Scheidler seeks At-large position on WSBA’s Board of Directors.

Those who want to see our legal system actually operate in a legal manner, please email your endorsement of Bill Scheidler to

Lawyers have consistently ranked in the bottom 5th in ‘honest and ethics’ as polled by Gallup since 1976.gildahtgteoxsxeinwuo_g Yet the prevailing opinion by the WSBA, according to the number of lawyers disciplined for dishonesty and unethical conduct, is that 99% of WSBA lawyers are ‘honest and ethical’. This delusional belief in their own honesty and ethics in the face of statistical fact spanning 40 years to the contrary will never be cured until the legal profession is regulated by outsiders and not other lawyers.

Richard Posner, Judge for the US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, says, “Moral inbreeding may be as dangerous as biological inbreeding”. There is no better example of moral inbreeding than lawyers-judging-lawyers or judges-judging-judges. The entire legal system needs fresh DNA to offset the abnormalities due to their inbreeding.


  1. I am James J. O’Hagan, and I support Bill Scheidler’s nomination for Board of Governors for Washington State Bar Assn. The corruption of the WSBA will not be cleaned up without his or someone like his involvement. It needs done now not later.

  2. I am Bruce Gambil and I also support Bill Scheidler’s nomination for Board Of Governors for the WSBA. However the reality of the situation is this; Before this thoroughly Criminal Corrupt WSBA allows someone honest , objective, someone who refuses to sell their sole, ethics and integrity out to the almighty Criminal RICO Corruption God that the present Board of Governors is more loyal to than their own children and parents, they will gladly eat roofing nails for breakfast 7 days a week!

    The WSBA and the CJC, including the AGO will lie, violate any law, Official Rule, Constitutional right, FRCP to make damn certain that no one, absolutely no one with honest , legal , non corrupt intent ever has anything to do with the Judicial System in this Corrupt State of Washington.

    Exactly as I personally witnessed them do to Bill Scheidler in Kitsat County Superior Court. They did this to Bill because Bill thought they should obey the Law, honor their Sworn Oath to office, follow Court Rules, Recognize Bill’s right to Due process of Law, his right to receive honest legal services. So overly confident with the advance knowledge and guarantee they all had that NO Officials , State or Federal that have been vested with the Duty and authority to stop this Criminal Corruption, this Treason, this Domestic Terrorism would do one single thing to stop them, bust them, or uphold the law and Bill’s rights.

    So the gutter trash for a judge this Case was assigned to , tells Bill that he is not going to receive Due Process of Law in his court! That if Bill actually thought that the United States Constitution actually meant any thing at all, or Bill thinking that he had a right to Due process of Law and honest legal services, that Bill should shop around the Moon or Mars for Due process of law. Because in essence, we would all be wanting to be first in line for stepping out in front of a speeding train , before Bill would receive Due Process of law or honest legal services in any Court room within the Boundaries of the State of Washington. End of Story. Blatantly Criminally Corrupt and so damn proud of it, they just cannot resist Spitefully rubbing it in their victims faces.

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