Will Jimi O’Hagan be another Levoy Finicum – murdered by those who swear to protect him.

Jimi O’Hagan has been fighting a losing battle in Washington State Courts because judges here in Washington have established themselves “kings” and as king they rule over citizens. Jimi has been demanding a jury trial so the facts about Washington’s corrupt judicial system – misconduct by lawyers and judges of the Washington State Bar – can be addressed by ‘we the people’ — which is why we have a jury so the “people” can exercise their political power through a jury!

What do these words mean … Article 1, Section 1 … All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

The words of Washington’s Constitution are suppose to have meaning, yet judges have replaced Washington’s constitution with the “rules” judge make, interpret, apply and enforce.

Judges have re-worded Article 1, Section 1 to say the following “all political power is inherent in judges who determine what rights prople have and what protections are allowed”.

Article 1 Section 21, states ” The right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate, “. These judges have also re-worded this constitutional provision to say ‘the right of a trial by jury is by permission of a judge’.

And now a judge, Stephen Brown, of the Grays Harbor Superior Court, by his self-claimed court rule power, is looking to arrest Jimi O’Hagan for demanding his right to a jury and refusing to relinquish the farm that has been stolen by lawyers and judges UNTIL A JRUY sees all of the evidence. This “evidence” is what Judge Stephen Brown DOESN’T want a jury to see because Judge Brown has an “interest” in the outcome of the lawsuit — his claimed powers!

I pray if and when either Pacific County Sherriff Scott Johnson or Grays Harbor Sherriff Rick Scott receives an arrest warrant, for me for contempt from Judge Stephen Brown involving this action they will follow the law and allow an independent Inquest Jury as identified in RCW 2.36.010 to determine exactly who is the criminal or criminals.

Jimi has vowed to arm himself with a ‘pitchfork and scythe’ and defend his property to the end.

Like my ancestors did several centuries ago, I am going to arm myself with a pitchfork and scythe and resist the exact same attitudes from individuals who believe they have achieved enough nobility over me to make decisions over me that will affect over my life, liberty and property for generations. My ancestors resisted your “Noble Attitudes” to achieve a better life for their children and so will I, so help me God.

This is what our state is devolving into … a battle between citizens and the lawyers and judges who have made themselves kings over citizens and it must stop before there is another Lavoy Finicum!


From Jimi O’Hagan

Yesterday I got a phone call from a deputy Lee of the U.S. Marshall Office.
He made an appointment so he and another deputy could come out and interview me again.
He informed me that he was instructed to try to resolve my problem.
I asked him if he had a copy of the Washington State Patrol’s investigation and he said that he was unaware of it. I told him he should get a copy of it and read it before he came out to see me.
The appointment is set for May 3rd at 10:00 AM.
What we are going to do about judicial branch corruption is going to be addressed
I would like as many of my next friends to attend the meeting as possible.
I am going to ask Sheriff Johnson and Sheriff Scott to attend the meeting also.

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  1. This is exactly what had happened to me. Me and my attorney were in court 15mins prior to any names called. 3rd case Judge says something like ” Josh Benn,.. Wait this case has already been heard”. I believe this was our case but me and my attorney were tired and didnt think anything of it at the time. Now we sat there till all cases were heard and my attorney asked him about our case then they got into an argument his calling us liars and all this bullshit. So we went to the clerks office and filed for an appeal so our case along with our evidence such as Owners signatures. dates.,rent payments, costs to fix damages at residence prior to us moving in.. We were renting to own an old farm house 18acres with river access on the chehalis. We lived there for 3years in which our landlord had Moved into our living room since he was renting/selling his place to us. He was eating our food,using our facilities, borrowing money,stealing our car,batteries,pretty much anything he could get his hands on he was very slick or we were just stupid and too good of folks to kick his punk ass out. Now he had stolen our car,got it impounded, 2nd vehicle he did this with actually, and went to jail for about 6months. He demanded money which we didnt have at the time, and we were documented as being 3months paid ahead in payemnts, plus the other dollar amounts exceeding 3,000-4,000. While in jail he gave his mother power of attorney and she is a lawyer somewhere. out of nowhere we have a guy come say hes the landlords cousin asking questions saying hes gonna buy the place when are we gonna be out of there and I told him what info we had documented and we werent going anywhere this is our home we have lived there for over 3years, my roomates mother died in that house cmon dude. so he left and maybe a month or 2 later he showed up with a few guys,1 had his pistol out of the holster and at his waist crossed in an intimidating manor,and they delivered a few 3day pay or vacates which they themselves. We called the the cops and asked them if that was legal to brandish a firearm like that, they said they would look for the vehicle and inquire about the guys. We heard nothing more on that.

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