Texas’ High Court disagrees with Washington’s High Court re School Funding

We have all read or heard about the “McCleary” decision in which the Washington Supreme Court claimed the legislature was in breach of its constitutional duty to fund public education. We here at corruptwash.com said that decision was in breach of the separation of powers and the WA Supreme Court was the VIOLATOR!

Now we have company in our view that the Washington Supreme Court has overstepped its authority as the Texas High Court agrees with the Texas Attorney General who said,

“This is an historic ruling by the Texas Supreme Court, and a major victory for the people of Texas, who have faced an endless parade of lawsuits following any attempt to finance schools in the state,” Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement Friday. “We have said all along that school financing must be debated and shaped by the Texas Legislature, not through decades’ worth of ongoing litigation in the court system, and I’m pleased the court unanimously agrees.”

BRAVO Texas! Shame on you Washington Supreme Court!

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