Ronne-McIntyre of Chewelah WA. CPS refers to Me as Jennifer Grubb in the documents. The cps case is involving my granddaughter. She was taken at birth in the end of July2016. On August 09,2016 I signed a release for cosent of disclosure for any cps history, mental health , chemical dependency, health care, housing programs. As of Jan 30, 2017 no information has been given to the lawyer regarding this release. I have 6 biological children, 5 of which are between the ages of 9 months and 10 yrs old. I have six step grandchildren, several of them have been in my care over night and babysiting them along with all my own children often without any other adults or help. NO ONE HAS OR DOSE NOW questions their safty while in my care.YET the Colville WA Cps in Stevens County is purposely and intentionally lieing to the courts in order to mislead the court. After reading what they say about me in the legal sworn court documents, I went in to the CPS office on Feb. 02. 2017. I was able to find out that I have 2 unfoundeds. 1 of wich is past the time limit and should be distroyed. Its now 7 yrs old. And since I have never had a founded or valid finding. It cant be considered. Unfounded means abuse or neglect didnt happen and that it wasnt even a valid complaint. So after my family has challenged the department with the placement of my granddaughter, whom both the patents wanted from birth to be in the legal 3rd party custody of the maternal great grandma, the cps department at their AG Sylvia Glover, decide that I have some department history that would make me unsafe to babysit my own grandchild. Yet I have 5 your children that are all in my care. No child has ever been removed from my home or care and they havent yet come to ivestigate their wellbeing. Im sure they will now. The great grandmother who the parents both wanted their child to be with pasted a home study. In the court papers cps states” that the agency that did the home study is unaware of Jennifer Grubbs history.” That the great grandma ” also appears at this late date to fail to appreciate Jennifer Grubbs problems” Cps states that my daughter (the child’s mother) ” has not shared with the court these womens history substantial histories and background issues, and she may not have gotten permission to obtain them indicating poor decision making on her part regarding her babys care”. Remember I am whom the cps department refers to as Jennifer Grubb and I am the child in custody grandma. The mother did not disclose any information to the department regarding myself or the greatgrandma because no one was aware of agency history that would Merritt these lies thar cps has submitted in the court documents until we read them on January 13, 2017. So is CPS suggesting that NOW after the family challenges them with their unconstitutional and illegal acts that They somehow 7 yrs ago and then agin 3 yrs agoe internationaly left children in my care, and that they knowingly and intentionally left my kids in an abusive home??? If this is the case someone can Sue WA State CPS on behalf of my children. It seams highly suspicious. As of this day the only thing I have is 2 unfoundeds. Anyone who hates you especially in-laws care make false reports about a person. I passed fingerprints and background chech threw dshs in Oct. 2015 i have a copy of it. I am resubmitting background and fingerprints again threw Colville cps. How is it that they can get away with this? SYLVIA GLOVER took an oath when she took the BAR. She is a monster and a coward. They all are. The greatgrand did fostercare and adopted 4 foster kids and testifed for cps after deciding to no longer foster care. YET NOW THAT THERE IS FAMILY WHO COULD TAKE A FOSTERCHILD AND PREVENT THE CHILD FROM BEING THE STATES FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. THE STATE DECIDES THAT THE FAMILY MEMBERS ARE UNSAFE FOR THE CHILD TO BE WITH. HUMMMM I wonder how much $$$$ $$$$ Colville WA CPS gets for each foster child and I wonder how much they get for adopting them out??? This is destroying family’s .I know we are not the only ones in Stevens county. This had been an issue, historical in our area. The agency thay should be held to to highest of integrity legally and moraly, is blatantly intentionally and knowingly failing. They have no one to answer to but them selves. They govern themselves. Please help the families of Stevens County WA , Jennifer Ronne-McIntyre(Jennifer Grubb)

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