Scheidler argues to US 9th Circuit – ‘the people’ want their RIGHTS BACK!

Bill Scheidler, the reluctant activist of, argues to US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – ‘the PEOPLE’ want their RIGHTS BACK, which have been given away by corrupt lawyers and taken away by corrupt judges.

Scheidler, in his appeal papers, provided the 9th Circuit Court the results of a public petition Scheidler published at the link below, which drew over 100 signatures within a 24-hour period. Scheidler claims

the over 100 signatures [EP 624-629] shows the growing outrage and recognition in the hypocrisy in judges-judging-judges as a violation of 28 USC 455 – the law that prohibits judges-judging-judges due to a clear bias in their own judicial powers.

Scheidler claims

the scheme in judges-judging-judges is a matter of substantial public importance and needs to be addressed as Washington’s constitution Article 1, Section 4 provides – which is also mandated by 28 USC 1652 – requiring State Law to be the rule of decisions in federal courts.

Scheidler claims

the 100 signatures meets Article 1, Section 4 “issues concerning the public good” and the 9th Circuit needs to address by what authority they can judge-judges and the laws that apply to judges.

Scheidler claims …

“the courts and its judges” are created by the people. It is not an entity beamed down from heaven, but rather beholding to the people as any other government official. Government officials MUST NOT decide the conduct of other government officials, as they have in this case, it violates RCW 2.28.030 and ARTICLE 1, SECTION 1. [EP 429-452]

Since 1998, Bill Scheidler, the reluctant activist for and candidate for State Legislature, has been fighting for citizen’s rights … especially the constitutional rights guaranteed to the retired/disabled citizens of Washington State under Article 7, Section 10. Yet, despite the fact that “governments are established to PROTECT individual rights”, Scheidler has been obstructed by lawyers and judges (who are all members of the Washington State Bar – a State Agency) from presenting his case to a jury so as to remedy the denial of individual rights – especially the rights due the retired and disabled — by corrupt public servants.

Let me say this another way…. governments are established to “protect individual rights” as Article 1 Section 1 mandates. Yet it is a fact ‘government officials’ are depriving “individuals” of their Article 7, Section 10 Constitutional rights. And further, Washington State Bar Associates, who are members of a government agency, are PREVENTING Scheidler from his Constitutional right of Redress and a JURY TRIAL that are also guaranteed by Article 1, Section 4 and Section 21. Clearly these government officials are NOT performing their government function — just the opposite — they are stealing from the very citizens they are paid to protect!

Scheidler is now asking the US Federal 9th Circuit to address these blatant violations of law by government officials … especially the violation of ‘individual rights’ by Washington State Bar Associates. As we say, At the Core of our rotten government are WSBA lawyers!

Here is Scheidler’s Brief… let me know what you think!
The Table of Exhibits and Court Pleadings referenced in the Brief are at these links.
Doc 3-1 Vol 1 ORDERS being Appealed
Doc 3-2 Vol 2 Pages 1-253
Doc 3-3 Vol 3 Pages 254-525
Doc 3-4 Vol 4 Pages 526-695

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