Washington State Bar demands Scheidler’s ‘Unabridged Right” be DENIED!

Today Scheidler filed his reply to Washington State Bar’s opposition to Scheidler’s ‘unabridged right to intervene‘ in Anne Block’s case against the Washington State Bar (WSBA).

This sums up the very problem — who do you complain to when the VERY ENTITY, the WSBA, that is duty bound to protect and maintain individual rights, as Washington’s law demands (See RCW 2.48.210), is seeking to deny the very constitutional rights they are required to protect?

The WSBA, through its WSBA lawyers, David W. Silke, WSBA #23761 and Brittany F. Stevens, WSBA #44822 of the law firm Gordon Rees LLP, is asking Judge Ricardo Martinez, who is a WSBA associate with WSBA #11120, to deny Scheidler’s unabridged constitutional right, Article 1, Section 4, to intervene in Anne Block’s case against the WSBA!

Said another way… these WSBA associates are seeking to join together to INVALIDATE Washington State’s Constitutional rights! This “institutional control” of our courts by Washington State Bar Associates is DANGEROUS and a matter of GRAVE PUBLIC IMPORTANCE.

Here is Scheidler’s reply to these WSBA associates who attempt to INVALIDATE the PEOPLE’s RIGHTS as enshrined in Washington State’s Constitution.

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  1. I just read your reply. Brilliant and simply American. I wonder where the U.S. Department of Justice is…. Perhaps it is time for another group to evolve in much the same manner that M.A.D.D. did…one mad mom at a time. I believe it was only seven (7) mad moms who started a campaign to get the U.S. legislature…and finally, the nation, to pay attention. Seven (7). Treason comes to mind. I had such blind faith in our justice system. Is it a conspiracy for the WSBA to act on a previous act that is the result of a previous act that was a known wrongful act? What if they all got paid…big bucks… for their bad acts? Is that a conspiracy? When does the FBI get involved? Why do I want the Good Guys to rise and squish the Bad Guys? Oh, because its the right thing. The right thing. Thank you!

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